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The Chariot Boutique, an extension of The Fool’s successful clothing line in swinging 60s London into the then-burgeoning L.A fashion scene and featuring such products as their cosmic couture and Astraflash collection pieces

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Archangel Metatron oversees:

  • Evolution – The gradual development of something into a more complex or better form.
  • Enlightenment – The awakening of all wisdom; the ability to see life’s challenges and manifest them into a positive outcome for the good of the self and others.
  • Activation of the light-body – Your light-body is a network of light energy, sacred geometric shapes and symbols, which combine your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.
  • Your light-body radiates light-energy and electro-magnetically links your multi-dimensional self with the infinite universe. It connects you to cosmic consciousness energy through high electrical currents to help you manifest your hidden talents and souls purpose. As you activate, build and integrate your light-body, you gain the ability to re-organise your molecular structure, allowing your body to be less dense, and freer to express itself with the source of the universe.
  • Ascension – On an individual level, ascension is the process of changing one’s consciousness from one reality, based on one set of beliefs, to another. On a group or planetary level, ascension is the collective expansion of a state of consciousness (set of beliefs) to the point where that consciousness creates a new reality.

I’m not sure I can shout any louder or more regularly that THIS IS CLASSIC ROMANTIC STORYTELLING.

Act 1.

~ Dean doesn’t believe in Angels.

~ Cas is a soldier and Angel of the Lord.

Classic antagonistic meet-cute. They get to know each other through season 4 as reluctant allies. Debate is rife between them as to the right thing to do. Denial is a running theme for Dean re: Cas, let’s be honest, not even romantically but the ever old “It’s Cas, he’ll be fine” etc. Denial is central.

Season 4 finale: THE NEW RELATIONSHIP. Cas rebelled. He did it, all of it, for Dean. They are now compatriots working together against Heaven and Hell.

~ Dean starts to have faith in Cas, he prays to Cas.

~ Cas starts to see Dean as his leader and ally, not the Angels.

Act 2.

Season 5 - 8. Getting to know you. Well its SPN, so not exactly Fun and Games but yeah, this is it. They do get to know each other, and we get to know them better too. Cas even occasionally takes part in some MOTW ‘fun and games’ episodes and we see the development of both the romantic Destiel and the very kindly clearly written as a mirror obviously platonic Sastiel for comparison.

Point of no return / deeper commitment: somewhere around season 8 / Purgatory. “I’m not leaving here without you” etc. This is also the point where Dean believes that emotions will break Cas. This is literally heartbreaking and affects how he reacts to everything moving forwards, most specifically it is the reason why he holds back so much other than when Cas is human (see all the meta about 2nd nightstands, all of 9x06, the bar scene etc). It is also a standard unrequited/undeserving/it’s better for them if they don’t love me love trope in order to drag the story out, just saying.

Falling for you / Complications & Higher stakes: Cas becoming Human. Dean’s Demon/MoC arc. All these arcs lead them to a more profound emotional development towards each other and more textual romanticism in the writing rather than the initial crush/interest.

Final straw for Cas: Perhaps believing Dean is dead in 9x23 but then consolidated in 11x23.

Final straw for Dean: Lucifer possessing Cas, the whole second half of s11.

~ Dean over this whole period comes to see Cas not as a distant Angel but in a much more Human way. He even might have stopped praying to him as he replaces it with phone calls / direct communication, but his faith in Cas is clear.

~ Cas replaces his love and faith in God with his love and faith in Dean (consolidated in 11x23) and doesn’t want be a soldier but wants to help people, maybe by saving people, hunting things…

12x12 is the expositional point telling us that Cas has CHANGED. It also is a call back to Dean’s worry that emotions will break Cas as here he is, emotional and breaking. Dean even bows his head and visually looks like he is praying (it doesn’t even matter really if he is or not, the effect for the audience is the key).

These concepts tie back round to and build on where they were BEFORE THEY MET to show how they have changed within themselves and grown in relation to each other.

So, Now. They have both experienced the complications and higher stakes towards each other. They have both fallen in love, Cas both metaphorically and literally falling (it’s only on becoming human that I think he truly realised how he felt, it’s both a narrative reality and a metaphor). Dean’s gone from having no faith to eventually meeting God and worrying the whole time about saving Cas.

Which leaves us currently at the Break up Moment. 

Which is honestly exactly where I see this separation and all the questions about choices/Angels/nephilim/cosmic consequences going, leading us to…. 

Act 3.

Winning him back.

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Misogyny in Kpop

For example, AoA is getting even more hate because of their appearance on Knowing Bros, a show who’s theme is basically like rebellious high school kids trashing each other. Even when the guests enter, the concept is for them to be rude transfer students who speak informally, even if the regular guests are like decades older than them. How come only girl groups get in trouble for playing these parts. AoA gets shit because chanmi made comments poking fun of seolhyun, saying “chanmi is bullying her members, aoa has bad group chemistry, she’s clearly jealous”. but boy groups and men go on there and play the same roles but no one bats an eye. 

When twice was on the show, they were playing a skit where they were all supposed to act like snobby top idols. there was a small section where Jihyo says to tzuyu that she’s prettier or something and people, rather than actually watching the show, just jump to conclusions that jihyo was “bullying poor tzuyu”. What gets me is these are the same people who slut shame seolhyun, say she has no talent and say she’s overrated and hate on her. These are the same people who say tzuyu is overrated, that tzuyu isn’t pretty and that tell her to go die (yes, death threats). and then, for just playing the part, these girl group members get shit for it. It’s like girl groups can’t even act like bullies on a show where the concept is bullying in fear that they will be seen as a bully in real life. That’s like, an actor being afraid to play a serial killer in a movie in fear that people are gonna think he’s actually a serial killer. Boy groups rarely ever face this. 

Just another reason why girl groups never get to win.  Because the same girls misogynist pigs (yes, females can be misogynist too!) who are hating on one girl are gonna use that same girl group member to pit her fellow members against each other, pretending they actually gave a damn about any of them in the first place. Honestly stop it. AoA had a terrible 2016 and people can’t let AoA even have a comeback peacefully. How come after the zico seolhyun scandal zico can continue as a hit maker and a top selling producer and musician, but the public won’t even let seolhyun and AoA live. It’s not to say zico’s career deserves damage, but how come seolhyun can’t carry on her own schedules and successes the same way Zico can, it just shows how two people in similar situations can have two very different outcomes just because one is a woman and one is a man. Do Better 2017. Stop the bullshit girl groups have to deal with.