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I thought that the problems with the cosmetis business were: 1. they used TVXQ (5 members, not 3) for promotion at times without anyone's permission 'cause Crebeau believing that CJS would participate in their promotional activities in person and even sued them for fraud; 2. The business was questionable itself, the products use of sheep's placenta and embryo are ethically questionable, not to mention false advertizing. Wouldn't business like that damage TVXQ image? =>

SM was fine with all the other business ventures owned and advertized by JYJ, like Junsu’s father pizza shop for example. The same way it is fine with a bunch of companies that their other idols own. So would it really be a win win solution should be for JYJ and parents to convince SM that the business worth the group’s brand? I haven’t heard anything of Crebeau since the lawsuit and meanwhile TVXQ advertize for Missha. Looks that TVXQ image was worth more than a questionable business.

Idk whether the placenta thingy was a serious concern in Korea in 2009, so I’m not sure that it was considered as risk factor at that time

The conflict was about SM’s concern whether it would limit TVXQ chances to get similar cfs/endorsements like crebeau’s main product. Missha was interested to hire them as model since 2009 but it didn’t go through until 2011.

Here’s my what if scenario: if 3 members & parents promised to give royalties + fees to SM and Yunho-Changmin, and in return, they could use group’s brand + images in promotion, wouldn’t it be a win-win solution for all parties involved?