cosmic alphabet

anonymous asked:

What's the relationship between runes and Bardon's kabbalah? I know some people who have had good results from utilizing Bardon's formulas in KTK utilizing the runes, so I'm assuming there must be some connection there. Bardon mentions something about a "runic quabbalah" in KTK and I think he seems to be saying that hebrew Kabbalah, Runes, Sanskrit letters, etc. are fragments of a universal Kabbalah, am I getting that right?

From what I have gathered he was (along with another mage around that time who I cannot recall) trying to develop a German kabbalah. I personally don’t think he finished developing it and that is why KTK seems a bit disjointed. I think it was a first or second draft we have and not the final product. Breaks down to this: By developing a connection between a symbol set ( an alphabet ) and cosmic principles it allows you to work quite powerfully and quickly because one has crafted a language to communicate with those forces. So, in a way it is like the finger rituals Bardon recommends you to create. 

The main ideas though is being able to handle those forces within yourself so that the within better reflects the without and so that the below is as the above. When the mind and soul perfectly match or are in sync with the spiritual and astral realm a change in one causes a change in the other. Makes sense? Like a fractal that is constantly giving birth to itself, to be slightly poetic about it. That is why the symbol set must be a “map” if you will or “key” of the universe because you are trying to sync up with the universe.