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honeysucklebum asked:

Hi, i saw your post on getting a breast reduction. I'm so happy you're feeling better after the surgery, both mentally and physically :). I'm looking into trying to get my insurance to cover it and I saw that you were turned down many times before it actually happened. Do you mind if I ask why they said no and how you were able to get the surgery in the end? I'm really scared I won't qualify even though my breasts aren't proportional to the rest of my body. Any tips would help greatly! Thanks :)

It’s so crazy how im on the other side of the spectrum now… :) I use to be in your position! asking people on tumblr and what not. I am ALWAYS happy to answer questions like this!(:

Insurance overall doesn’t want to pay for your shit, especially things that they may define (depending on what asshole insurance you have) as a “cosmeti surgery” the truth is a breast reduction for most cases is not cosmetic. most people do it out of practicality and because it is a thing getting in the way of living their life. Insurance companies may argue/turn you down if you don’t have doctors notes or referrals. For instance, the first time I was turned down it was because it was looked at as a cosmetic surgery because I didn’t have any “proof” that I was in pain. SOOOO… I had to start seeing a chiropractor just to get a note from him to send to my insurance company, which they then again denied the surgery because now the issue was that my boobs werent big enough? sometimes they do this because as a requirment for breast reduction to be covered by insurance you need to have a certain amount (grams) removed in order for it to count. does that make sense? As in, you can’t be a C cup and think that your insurance is gonna cover a breast reduction. They want BIG OL TITTAYS.. And I was an F so this really frustrated me that they would turn me down yet again. So I went to a different surgeon and had new pictures taken and sent in to my insurance company, along with another note from my chiropractor, and after a long month of waiting, they finally accepted it and I had my surgery within a month of that :)

You have to jump through their bullshit hoops. They really don’t want to pay for things like breast reductions. You have to fudge things too. Like add other reasons for why you need the surgery. I.e.. back problems, bra strap rashes, mental instability, frame problems. 

I would say go to a chiropractor first, because most likely they will need a note from a chiropractor. Don’t forget to also go to your primary doctor as well because they too can provide referrals and doctors notes.

First step, go to your doctor. they will help you find surgeons in your area/that your insurance covers.

Then go to a chiropractor.

Baby steps! Make it happen. It is honestly so worth it. your life will change, you will be able to do more things you can’t do at the moment.