cosmic moonlight

Here is my Sailor Moon magic arms collection! We can see the Proplicas Moon stick, cutie moon rod, crystal star compact, spiral heart moon rod, rainbow moon chalice and cosmic heart compact. Four moonlight memory items: prism compact, moon pen, pink star locket and the chibimoon prism heart compact. There are the prism stationery, transformation pens, super sailor moon and super sailor chibimoon compact gashapons, communicator watches gashapons, inner and outer transformation wands gashapons, the Sailor Neptune´s deep aqua mirror and the 90´s toys: kaleidomoon scope, pink sugar heart wand and the compact and the wand of eternal Sailor Moon.

I love every single items of this collection, when a was a kid i only thought about being able to play with the old toys. And now in the 20th aniversary i have been getting all of them. *-*


I just got my order from Cosmic Moonlight and I’m so thrilled!! it came a day earlier than i expected it to, and the jewelry is just gorgeous!

I ordered a clearance rose Quartz star necklace and the last angel aura Quartz necklace (I asked lol) and they’re both more beautiful than they were in their photos! I had emailed the shop owner asking about the angel aura necklace bc after I placed my order, it was no longer listed on the site, so being the paranoid loon that I am I emailed her to make sure I didn’t just imagine that I ordered it and she was so polite and quick in her response lol.

also look at the clasps they’re gorgeous pardon my nasty hands and ugly table cloth

guess where I’m gonna keep blowing my paychecks from now on oops

🌟Raffle🌟 Anyone who orders from my Etsy shop will automatically be entered to the raffle of this lovely 💜natural Amethyst💜 👑Princess Amulet👑 with a beautiful filigree silver cap! The raffle wll last until the 25th of September. You have 5 days to place an order! Winner will be notified by the email they provide on the order. I will also announce it on all my social media accounts! 🌙🔮