cosmetologists opinion


Everyone keeps saying that they can’t tell it’s a wig and that it looks just like his hair…but as a cosmetologist I beg to differ.

There’s a difference in the way the part falls, how it lays, the lack of his cowlick, and how it’s cut. His actual hair is more dense than the wig is, and though the wig may be from real hair, I do not think it does as good a job as everyone thinks…maybe that’s just an educated opinion, but I’m no more impressed by this wig than I was by the HIMYM season 8 final. Sorry, but this is going to drive me nuts.

And before you say anything, yes maybe seeing it in motion might help, but as far as pictures go you can spot the differences by just comparing the two.

Ahem, sorry for the rant, it just bothers me.