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🌙 Moon Grounding 🌙

a quick guide on grounding with the the moon for you space cadets

🌙  it may seem a bit contradictory to ground with something in the sky rather than the earth. the focus is to ground as if you were an object in space, and to find the stability in yourself. if this strange to conceptualize, astral travel to the moon and use its surface to ground. 

🌙  (to the best of your ability) find a view of the moon in the sky, and rest somewhere its glow can reach you

🌙  do this during a moon phase that represents the energies you want to draw into yourself. 

🌙  visualize:

every flicker of light over your skin fills you and becomes tangible within you. it solidifies in your spirit and makes you feel whole. 

you are becoming your own moon. you feel the earth’s gravity pulling your negative energy away from you. push your old energies out.

the light that washes over you brings new, fresh energy. it illuminates you from the inside out

🌙  when you are ready, let the moonlight fade its hold on you. you are not severing the ties harshly, only letting them fall away, the way the phases turn over and release the earth, it releases you 

Black Hole Grounding 💫

Many practitioners like to use various elements and other sources to ground their loose, extra, or negative energy - one of my favorite methods of doing this is Black Hole Grounding. This method ensures that the energy you’re trying to ground or get rid of is compressed into something so small and insignificant that it practically doesn’t exist, instead of just being transferred to another source. This method traps the grounded energy, similar to how the force and gravity of a black hole is so strong that not even light can escape it.

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  1. Dim the lights 
  2. Sit comfortably, whether it be outdoors under the stars or inside - your choice
  3. Feel free to play some ambient music on your computer or phone, perhaps something on YouTube with a backdrop of the cosmos
  4. If you have a crystal you like to use to help you ground, grab it now and hold onto it
  5. Similarly, light a candle or incense that you like to use to help you ground, if you wish
  6. Close your eyes and begin breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth until you reach a relaxed state of mind
  7. Visualize the energy you wish to ground traveling up your spine, out of the top of your head, and into the cosmos - once you can visualize this energy floating in empty space, imagine it being sucked into a black hole until you can no longer see it
  8. Continue rhythmic breathing until you come back to reality, and go about your day as usual 

Crystals to aid in Black Hole Grounding:

  • Astrophyllite 
  • Black Calcite
  • Black Obsidian 
  • Black Tourmaline
  • Bronzite 
  • Dolomite
  • Halite
  • Hematite
  • Lodestone
  • Magnetite
  • Meteorite
  • Nebula Stone
  • Onyx
  • Smoky Quartz 
  • Tiger’s Eye

Scents to aid in Black Hole Grounding:

  • Basil
  • Cedar
  • Cinnamon
  • Coffee
  • Cypress
  • Fir
  • Frankincense
  • Ginger
  • Jasmine
  • Myrrh
  • Patchouli
  • Pine
  • Sage
  • Sandalwood
  • Spruce


Grounding Method for Cosmic Witches

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🌙 Figure out your intent or goal and what corresponding planets, stars, constellations, etc are to your intent/goal. You may also use herbs, crystals, essential oils, etc along with the celestial bodies of your choice. Choose which ones you think or what your gut thinks is best for you. If your gut says you don’t need that, then don’t use it.

🌙 Get in a comfortable position. Normally sitting criss-cross or laying on your back. Surround yourself with the herbs,essential oils, or crystals of your choice.

🌙 Close your eyes and take deep breaths in and out. Try your best to clear your mind.

🌙 Now for visualization, a large hole in the ceiling appeared or the entire ceiling is gone. Your celestial body(bodies) glide over the open hole or ceiling. If you chose more than one CBs, they can glide over in one at a time, in small clusters or one large cluster. Imagine that the CB(s) stop directly over you and that they start to send down their energy in a beam of light. Now, your body starts to fill up with light near the third eye chakra (in between the eyebrows) and the crown chakra (the top of the head) then from those chakras, energy starts flowing through your body, making your entire body glow brighter and brighter over time. While all of this is happening, thank the CBs for their energy,

🌙 This next step of visualization is imagining what would happen after your goal. What does it look like? What does it sound like? What does it feel like, emotionally and/or physically? What would it smell like? You can think of any smell that fills your intent. What would it taste like? You can think of any flavor that fills your intent. After you’ve visualized all of your gaols’s five senses, you can stop meditation.

