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Ask Ethan: If Gravity Attracts, How Can The ‘Dipole Repeller’ Push The Milky Way?

“What are the mechanics behind a dipole repeller? How can an area of space void of matter repulse galaxies to any meaningful extent (or at all?)?”

There’s been a longstanding puzzle in astrophysics that’s finally coming to a head. For nearly a century, we’ve known that our Universe is expanding, and that the distance to a galaxy determines its average apparent recessional speed from us. But on top of that is an additional motion – a peculiar velocity – caused by the local gravitational field of the Universe. When we look at the motion of our own galaxy, we see it’s moving about twice as fast in one direction as the attractive masses would allow. But underdense regions, where there’s less mass and gravity than average, can serve as an effective repeller, failing to attract other matter just as much as overdense regions can attract it. Thanks to a newly mapped and accounted for cosmic void, we might finally understand how our galaxy is moving through the Universe.

The so-called Great Attractor has nothing on the dipole repeller idea, and at long last the Milky Way’s motion might be understood!

Rising Sign Keywords
  • Aries: Bold, Ignited, Interested, Excited, In-Your-Face, Straightforward
  • Taurus: Grounded, Earthy, Humble, Connected, Sensual, Calm
  • Gemini: Interesting, Intelligent, Naturally charismatic, Appeals to diverse audience
  • Cancer: Soft, Sweet, Gentle, Rhythmic, Emotional energy displayed on their appearance
  • Leo: Bold presence, Outgoing, Magnetic, Bright, Loud
  • Virgo: Shy, Perfect imperfection, Approachable, Nurturing presence
  • Libra: Charming, Pretty, Slick with words, Appealing, Likeable
  • Scorpio: Intense, Intimidating, Magnetic, Penetrating, Deep
  • Sagittarius: Fun, Good to speak to about life, Boisterous, Energetic, Loves to have a good time
  • Capricorn: Cold, Competent, Trustable, Closed-off, Looks like they have their shit together
  • Aquarius: Outspoken, Eccentric, Individual, Quirky
  • Pisces: Flowing, Cosmic, Artistic, Open, Receiving

Adrora I

New Piece. I learned some new things experimenting with this one. Made some mistakes, made some new discoveries. I’m  delving into the direction I want to go with my work and I’m getting one step closer to that goal.

This piece I focused on the use of impetuous free flow, letting the paint choose its own course, with an added touch of willful control fusing together to create a composition.

“Free flowing energy, one of chaos and of order. The phenomenon that makes up our world.. our universe.”

Aug 9th, 2016