cosmic cactus

“Cactus cósmico” (2017)

Ya que el pasado 10 de septiembre fue mi cumpleaños, y tengo una obsesión con los cactus y el cosmos, este me lo dedico a mí misma, hale.


“Cosmic cacti” (2017)

Past 10th september was my birthday, and I’m obsessed with cacti and the cosmos, so this one is dedicated to myself.


🎊 new years eve, part 1 🎊

the nye party was at karin and november’s place this time, since their apartment is probably bigger than anyone else’s in terms of dining space and has the prettiest lighting (cass being the aesthetic queen lives for good lighting). no one really brought any actual food because let’s be real, they were all trying to turn up that night so who cared about eating??? but after a while, nasir came to a monumental conclusion: “who really cares about classy dinners and shit?” and everyone realized they agreed, and so they ordered a bunch of sushi and rooney (@femmesim) sent over a bunch of treats and desserts since she couldn’t make it and i think someone’s stomach might have exploded due to how much they ate.

🎈 continued in part 2 🎈