cosmic dare


The stars, the moon, they have all been blown  o u t
You left me in the dark
No dawn, no day, I’m always in this twilight
In the shadow of your  h e a r t

weenys followers are like ”how dare cosmic(turd/bitch/retard/other name or slur) attack weeny, an ill woman!”

do yall think im neurotypical because boy do i have some news for you. how about how dare all of you fucking harass me and my friends who are all mentally ill and/or disabled in some way and how dare you tell me to consider suicide :)

what if one time the young avengers were having like a big sleepover or something and at like 3 am Tommy’s like “Hey guys I can’t sleep, let’s play truth or dare.”

And Billy’s like, “No Tommy please I’m trying to sleep.”

And Noh-Varr sits up still half-asleep and fumbles for their ipod and then puts on “Truth Or Dare” by Marianas Trench and waves the ipod at Tommy, then goes right back to sleep with a quiet mumble of, “Are you happy now?”

David was cuddling with Tommy and was woken up because Tommy got too restless and so he’s just like, “Sure I’ll play.”

“Hey David I dare you to kiss me.”

“I’m literally dating you Tommy that’s not even a dare.”


When I first saw Shanta, I instantly liked her cuz of how I like birds. But when I saw that little tidbit about who she eases and whatnot (and I’m thinking that’s not only who she focuses on but mainly does) I just thought “dangit, now I wanna protect this bird”

Dang you and making lovely characters ;w;

Shanta belongs to Rebornica

I also tried to add a lil Jasper in the corner, I need to draw that angry birb


Still sitting pretty with a pistol in hand.