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Libra - Power and Pretty

We associate a lot of Libran qualities with geniality, sweetness, and the feminine expression of the Venus lover. But the sign of Libra is incredibly complex, dual bodied, and fierce. While the Libra can be painted as meek, easily intimidated, and fearful of conflict, there are expressions of Libra that exhibit powerful mental qualities, a furious fight for justice, and great ambition. There are many world leaders, male and female who have their natal Sun in Libra. They are aggressive on the debate floor, intelligent in negotiation, and level headed in their ascension up the career ladder. Libra is ruled by Venus and exalts in Saturn. We have the humanistic judgment of Venus fusing with the disciplined and determined will of Saturn. Libras are a tour de force, and they can be absolutely unmovable and resolute.

The double lined Libra symbol indicates a sign that experiences dual states of consciousness. While we have an archetype that is focused on developing relationships and connecting others, we also have the scales of justice. This is the need to throw oneself into battle so that what is fair and right prevails. Libra is an air sign, and the intellectual capacity of the individual is one of his greatest assets. There is a tremendous verbal acuity and the mind to dominate any debate. He can view the world through multiple perspectives and rapidly absorb information and fact. So we have four critical areas of intelligence expressed through Libra, and this is a secret of the sign’s success. There is socially receptive Venus, mentally astute Air, the fire of Cardinal, and wise, formidable Saturn. Life arenas like politics and law resonate here because the individual emanates tremendous leadership skills, formidable wit on the parliament floor, and a very focused approach to success.

Many female world leaders have their natal Sun in Libra, especially pioneering ones like Margaret Thatcher and Julia Gillard. Many male shock jocks are Sun Libras. There is ferocious dialogue and the reigning in of the Mars duality’s aggression, inferno, and combativeness. Libras stand by what they believe in, and their battle scars tend to be hidden by flowers and jewellery. The individual can be too easily underestimated, and his ability to adapt to the personality required means he can fly under the radar while achieving great feats. Libras are not unequipped for the world, they hold swords of power as they tackle the cosmic balance beam.


265-TWILLAR [Twilight-Caterpillar]
-The Crepuscular pokemon
-Ability: Swarm - Illuminate(HA)
-Dex: “This pokemon spents most of its time eating to gain energy for its evolution, but are mostly active at Noon or Midnight, depending on the region. When this pokemon evolves, the time of the day seems to take a mayor rol in its development.”
    -Bug Bite
    -String Shot

–>Evolves at lv. 10 during night time<–

266-CRYSELENE [Crhysalid-Selene]
-The Moon stone Pokemon
-Ability:  Shell Armor - Weak Armor(HA)
-Dex: “This pokemon remains motionless during daytime, even changing the color of its shell to a dull gray, looking a lot like a stone. As soon as the sun sets and the moon starts to rise, this pokemon will start to bright in a colorful display of silverlights.”
     -Struggle bug
    -Iron Defense

–>Evolves at lv. 18<–

267-DIANARTIC [Diana-Artic]
-The Moonlight Pokemon
-Ability: Snow Warning - Ice Body(HA)
-Dex: “This Pokemon’s body is made of ice cystals, and when they catch the moon’s light, they create infinite reflections that make its body shine like the moon itself. Its wings work as a prism and when they flutter they can create lunar rainbows’ ”
    -Silver Wind
    -Aurora Beam
    -Cosmic Power/Hail

–>Evolves at lv. 10 during day time<–

269-SHELLIOS [Shell-Helios]
-The Sun Dial Pokemon
-Ability:  Shell Armor - Weak Armor(HA)
-Dex: “This pokemon follows the movement of the sun using the long spine on its back and the shadow it cast to navigate and feed on solar energy. When the sun comes down, this pokemon will freeze on the spot until the sun rises once again.”
    -Struggle bug
    -Iron Defense

–>Evolves at lv. 18<–

270-SOLLARDOR [Sol-Apollo-Ardor]
-The Solar Disc Pokemon
-Ability: Drought - Solar Power(HA)
-Dex: “This pokemons absorbs the suns radiation as it follows its course trough the sky, this will turn into energy that can be used as both heat or luminiscence. This pokemon can store so much energy it will shoot fire thar burns white”
    -Solar Beam
    -Heat wave
    -Signal Beam
    -Cosmic Power/Sunny Day

anonymous asked:

I don't know if you still take emergency asks but I'm just gonna give it a shot, recently I was hospitalized for my mental health and s*lf h*rm and I've been out a few days but my family isn't letting me hear the end of it and they continuously make me feel bad for what I did and they're telling me that the family's reputation is going to be ruined over me being mentally ill. Can I ask for some hcs with Lance/Keith/Allura/Lotor comforting/distracting their s/o on a bad mental health day?

i always take emergency asks ;v; and i just wanted to let you know that the things you’re feeling aren’t your fault and piss on your family’s reputation, YOU are what matters.


