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GUYS guys omg!! so i started a new skin regimen not even a week ago and my skin is GLOWING like it’s soft, it’s moisturized but not oily, it’s bright, AND my acne scars are fading. i wanted to share what i’m doing with yall bc it changed my life so maybe it’ll change yours.

(DISCLAIMER: my skin isn’t naturally oily or dry, but it is prone to getting scars even though i don’t pick at pimples. that said, i don’t know if those of you with different skin types will benefit from this, but for those with acne scars it may really help. (for those with dry skin types, i would be careful, bc a lot of the stuff i use is abrasive and might really strip your skin if it’s already dry.))

FIRST OFF, get yourself a facial cleansing brush. it doesn’t have to be expensive – i literally got mine from walmart for seven bucks – but just get your paws on one. it offers a lot deeper cleaning that’ll make sure nothing’s in your pores.


  • before you do anything with your face, brush your teeth. (as a side note, i now rinse with hydrogen peroxide after brushing and my teeth are whiter after about a week and a half. just rinse with hydrogen peroxide, and then rinse with a little bit of water. (if you have sensitive teeth your teeth may get more sensitive, so be careful.))
  • lightly wet the brush head of your cleansing brush and lightly wet your face.
  • put some facial cleanser on your face (whatever cleanser you use – personally i use two different cleansers for the morning and the night, and the one i use in the morning is clean & clear morning burst skin-brightening cleanser, which you can find at walmart). spread it evenly over your skin.
  • turn your brush on (for the mornings i usually put it on the low setting) and move it around in circular motions (moving up and outwards) until the cleanser looks like it’s blended into your skin a little bit.
  • rinse your brush head off and set it on the side of the sink to drain a little bit while you rinse your face off. (USE LUKEWARM WATER. hot water is too abrasive and strips your face of ALL its oils, which is bad.)
  • pat your face dry. also pat your brush head dry. (be gentle with your brush head or all the bristles will go haywire and it won’t be good anymore.)
  • now tone. for a toner i use burt’s bees natural acne solutions clarifying toner (which i found at target), but it’s a little abrasive and drying (it has salicylic acid and witch hazel in it), so those of you with dry or more sensitive skin may want something more soothing with ingredients like rose water or aloe vera. just grab your toner, grab a cotton ball, put some toner on it and swab it all over your face and neck, always swiping upwards.
  • moisturize. (personally i use two different moisturizers for morning and night, and for morning i use spa naturals coconut oil moisturizing cream, which can be found out dollar tree for, you guessed it, a dollar.) just rub it into your face – keep in mind, a little dab’ll do ya. if you go hog wild, it’ll be too much and your skin will be gross.
  • i finish off with a facial mist – i use garnier skinactive soothing facial mist with rose water. it gives a nice soothing finish to my face, and although i don’t wear makeup, i’ve heard it makes a nice setting spray.
  • for my lips during the daytime, i use burt’s bees beeswax lip balm. i constantly chew my lips (thanks, anxiety) and this lip balm still manages to keep them soft and smooth.


  • brush your teeth, then wash your face just like you did in the morning. i mentioned that i use two different cleansers, and i do – at night i use st. ives fresh skin apricot scrub.
  • tone.
  • moisturize. as a night moisturizer, i use cosmetic lad from lush.
  • finish off with your facial mist.
  • i also put vaseline on my eyelashes – it takes a while for results, but they do get thicker and a LOT longer.
  • before i go to sleep, i put on carmex lip balm. it keeps your lips moisturized while you sleep and you wake up with them soft. careful, though – carmex lip balm is really thick, so don’t apply a lot of pressure when you put it on.


  • i do masks twice a week: wednesday nights and sunday nights.
  • on wednesday, i wash my face with let the good times roll face and body cleanser from lush, then use the mask of magnaminty from lush. let it sit for ten minutes, then wash it off, tone, moisturize and mist.
  • on sunday nights, i apply birth of venus jelly mask from lush, let it sit for ten minutes, then apply let the good times roll on top of it and wash my face off. then i tone, moisturize and mist.
  • on the nights i do face masks, i also use bubblegum lip scrub from lush on my lips to get all the dead skin off, and then apply carmex lip balm. sometimes, if i’ve been biting my lips a lot recently, i’ll do it more often than twice a week, but i never do it two days in a row, bc that’s a good way to get your lips really dry and cracked.
  • on nights i use masks, i also use apple cider vinegar with the mother (find it at just about any grocery store) – i put it on a cotton ball and use it almost like a toner, but after i’ve toned, moisturized and misted. it evens out the ph of your skin and helps clear up acne scars – it smells horrible, but it’s worth it. (don’t use too much, bc vinegar is acidic and if you use too much it’ll throw off your ph instead of evening it out. if you have dry skin, you may want to skip this step entirely.)

