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Lux’s ‘Cosmic witch starter kit’ Giveaway!

☽Star Magic by Sandra Kynes
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☽Blue goldstone necklace
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Cosmic Horoscopes🌙🚀🌟🔭🌠

(among other advice you’ll find among out There.)

♈  aries: they speak of mars and anger, but they’ll never know the inner calm that comes with being the eye of the storm. or before the storm. or outside the storm. or when there is no storm. 

♉  taurus: so special and perfect and loving. like the earth, they search and search for another one like you. but you know in your core they’ll never truly be able to replace you. you hold onto this knowledge and you take them down where they struck you. 

♊  gemini: mystical and mysterious, they only glimpse you in the twilight between rays of the setting sun. you are not eclipsed by it, you revel in its heat and blinding light. they were never meant to see. 

♋  cancer: endlessly circling them, only showing the side of yourself they know, an ever present moon. the more they care for you, the harder it will be for them when you leave, or show the other half. which will you do?

♌  leo: lion mane or solar flare, no future is to be feared for you. unless you fear success. which you do. you don’t know it yet. those that gravitated to you, you will keep them at arm’s length, for their protection. it might have been kinder just to destroy consume them. 

♍  virgo: boiling hot and splintering cold, you maintain the volitile emotions, my little mercury. useful and deadly. keep them neat, keep them organized. take care to never mix them up. but if you do, you’ve got a fantastic excuse. 

♎  libra: sometimes they mistake you for the moon, lovely venus. who knows how they managed to, but this is yours to make the most of. what you’re capable of isn’t always good. ask yourself it you care. 

♏ scorpio: so they left you, dearest pluto, they’ll always want you back. you’ll be alright. so fuck it up gloriously and it still will be. there’s nothing you can do to make it terrible, and for some, that’s the true horror. what nerds. 

♐  sagittarius: immeasurable jupiter, one day you’ll learn you are the only one who thinks that red spot is blotchy. or worth staying home about. you’ll never know how many are captured by its wonder, or will be destroyed by it. perhaps it’s better you stay home. 

♑ capricorn: you are more foolish that i might safely admit. i will admit myself to being foolish, and come away unscathed, a better person. when i decorate myself in rings like saturn, my saturn, not yours, i will teach you a lesson i have both already learned and refuse to learn. 

♒ aquarius: they will say your name wrong and laugh, uranus. when you teach them to say it right they will laugh all the same. your life only matters if you lived if for you, in which it will be insignificant. fuck that shit, live and die for the aesthetic. 

♓  pisces: man, neptune, pisces, you just can’t get away from the fish jokes. i have nothing else to say for you.