a few makeup tips 💋

some of u probably already know these but i thought i’d throw together some tips that have helped me so much over the past couple of months they’ve srsly brought my makeup skills up a level or 2 hope this gives u some new ideas!

1. tilt ur head up while u angle ur falsies down towards ur lash line it rly helps anchor the lash band as close to ur lash line as possible and they’ll be angled up instead of straight out so it’ll look more natural

2. outline ur brows with concealer before filling them in it gives u a guide for the product this is especially nice for when ur growing out ur eyebrows and the shape is hard to see

3. use eyeshadow primer to help prevent foundation from sinking into laugh lines

4. use eyeshadow as a highlighter for extra glitter or unique shades. apply highlighter over your lip look for a metallic finish. mix liquid highlighter into ur foundation/moisturizer/primer for a glowing base. go wild

5. remove liquid/matte lipstick with jojoba/coconut/ect oil to save ur lips. also putting oil on a makeup wipe helps remove without tugging or pulling but doesn’t turn into a greasy mess

6. if you’re wearing falsies alone help blend the band by lining your inner corner with a black liner first for a v seamless look. clear lash glue can double as glitter glue.

7. apply a few layers of a regular lipstick underneath ur liquid lipstick for a more comfortable wear, easier removal, and unique color combos

8. shave ur face with a 1 blade eyebrow razor for the most smooth foundation application. it gets rid of all the peach fuzz that product can cling to and make more obvious. also its a complete myth that it grows back thicker/darker and its actually a good form of exfoliation just make sure ur doing it on a clean pre-exfoliated face, go slow, and moisturize well afterwards. this is def a little extra but hey if ur up for it it does make a difference

9. use a very small thin brush with a brow pomade or tinted brow gel to draw in “hairs” for the most feathery natural brow it reminds me of pointillism bc it takes 4ever and looks a bit strange when ur face is right in front of the mirror but when u back away its sooo pretty u all gotta try it

10. when ur falsies are on their last legs trim them into small sections and use them as cute little individuals u can get a lot of extra wear out of them this way also its super natural when ur using a wispy style and they look so voluminous

My perfect skin routine


-Cleanse with Paula’s Choice Hydralight Cleanser
-My skin is oily with large pores, so I apply PC 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant. Dry skin types should use the exfoliating lotion rather than the liquid; an exfoliating gel is available for combo skin. For people with dry/dehydrated skin who are more concerned with evening out skin tone and texture, an AHA exfoliant is preferable. There are exfoliants for sensitive skin and even bodily acne, as well as one for people suffering from severe/cystic acne
-I mix PC Resist Super-Light Antioxidant Concentrate Serum with several drops of the Resist C15 Super Booster (which helps treat dark spots and hyperpigmentation) all over my face and neck. Combo/regular skin benefits from the original formula and dry-sensitive skin has a calming alternative. There’s even one for very sensitive skin
-I apply PC Hydralight moisturizer only on my cheeks, eyes and the centre of my forehead, avoiding the oiliest areas of my face (nose, temples and hairline). There are alternatives for dry-sensitive, very sensitive and normal skin types
-To treat and prevent wrinkles, dry patches and other signs of sun damage, I sometimes mix my C15 booster with a retinol serum instead of the antioxidant serums. The more sun damage you wish to treat, the more frequently you can use a retinol treatment; I don’t use mine more than twice or three times per week. For very dry, sun damaged skin, there’s an all-in-one treatment moisturizer which can also be mixed in with the C15 booster

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-I splash my face with cold water. I never cleanse in the morning unless I’ve fallen asleep with makeup on, which you should obviously never do. Sometimes I’ll use a toner, but the idea of paying $30 for four ounces of water with a couple drops of plant extracts and glycerin seems silly to me
-Apply sunblock, which doubles as a foundation primer. I apply Resist Super-Light SPF 30 on my nose, eyes and forehead, then on my cheeks I apply the regular formula for a bit more hydration. There are alternatives for dry-sensitive and very sensitive (dry/oily) skin
-Curl lashes with Shiseido, Chanel or Surratt Beauty eyelash curler
-Apply one feathery coat of Anna Sui Curl & Volume Mascara, which is the most smudge- and waterproof formula extant
-Smooth Hourglass Illusion all over the skin
-Apply Hourglass concealer under the eyes
-Apply blush by Cargo in Amalfi. Dark skintones should go for Cargo blush in Laguna or Key Largo
-Slather lips in whatever you like


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