here’s a pic of all the products i use (except the lip scrub, bc 1. you can go to lush and find like thirty different flavors, so it doesn’t really matter what it looks like anyways – just look for the lip scrub section at lush and pick your flavor, and 2. i forgot to put it in the pic and i’m too lazy to retake it. i also neglected to include the apple cider vinegar bc it comes in a big ass glass bottle and i’m always nervous that i’m gonna drop it and break it):


  • my facial cleansing brush
  • clean & clear morning burst skin brightening facial cleanser (my morning face wash)
  • st. ives fresh skin apricot scrub (my night face wash)
  • burt’s bees natural acne solutions clarifying toner
  • spa naturals coconut oil moisturizing cream (my morning moisturizer)
  • cosmetic lad facial moisturizer (my night moisturizer)
  • garnier skinactive soothing facial mist with rose water
  • burt’s bees beeswax lip balm
  • carmex lip balm
  • vaseline (for my eyelashes at night)
  • birth of venus jelly mask
  • mask of magnaminty face mask
  • let the good times roll facial cleanser


  • bubblegum lip scrub
  • apple cider vinegar with the mother

above all, drink water (some people say it doesn’t help your skin BUT even if it doesn’t at least you stay hydrated and healthy!), and drink a cup of green tea nightly or bi-nightly.

i hope this changes some of yall’s lives bc it sure as heck changed mine!!

By the time my shift is over at work I’m like a greasy mess with no blush or highlighter left to be seen
But this combo…. This drugstore combo right here? Kept my shit beat all day. Like I can’t believe I still see blush on my fucking face right now at 5pm with no touch up. Wild.
Also putting powder on your t zone before foundation is the gift of the gods 💕💞💖

I should probably also mention this stuff is dick appointment proof \(*´ ꒳`*)/ so you can do your makeup like a hoe and stay lookin like a hoe
Decoding Skin Care Pt.2                                        ||Oily Skin||

If you’re not sure about your skin type, you can read Pt.1 to figure it out (it’s not super vague or complicated, dw.) 

                       ALL PRODUCTS MENTIONED ARE BELOW $20

  1. Don’t wash your face with soap more than 2 times a day. This just leads to you stripping your face excessively, and your pores over-produce oil to make up for it.
  2. Use a low-pH cleaner. I know this sounds suuuper high maintenance and sciencey, but it can make a world of difference. Basically, facial skin has a pH of around 5, and most alkaline cleansers (ones that foam very well) have one close to 9.                                                                                 Try cleansers like this. 
  3. Always. Moisturize. One of the reasons skin overproduces said oil is because, again, you’re taking away that hydrating barrier. 
  4. Use a non-comodogenic moisturizer. Since your pores are bound to produce more oil anyway, blocking them will only cause sebum to accumulate and cause closed comodones.                                              Try moisturizers like this and this to prevent that. 
  5. EXFOLIATE. Oily skin is way more prone to buildup, so physically exfoliate around once a week, and chemically exfoliate (with AHA and BHA products) to keep those dead skin cells out of yo life.
  6. Use an oil-based cleanser first (to remove makeup/dirt/sunscreen) before your regular (low pH) cleanser. This is better than micellar water etc because the oil binds with the oil/sebum on your face and very gently deep cleanses. This one is a cult favourite.

Overall, this skin is most likely to retain its elasticity over time, so you’ll be thankful when you’re 30!

Eyeshadow Technique For Hooded Eyes

Hooded eyes can be a tricky subject when it comes to makeup, but it doesn’t have to be! With just one simple sweep this technique can give your eyes lift, and definition whilst making them appear more elongated.

Step 1. After prepping the eyelids and tightlining the eyes sweep a shimmery, pigmented shade over the eyelid

Step 2. With your eyes open work a matte dark brown shade through the crease and blend

Step 3. Taking a darker shade than the one you originally used, hold the brush at the outer corner of the eye

Step 4. Gently drag the brush upwards towards your eyebrow to create a winged shape

Step 5. Blend out the eyeshadow following that same shape

Step 6. Take the same matte dark brown along the lower lash line

Step 7. Smudge a dark, black eyeshadow along the upper lash line as an eyeliner

Step 8. Smudge that same dark black shade along the lower lash line

Step 9. All that blending can take away the first shade you apply so reapply it to the center of the eyelid

Step 10. Curl your lashes and apply mascara to both top and bottom lashes.

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DRUGSTORE MAKEUP TUTORIAL - £20 Makeup Challenge! - Dark Skin
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for makeup newbies

hey guys so i was watching makeup tutorials and i had a thought. a lot of them are geared to people like me, who have had a lot of experience with make up. and a lot of the step by step stuff is usually not every day wear, so for trans girls, or nb people or anyone just starting to explore they can probably be over whelming so here are some starter tips for people who fall into that category.