  • he doesn’t know what’s up, but it must be pretty big if it’s got you down so much. he’ll pry as to what’s bothering you, but he’ll stop the first time you shoot him down
  • he’s a pro at cheering people up, though, so pack your bags, you’re going on a vacation! and by vacation he means you’re going to go fuck shit up at the space mall
  • he figures feeling like you’re a normal youth again will make you feel better, so he dresses you both up in your best clothes so you can slAY.
  • he buys you whatever you want (after you go diving in the fountain of course), and then you finish off your shopping with some good ol’ greasy mall food.
  • after that the mall is close to closing, but you hide yourselves until the mall cops leave. it’s time to camp out and roast marshmallows in the middle of the food court! keep a fire extinguisher handy my dude


  • when he notices your sullen expression, he has to stop for a second and think. if he was upset, he’d sweat it all away with a good workout, but you’re not him… what does he do?? kind of dumbfounded
  • but there’s a festival going on on the planet you’re docked on so maybe you’d like to go to that? the fact that he even asks you on a date surrounded by a bunch of people should have your heart fluttering
  • keith completely wrecks every stand and by the end, all the prizes are his. or rather, yours, bc he gives them all to you. he’ll even carry them if you ask nice enough
  • in the end you’ll probably want to try your hand at some games yourself, so he teaches you how to throw a dart just right… pop! you got two balloons in one go. you’ll give this prize to keith, even though they pale in comparison to his
  • walks you back to your room and everything after all is said and done. what a gentleman. it was tough to be so social, but he’s glad he could make you feel better


  • allura wants to do all manner of different things with you! she knows your interests, and she plans around your favorite hobbies. if you like to read, you can spend the day reading stories aloud. if you like art, she’ll take you to a gallery.
  • whatever you end up doing, you have to get ready first! nothing too big, just a bath with some nice scented petals and stuff. she’ll bring the mice to the bath and they can put on a little circus for you!
  • after that she brings you to coran, the master of mood boost. she gets him to retell his war stories, which are all glorified mishaps. if this doesn’t have you cracking a smile, she doesn’t know what will!
  • she makes you a lot of altean foods. you can bake together, and by the end you’ll have a whole buffet (which you must shoo the boys away from). it’s girl’s night, and you’re going to be digging in!
  • except she brings out her favorite movies which are basically pornos… there are many sex scenes, but i guess you have to be altean to understand that ‘true meaning’ she’s talking about


  • he’s very fancy and show-boaty most of the time, but when he sees your face he knows the situation will require a gentler touch
  • he takes you on a ride in his fighter ship, but he takes it slow so you can enjoy everything. you’re always fighting, so it’s time you see something beautiful. he brings the ship through a cluster of cosmic dust and you beam at the sparkling powder floating around
  • after this he’ll take you to his favorite planet where nature is still very much alive and there are lots of animals you’ve never seen before. he has a soft spot for small animals himself, so he shows you all the babies being born this season
  • you spend the day on a blanket with a lunch he packed just for you. there is also wine. the two of you end up getting drunk surrounded by cute space kittens and the light of the stars

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❤️🍄😎🙌🏽🐛🦋👀⭐️✨☀️🌈 Tell me if you get it...

Heart centered mushroom medicine got me feeling cool - realizing I’m the cocooned potential of a cosmic butterfly - awakened - beaming light until rainbows shoot out of my ass 🌈

" Why i'm so in love by your Ink?"

I fear open the book of life since you appeared on that day in a languid and fascinated way of being there ,standing alone,in that corner of the page ,in that space that I crave to endure …since that precise moment your ink appealed me a lyrical melody of an unkown place and time.
Your ink floods through little words or huge with such fire that blind my eyes so I read your ink turned into words with my inner self,with lust,with hunger with a will of being that particular issue that you transform into a masterpiece.A simple hole,a simple breath ,a simple piece of grain can become with your ink a powerful tower of delights,the universe cant absorve such tremendous feelings ,such bite of life of your deeper soul..your ink is the Alpha and the omega of poetry.Only you were created with the sarpkle of the gods ,only you were sent to us for giving us the meaning of beauty,the meaning of being human in such strenght that I can hold the burden of sadness and happiness at the same urgency as your ink drives me to do…
Why im so in love by your ink? Can you tell me? Can the Earth itself explain to me ? Can the gods that send you to us ,twisted the threads of your genious and reveal it? No ,no one can because you and your ink are both the universe with creatures,feelings,wars,conflicts,questions ,wounds or even love countaining into the deepest core of a treasure ,a cosmic beam to enlight to command my miserable life to an expansion of a cut of my skin ,to be led to a wind of silver dust far away beyond the human understanding….
Why im so in love for your ink? I am and I will always be even knowing that not at least a drop of it can find me in my path with no idea of what might be but I will devour ,fear and make love with your ink in a cave,in a shore ,in a lake,in a hut,in a desert or simply in the page of a book because I know that your ink will remain the potion of a sweet bitter word in my small world … now ,your ink can blow me again with the words of the next page and dazzled me once more painfully …Let’s have Art in my heart with your ink and then I can die !