Aidriora and Lenore by Cartoon-Trash

The pure existence of Jupiter Ascending, coupled with my recently renewed obsession with Steven Universe, has led to a new story.

I’m so sorry.

Aidriora Adaline was made fun of as a kid for her silly name. Lenore Woodbridge liked it, though, and they’ve been best friends since. They share an odd sense of humor and an eclectic taste in music, and are always there for each other, but Lenore has always envied Rorie a little bit. Lenore’s parents are very strict, and tend to leave her to hear own devices most of the time. Rorie’s family is warm and loving. Rorie’s also much more self-confident.

Rorie also happens to be the last child of the Cosmic Parent, and heir to an intergalactic dynasty. She’s the only one who can stop an impending war between three alien factions.

All of this is a bit much for her, so she brings Lenore along for moral support. Hijinks ensue.

Aidriora and Lenore © Cartoon-Trash


A small collection I started last year of 22×15 cm watercolor SM ilustration. I’ve modified Sailor Moon a little because she was the first I did and after Inner senshi… I saw her a little simple xP As you can see if you put them together it looks like a full planet. Hope you like it!! ^^ 🌙✨