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Trend Watch: Out-of-This-World Cosmic Babe

This week, we got super spaced out—thanks Pluto! From out-of-this-world makeup, to Cosmic Cloud Old Skools, we’re getting ready to let our inner extraterrestrial roam wild. The space trend is coming back in a major way this season as designers such as Marc Jacobs, and Valentino shoot for the stars with their latest collections. Incorporate this look into your wardrobe by pairing a bold cosmic-print piece, like the Beach Girl Galaxy Trucker Hat, with a very simple ensemble. Just beware of black holes.


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A little bit achey today after screenprinting a new edition of my ‘Yorkshire Ruins’ illustration!

Two-colour screenprint with the second colour layer mixed on the screen during printing to create some cosmic gradient effects with different amounts of magenta, cyan and green blends.

30 x 30cm / 12 x 12" - £10 each here:

Pluto, the planet of transformation, death and rebirth appears in one of our houses in our natal charts, creating a space where our cosmic print will be left, shattering the ego and pushing forward with something much more powerful, yet universal. It is our painful parts, our private wounds, the place that can be blindingly dreadful at time, but leave you all the more wise for your suffering.

muracookie  asked:

Okay one more. Can I get Natsu doing all the Karasuno boy’s hair? I feel like that would be THE cutest thing. BOOM two down. I'm now satisfied.

On occasion, when the team has a Sunday practice and Hinata’s mom is working, he’ll have to bring Natsu to practice with him. She’s old enough now to ride her bike on her own, though she has a hard time with the hills. The ride takes longer than usual, but they’re always a bit early. And then the fun begins.

She starts with Asahi, who can’t possibly say no to her begging face. He sits in front of her while she digs through her little backpack, which they see is full of hair products (she’s well prepared). She likes doing Asahi’s hair because it’s long and she can braid it. It’s a cute French braid, and there’s little hairs poking out everywhere, but he smiles and tells her thank you.

Next is Noya, who actually offers after excitedly watching her do Asahi’s hair. The libero’s hair is crunchy from his products, but she manages to gather it into some sort of messy bunch and puts a ribbon around it. Again, there are sparse hairs sticking out everywhere, and he sort of looks like there’s a big spike sticking out the back of his head, but he loves it and thanks her profusely.

Next comes Tanaka, who’s been milling about and watching wistfully. She has a special headband that she brings just for him, and makes a fuss over him the same as she does for the others. He loves it, and he and Noya parade around, showing off their “new looks.”

Usually after that, it’s easy to convince Suga, who bends easily in the wake of her pout. Suga gets some pins to pull back his bangs and a cute barrette with a butterfly on it—“Because it’s pretty, like you!” And of course he rocks it.

Wish Suga down, it’s easy to convince Daichi too, though her options are limited with that short, bristly hair. For him, she whips out the products—“Natsu, where did you styling gel from?!”—and slicks it back. He actually looks pretty awesome, going from nerd dad to cool dad.

Next come the rest of the second years, led by a smiling Ennoshita. He gets his hair slicked back too, and he looks ridiculously amazing. Like, he could be in a magazine. Kinoshita gets his bangs clipped back like Suga, because his hair is too fine to do much else with. And Narita gets a special headband of his own—which always makes Tanaka pout a little.

Usually at that point, practice starts and Natsu hangs out with Kiyoko and Yachi, who of course let the little girl do their hair—they’re Natsu’s favorites, after all. Kiyoko gets a fancy up-do with a brightly colored pin. Yachi gets a really elaborate wrap-around braid that bakes her look super mature. The boys go crazy over their beautiful managers.

During a break, it’s Hinata’s turn. Natsu likes to make him look silly, so it’s lots of little pigtails all over his head. He totally eats it up, even though he looks a little bit like an orange-spiked Hellraiser.

At that point, it isn’t hard to sway a grimacing Kageyama. He acts reluctant, but he’s been watching everyone out of the corner of his eye. She does his bangs up with silver barrettes and makes him look super handsome—which she tells him, and gets him stammering and shouting a little bit.

Usually Yamaguchi accepts defeat at this point, and takes a seat in front of her without being asked. His hair is longer, so he gets that half-up/half-down look, complete with a bright pink hair tie. And oops, he looks amazing. Probably the best of the bunch—except maybe Mr. Super Fly Ennoshita.

You might think Tsukki would be really resistant to this, but he’s surprisingly pretty good with kids. And he actually likes Natsu, so he relents easily even though he’s the last one. He’s one of her favorites, so he gets a special headband too—it’s a cool cosmic print, as opposed to the other boys’ solid colored ones. She spends a lot of time pinning it back and getting the headband just right. And he gives her a sincere smile when she’s finished.

Everyone secretly looks forward to her next visit.


Etsy designer Josefina Flello Martinez hand-paints style Doc Martins in a range of cosmic galaxy colors. She takes request for both shoe style and color. Based on the Doc Martins I had in high school, these might be the only shoes that have a shot at lasting for astronomical time scales. 

- Summer

When Pen Meets Paper

Those with Pluto in the third house of communication, short travel, learning and community express their cosmic print in the form of knowledge, thought, writing and speaking, where one poem can encompass the traumas and the wondrous elements of their lives that they spend many day and nights thinking about. The Pluto in the third house individual will find much wisdom from short trips and travel, from trivia and from news, having a transformative effect on the way they view their humanity and their spirit, their endless potential not limited by a body but by the flourishing of their mind. While they can be hit with periods of upsetting thoughts and haunting images, they are the ones that teach us to express even the most private pieces of ourselves through the communicative realm.