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PSA to all my friends binding this summer

It’s hard to compromise feeling safe and comfortable and not feeling like 100 degrees all the time with your binder on. However, I’ve found a small tip that can help at least with feeling sweaty and sticky in a binder! I bought powder deodorant from Lush (although I’ve not tested it, any powder deodorant would probably work). The stuff from Lush has a gender neutral scent and is very clean smelling, which is also a perk. Before I put my binder on, I sprinkle it on my chest and under my breasts/pecs/area/ (insert whichever terms you are comfortable with), and rub it in. Put your binder on and you’re good to go. It helps things stay dryer and less sticky and works for me for a good 8+ hours (and yes, I realize I wear my binder too much). Not a complete fix for the binding in the summer issue, but it has brought me some relief (in a house without AC) and just wanted to pass it on.

Stay golden all you beautiful humans. Much love and peace and happy vibes your way.

Jungle Shower Jelly - a lush exclusive

Ok so sometimes I like to mix it up, we are all use to using soap and we are all use to using shower gel. Shower jelly is like a mix of both, so when you wake up real late on a Monday morning from partying way to hard over the weekend. You at least know your not gunna be spending any extra additional time cleaning your self through the use of more than one product.

Now this jelly is a Lush exclusive, it had sold out with in its first run and I was unable to obtain any. Luckily by following the Lush kitchen on snapchat I noticed they had made a “fresh batch” and quickly grabbed some through the app.

Jungle shower jelly has a warm woody sent to it with also a sweet earthy hint. It has Vetivert oils, Gardenia extract and Ylang Ylang oil. It smells strong but with a relaxing element.

I find with shower jellies the smell is a lot more intense and leaves your skin smelling of its sent for longer. I would recommend them to all and I would recommend ordering from the kitchen.



THE HAUL! What do I use first?! What are your favorites?! I am so covered in glitter. (sorry the lighting is pretty awful at night here… I will make sure my bath time photos look better!)