🌙 You’re ready to use your energy for divination!

an outdoor grounding method 🌏🌟🌲💫🌼☄️

Lie down on your back on a patch of natural ground and close your eyes. Breathe deeply. Imagine that you can feel the earth turning underneath you – you should be able to feel a pull towards your head or your feet, maybe off at an angle. Reach down deep to connect not only to the centre of the planet, but to the rotations of the cosmos that you are a part of. Visualise ripples radiating from you out into the world, and more radiating back into you. Draw energy from all around you, above and below, the constant motion of the universe.

For my lunar/cosmic witches

We usually draw from the moon and the cosmos (hence why we were cosmic and lunar witches), so if you are not sure how to do so or if you are having trouble, here are my methods!

Psst, even if you aren’t a lunar or cosmic witch, you should still try it, especially if you’re wiccan or an eclectic witch!

Drawing energy from the moon/drawing down the moon

Of course, this is most effective if you do this during a full moon, or a moon in your zodiac sign.

Sit or stand, whichever you prefer, in a quiet, uninterrupted space where you can concentrate. Face the moon, and meditate or ground yourself for a little bit to help calm yourself and get yourself ready to absorb a lot of energy. 

After you have done this, lift your dominant hand and raise it towards the moon, palm facing its light. Look at the moon, concentrate on it, and you will soon see its halo grow and expand and grow brighter in the sky. Visualize the white light pouring into your palm and filling up your body. Your hand might tingle, that’s just how i experience it. Once you have done this for as long as you like, you can either push out the energy back into the cosmos through your non dominant hand, or you can keep it in your body if you’re comfortable storing that much energy. Thank your goddess (if you have one) and the moon for providing for you. 

Drawing energy from the cosmos

This method requires a lot more visualization, so be patient. Practice makes perfect. 

I start by grounding myself. I sit comfortably on the ground/floor, and I imagine my center of energy flowing down my spine, into my base. Then, visualize yourself growing roots and pushing them through the floor, the concrete, the grass and soil, down past bedrock and to the very core of the earth. I imagine all negativity in my body, all bodily afflictions and discomforts, all bad feelings and thoughts draining as a gray energy into the earth to be recycled and reused. 

Then, I outstretch my arms in a “v” shape, or the goddess position. I imagine my soul outstretching into the sky (for me, it kind of looks like tentacles), stretching past the clouds, past the atmosphere, past the moon, the solar system, into a nebulous web in space full of energy, heat and space dust. I then visualize all that excess positive energy travelling through my tentacles and finaly reaching my body. I drink as much of this energy as I need before I thank the universe and retract myself.

🌟 Star Grounding 🌟

a quick guide on grounding with the stars / cosmos for you star gazers

🌟  it may seem a bit contradictory to ground with something in the sky rather than the earth. the focus is to ground as if you were an star in space, and to find the power and stability in yourself.

🌟  (to the best of your ability) find a view of the clear sky in the sky, and rest somewhere the starlight can reach you

🌟  if there is a specific star or constellation you want to draw energy from, have a clear view of it.

🌟  visualize:

every flare of light over your skin fills you and reacts, igniting power and new energy. it solidifies in your spirit and makes you feel whole.

you are significant, you have your own gravity. perhaps not the whole universe, but there are things that revolve around you.

you ground within yourself. old energies burn off and dissipate into the cosmos.

the light that over you brings new, fresh energy. it fills you with the bright and warm

🌟  when you are ready, let the star light fade its hold on you. you are not severing the ties harshly, only letting them fall away, and release.

Spiral Meditation 🌌

Spiral Meditation can be used to ground, center, and/or channel celestial energy - the spiral is meant to represent a nebula in which a star is born.

