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step three is our own kind; we find company in the ancient archways, hidden gardens, and enchanting downpours that match our own composition of stardust in a way no human ever could.

in this place, together at last, we’re home.

—  👁‍🗨Swack // 3.22.2017 pt. III of III

Cancer - Metabolizing Lunar Madness

“When I see you, I see mystery - a pale moon’s beauty behind a veil of cloud” John Geddes

The cosmic particles of  Moon dust line the Cancerian veins. This ultra receptivity heightens the emphasis Lunar phases have on the individual. For centuries the Moon has historically been a cosmic mood journal and a symbol negotiating potential elation, possibilities, energy levels, sensory balance and changes in emotion. The word ‘lunatic’ derives from from the latin ‘luna’ meaning ‘under influence of the moon’. Wide acceptance of the Moon’s synchronicity with human behavior still exists in primitive and developed societies. Those born with their natal Sun and Moon in Cancer, the elderly, babies and people with mental illnesses tend to be more susceptible to shifting 28-day cycles. Cancer represents the sea, the cradle of life, and under the rulership of the Moon attunes their senses of the changing tides and moods to the squeals of the werewolf. Cancers live amongst the waves, the tug of starfish up the shore bank, an inner life of majesty rippled by a technicolour imagination and the celestial Lunar vision that dream cruises into an occult wonderland and torrent of emotional sea storms. Although Cancerians  seek practical Saturnian application, they levitate through life high on the ethereal, divinely influenced by the changing phases of the Moon that change their faces.

Cancers are emotional hemophiliacs and their hypnotic Moon eyes spellbind and captivate their company into worlds of illuminating vision and heavenly bathed bedtime fairy tales. The individual can swing violently from euphoria into misery and possession to abandonment. Their emotional experiences are intense, and the porous receptivity of Water under Lunar command trigger volatile emotional displays, stomach pains, fear and temperamental emotional streaks that can spill into hostility. As the cycles of the Moon wax and wane, so does the Cancer moon child, whose moods attune with the Lunar pull. The Cancerian personality is changeable and rarely stays neutral for long; exacerbated by the twin themes of explosive, volatile Cardinal Water that intensifies and sustains moods.  As response to their ultra absorption of surrounding feelings and whims and maddening changeable core, Cancerians require copious time in solitude and frequently withdraw from the scene altogether. Their open channel to the Moon floods their arteries with her half moon smile, her empty waning crescent as their ingrained emotional temperament sways back and forth like her shifting face. The Lunar Madness can overflow into catastrophized thinking, anxieties, insomnia, lethargy, jealousy, feeling everyone has turned against them, paranoia or worrying themselves sick over potential scenarios.

Cancerians are nourished by the Full Moon and feel their divine romantic melodies unleashed beneath the energies of their celestial guide. They are nourished by Lunar beams soaking through the window and prefer the nighttime for the company of their zodiac home by their side. The Moon instils its best qualities over those born under her sign, but a residue legacy of hypersensitivity, hypervigilance and emotional volatility remains. The frayed and unsettled streams of consciousness can cause split needs in Cancerian people who crave both love and generous alone time, fantasy and security, company and solitude and daydream with negative indwelling voices. The key phrase for Cancer is ‘I feel’, and like the ocean tides and Lunar phases Cancerians are wild and desperate to roam, usually internally. As commonplace night owls, time during after hours works in trance reverie for Cancers, who find having a room with rising Moon beams to be of most erotic.


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