cosmetologists opinion

bts hair tag?

/ hey frens i graduated hair school last week!!!~

 / So.. let’s talk about BTS’s hair.

 No one asked me, But here’s my fave hair cut & colors for each of our bois; 

😝 💇🏻 


 Always white blonde/silver for him. Hella disconnected & super long on top, shaved sides. Like in the ‘Do You’ Mv 

mama jin:

awww yis. jin, my pride and joy. light of my life. the main character of this shojo anime. hes so extra. so naturally my fave for him is  SUPER LIGHT PINK.  He looks good with a normal haircut but thin swoopy borderline-coconuty-bangs. ascend my beautiful pink angel princess. 


 mmm all of them. He rocks every hair. Best cut is full undercut-coconut, when he has a full face of bangs, and it looks like a whole coconut but he turns his head and you see it’s shaved all the way up all the way around. this man is walking hair porn, okay, as a cosmetologist, he makes me weep. His undercut is always so good, the top layers are so piecy and tapered and  feathered perfectly. nnf. Best color is light blue, white blonde, any of the Pastel colors, any wild color. i neeeed to see him with more blue. richer blue. bolder blue. hell even darker blues. i need more blue yoongi. tho i love mint yoongi too. 

that type of undercut ^^^^^^^^. 

id like to see more blue like this.


 Forehead Hobi forehead hobi forehead Hobi !!! No more dreams short black and spikey is always my fave, but now I like orange parted HOBI. I hate plain old coconut on him. 

this hair cut & color was really good too:


GUNMETAL GREY & EXTENTIONS & PARTED & VOLUPTUOUS. BLOOD SWEAT AND TEARS. Nothing fucking beats that hair. If they ever gave him purple,… maybe. 


 RED. SAVE ME MV. Also dark & wild was good, I like him with lighter hair colors. Bleach Blonde and red is good, long bangs that kinda sweep each way over his eyes is cute. When he was younger he kept it short and kind of emo looking, that was really really good too but longer makes him look more mature.  i personally think this one is the best length tho:

this color is the shit tho. 

i hate when they style taehyung silky straight, the boy looks so good with texture in his hair: 


Oh god. again, with the texture. dont get me wrong, he rocks basic coconut, but… Curly kookie is my personal favorite. Keep that boy permed. The young forever photo shoot. Yes. Also, fluffy kookie. Anything where there’s lots of volume on top. I hate it parted, unless it’s like reaaaally parted, like dope. Forehead kookie is an entirely different game. I don’t like black as much tho, he’s beautiful reguardless. Best color is highlighted, dark red violet. I need him to have pink highlights again or do something crazy. I need him to do something crazy. Please bb.

this kind of texture: 

this kind of part: 

but, this color wins. he should always have fun colors. the dark red violet works so good on him…

Oi yay! Just.. there you go. In my biased professional cosmetologist opinion 😂💖 Thx for read frens Feel free to comment your opinions or heck repost and tag me!


Everyone keeps saying that they can’t tell it’s a wig and that it looks just like his hair…but as a cosmetologist I beg to differ.

There’s a difference in the way the part falls, how it lays, the lack of his cowlick, and how it’s cut. His actual hair is more dense than the wig is, and though the wig may be from real hair, I do not think it does as good a job as everyone thinks…maybe that’s just an educated opinion, but I’m no more impressed by this wig than I was by the HIMYM season 8 final. Sorry, but this is going to drive me nuts.

And before you say anything, yes maybe seeing it in motion might help, but as far as pictures go you can spot the differences by just comparing the two.

Ahem, sorry for the rant, it just bothers me.