  1. make some room - this can be done indoors or outdoors
  2. create a spiral shape on the ground leaving enough space between the winds of the spiral so you can both walk and sit - this can be done using physical objects like herbs, flowers, garlands, confetti, crystals, etc., or by visualizing a spiral on the ground
  3. stand at the entrance of the spiral - take this time to relax and clear your mind
  4. when ready, walk to the center of the spiral
  5. once you reach the center, have a seat
  6. at this point, you are ready to begin meditating, grounding, or channelling (maybe all three)
  7. for the purpose of channeling or drawing down celestial energy, sit with your palms facing up towards the sky as you focus on your intent 
  8. to charge items during this ritual: place the item at the center of the spiral before beginning, and channel energy into the object at this time
  9. focus on your intent for as long as you feel necessary
  10. when ready, stand up and walk out of the spiral in the opposite direction that you entered - take this opportunity to reflect on your actions, and to ground the energy you just expelled 

A friend of mine ran an amazing cross over campaign the other day, where a lawyer from our hero squad faced off against a lawyer from our villain campaign.
The case was to decide whether one of our heroes (who also happened to be the defence lawyer) broke the law by threatening a man by holding him over his 17th floor balcony…
I was the courtroom artist and there were many MANY great examinations and cross examinations to choose from.. but I chose the most Ace Attorney events to immortalize C:

I am hoping to turn these into full colour panels with dialogue, but I also have the second ark to cover as well… so who knows what the future will bring XD

marcus loves the earth and he loves the stars and it’s not until the bunker that he’s spent a night somewhere that he couldn’t see both. 

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okay okay so u know mob pyscho 100 so everyone makes reigen die in front of mob but nah fuck that shit lets go with mob dying in front of reigen like how heartbreaking would that be??? his student,, his own little student, fUCKING DEAD

The World Might End

Reigen is more conscious of his safety than he used to be. It’s reasonable, he thinks, considering his death may trigger the end of the world.

Not…his death, specifically. He imagines he could jump from the Spirits and Such window and hit the ground with no more than a blip on the world’s radar. His body could hardly even scuff the concrete, let alone break the world.

The world-ending would happen after, just as soon as Mob happened by, and found Reigen’s insignificant death, and in his youngness and his fragileness, detonated the entire world. 

(Reigen would never have even considered it if it weren’t for the mission that’d knocked him unconscious two weeks ago, and Mob in his naivety had assumed the worst, and Reigen reawoke to a world shearing itself apart at the seams.)

It’s a good enough reason to be careful.

Reigen kneels. He feels small, hardly worthy of being above the ground. Cosmically, universally insignificant. There is no percent meter ticking in his mind. There is no gated warehouse of power buckling at its seams.

The world might have ended for Reigen’s death. It refuses to end for Mob’s.

“Hey…come on. Snap out of it. Job’s not over, Mob.” Reigen reaches his hands forward. He winces; what they touch is warm and sticky. He curls them up anyway, around Mob’s shoulders, over his chest. He pulls him upright. His hoodie is wet and its smell reminds Reigen of an old toolbox, rarely opened.

The job is not over. One curious spirit still hovers, circles. It’s been bled of most of its power, but it doesn’t flee. It’s curious to see what unfolds.

“Didn’t I tell you the new rule? It’s a rule to not die! You going to start breaking your master’s rules now?!” Reigen’s voice spikes in pitch. The concrete doesn’t crack. The trees don’t buckle. The wind is calm, and quiet, and refuses to rise to the incentive. The ground does not tremble; it only feels shaky beneath Reigen’s knees. 

A bird sings, somewhere just out of sight.

“I called the ambulance already, so all you have to do is hang on until it gets here, alright!? I’ve got it under control Mob! I’ve got everything under control so just…hang on…that’s all you have to do for this mission, Mob.”

There are small, fluttering movements to Mob’s wet chest. Reigen applies pressure, though he’s not sure how best to do it. He only guesses and hopes. A small breeze picks up, and it smells of lavender. The client’s flower garden is in bloom.

“A couple minutes Mob, that’s all. That’s all you gotta do just hang on a few minutes and it’ll be fine. That’s your job. Your only job this mission. Your only rule okay? Okay, Mob?”