  • you don’t need a lot of crazy products, don’t let the internet convince you to over spend especially if you are just starting out. 

my core products are 

  1. foundation (with an spf- esp if you’re pale, or wrinkly like me)
  2. eyeliner. one black a couple fun ones
  3. mascara
  4. brow stuff (but honestly you can just use brown eyeliner)


  • not even beauty gurus are doing full eye shadow blends every day
  • you can use your hands for foundation. its fine

natural make up looks don’t need to be 500 steps

  1. foundation- and any way else you treat your skin
  2. mascara
  3. brows
  4. there’s your natural make up look

things that are okay:

  • drug store brands are your friends every one uses wet and wild
  • a cheap palette of neutral eyeshadows will take you a long way
  • don’t be afraid to experiment. build your skills
  • deciding you don’t want to wear makeup -this is absolutely fine. do what makes you comfortable

to wrap up

  1. take your make up off before you go to bed
  2. let your skin breath every once and a while
  3. micellar water
  4. any one can wear makeup. my dad has worked in tv for 30 years so he wears make up as an act of professionalism and i learned some of my tricks from him

how well you “pass” does not determine your value as a person or the validity of your identity 

Skin Care Routines

I didn’t even notice until we received an ask from a follower that we haven’t had a post about skincare routines! This is just going to be a very basic post, but if anyone wants us to go into more detail about anything just drop by our ask!

Basically, the layering technique involves apply a range of products in order of consistency (thinnest to thickest), using patting and massaging motions. This helps to make sure your skin is absorbing the products properly and ensuring that you are getting the most out of everything.  
Below are the steps to your usual morning and night layering routines:

Morning Routine
Step 1: Cleanser
Step 2: Toner/Booster/Skin
Step 3: Sheet Mask (Optional)
Step 4: Eye Cream (Optional)
Step 5: Emulsion (Optional)
Step 6: Cream
Step 7: Sunscreen

Night Routine
Step 1: Makeup Removal
Step 2: Cleansing
Step 3: Toner /Booster / Skin
Step 4: Sheet Mask/Wash off Mask (Optional)
Step 5: Essence/Serum
Step 6: Eye Cream
Step 7: Emulsion
Step 8: Cream
Step 9: Sleeping Pack (Optional) 

The thing is, you don’t have to stick to one brand or line for these types of routines. You can mix and match to your heart’s desire. Some steps are listed as optional, because some people don’t prefer to use them or find that they aren’t necessary for daily use. Like everything, it is all up to your own personal preferences. I have to say though; this type of routine isn’t for everyone. It can be very expensive and time consuming. It may be extensive, but overall it is worth it! 


A Guide to LUSH

Okay so I’m a Lush employee and I see I lot of hate both online and in person about our customer service so I’m here to clarify things for ya and to give you some tips if you don’t want to talk to people. Also to help you not be awful to us employees for doing our jobs.

So as an employee we have a checklist of things we MUST do for each customer and here are a few:

- greet
- introduce the current campaign
- establish a connection with you
- determime your needs
- suggest products
- demo the suggested products. All of ‘em.
- link you to other items in the store
- offer a catalogue or talk about the app
- mention our brand values as a company
- offer a sample
- tell you 3 lovely things about each product and list at least 2 ingredients
- pop on items at the till
- give you a friendly goodbye

And that’s not all of the stuff we HAVE to do. I’m not even getting into the questions we need to ask or the sales goals we have. We have an average sale goal, a units per sale goal, an average unit price goal, and several others, as well as a total and our bonus and the hours we get are effected by our store’s performance as a whole. We also get performance reviews annually and are required to check in with the person leading the floor after EVERY SINGLE SALE.

So before you get all pissy at us please remember that we are people, too, and are simply doing our jobs.


- don’t be rude to us.
- let us greet you. Rolling your eyes and saying “just looking” when we ask how you are is infuriating and won’t stop us from talking to you. It will just make us talk to you in an obnoxious customer service voice since we don’t care if we’re bugging you anymore.
- politely decline a demo if offered. We don’t care, it’s okay.
- smile and tell the sales associate “thanks for your help, but I actually prefer to shop by myself. I will grab you if I have questions, though!”
- boom. Done. We may point out the campaign at that point because we HAVE TO but that’s it. We can tell our floor leader that we did all that is required of us. And guess what? That floor leader (if competent) will tell all the other employees on the floor that you like to shop alone and we will leave you be.

We have to get verbal confirmation that you are a self-shopper before we can leave you alone so just (politely) say that right off the bat and we’ll leave you alone. We don’t want to be involved in an awkward encounter any more than you do!