Faintly, scarcely, Mob’s head moves. He nods once, and mouths the words, “Okay, Shishou.

And then he’s heavier in Reigen’s arms.

Reigen whips his head back and forth. He’s waiting for the world to shatter into a thousand temporal shards. For the sky to choke black and the grass to crumble to ash and the trees and buildings to collapse like cards in the wind.

They don’t. Spring is beautiful in these parts. The world doesn’t care to notice.

Be Consistent

Its funny how we all know the things we need to do to stay happy and grounded. Wether that be some form of exercise, spirituality through meditation, creativity, or behavior. When we do these things consistently for a long period of time, we tend to feel negative emotions less and stay more in the moment. In other words, we’re generally happy. Because of this, we forget all about what we have done to make ourselves happy, and don’t do it. We think that it’s ok to take the day off. Which it is! But soon it’s the week off, then month. Before you know it, you have less energy, loss your patience more often, and generally feel less balanced. Needless to say a spiraling depression follows. I think that its vital to be consistent. Our life might not always be the same, and we may have no true control over it, but we can decide how we would like to react to it. 


…and the river shall end at the source… (Yes, I continue to believe this was meaningful and that Metatron is just a douchey liar once more)

The Winchesters have fought. Desperately with all their heart. Against angels, demons, good and evil, Michael and Lucifer, the grand story, their supposed destiny. They thought they succeeded, but have they really? Buckle up, this will get crazy. :)

This week’s episode referenced Lucifer as openly as never before and while we have been speculating for a long time that Lucifer as the source of the mark’s powers might be the only one to take it off Dean, it always seemed too unlikely to be the case.

There were more mentions of opening hidden doors though and releasing souls from their respective cells in heaven via Bobby’s storyline and of course we had Cas, Sam and Bobby collectively breaking Metatron out of jail and we all know he came close to re-creating the apocalypse and even gave a sneak preview on what he wants for the world if he is freed: “Everybody dies!” It sends a shiver dow my spine thinking about the season finale to be honest…

That being said. This small crazy spec was mainly sparked by Metatron mentioning Lucifer, but further fueled by a lovely anon telling me about 10x19 and spn-idjits-guide-to-hunting’s comment about the rug reminding of Lucifer escaping his cell on this gifset of Bobby escaping his heaven.

We know that purgatory had an escape hatch, we just learnt that heaven has an escape hatch and that stone connecting purgatory and hell might count as another escpe hatch from hell as well. So why wouldnt the cage have an escape hatch or at least why wouldn’t there be another way of opening it?

It seems Lucifer was working on that to happen via Abel already since he was apparently calling out to him - similarly to how the “Book of the Damned” seems to be resonating with Dean (another nice parallel to Sam resonating with the tablet btw) and how the price might be opening the cage. Lilith - the first demon - had to be killed so he would be freed. I am wondering if Dean having killed Cain - who could arguably also count as the first demon (and the thunder and lighting when Dean killed him was very suggstive of something cosmic to have happened - similarly to how Dean dying and the angell tablet was coded as cosmic with the ground shaking) - maybe the warding of the cage was weakened?

As I said in the link to the anon question above, the official synopsis for 10x19 reminds heavily of the tale of “pandora’s box”, which in my opinion is the greek version of Adam and Eve’s expulsion from Eden and with that also a parallel to Sam opening the cage in S4 and now seemingly opening a box (like they called the cage as well) that means a huge danger for both Sam and Dean. Michael and Lucifer would certainly be a huge danger. Though I have to admit I’d love to see a Lucifer/Dean confrontation.

I know it’s unlikely they’d truly pop Michael and Lucifer back out of the cage in general and least four episodes before the finale. I think 10x19 and whatever is in that boy will drive Sam and/or Dean to the brink of suicide and probably might only further play with possible parallels to the cage and Lucifer.

Anyway… I am excited. Excited and scared and my brain feels like exploding with seeing possible parallels and connections, but since this is probably already a great big bowl of crazy blabbing no one is able to follow, I’ll stop here and will just say: