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This Makeup Printer Could Destroy The Cosmetics Industry

Grace Choi, a Harvard Business School grad (and our new favorite person on earth) debuted her new 3-D printer that not only PRINTS MAKEUP but does it in any color you could possibly want. Simply by grabbing the color code from a photo and hooking the small device up to your computer, you have an endless supply of lipsticks and eyeshadows in any shade.

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'I am enough, I am worthy, I am perfect just the way I am'

This article is so sad. But it’s all too true these days.

I know women who have traveled overseas to have cosmetic procedures e.g breast enlargements purely based on the costs, which are a lot cheaper than in Australia.

Whilst traveling through Colombia it was apparent that majority of young women are taking to plastic surgery to get a more ‘womanly look’ of more curves and bigger boobs, smaller thighs and smooth waists.. Even mannequins in stores have disproportionate figures and are showing young women an image of how they should look, one which is not achievable. The costs are so affordable and quick these days that day surgeries are offering payment plans on a weekly or monthly basis so that even young girls from low socio economical backgrounds can afford it. Some families even give their daughters plastic surgery as a gift on their 15th birthday. It’s just sickening.

When will the media and the cosmetics industry stop and let women be.
All women should be proud of their bodies and not made to feel that they should look or act a certain way.

If tomorrow women in the West woke up and decided they really like their bodies, just think how many industries would go out of business. The cosmetic industry, the clothing industry, the diet industry, the gym industry and then think of all of their ally industries who support them. So when I say that global capitalism is dependent on women hating themselves, I’m not exaggerating here.
—  Dr. Gail Bines
COSMETIC CHEMICALS: Toxic Chemicals in Cosmetics...FDA vs. Cosmetic Industry


Wait a minute…Who’s driving this bus?


FDA Blasts Cosmetics Industry Over Lax Oversight Proposal


The U.S. Food and Drug Administration on Thursday accused the cosmetic industry of creating an impasse in lengthy negotiations to update decades-old legislation on cosmetic safety, saying it offered a proposal that would only undermine what little oversight the agency has.

An agency official criticized a draft bill proposed as one that contains several provisions that would make it easier for the cosmetic industry to include harmful chemicals into their products, while shifting the burden to the FDA to prove those additives are unsafe…

Among other things, the cosmetic industry’s proposal would hinder the FDA from verifying companies’ claims about the safety of the chemicals they use in cosmetics, and prevent them from removing potentially dangerous products from shelves

Why cosmetics companies can mislead legally in skin care

An accurate view over cosmetic industry you can find here, on YouTube. If you don’t understand how the cosmetics industry works—the good, the bad, and the ugly—you will be a victim of its advertising manipulations, exaggerations, and deceptions, and that isn’t good for your skin or your budget. I…
Why cosmetics companies can mislead legally in skin care

A perfect example of how "studies” can mislead in skin care in 2013

An accurate view over cosmetic industry you can find here, on YouTube. The business of claim substantiation – our study shows Just about every cosmetics company has a study or studies they tout as being proof that their product(s) work. From this perspective there isn’t a product—from any l…
A perfect example of how “studies” can mislead in skin care in 2013

Dollar & A Dream

I’m on the hunt for a job..wait not just any job but a place where I can begin my career! I visited the FB page of an old high school friend last night. I’ve been inspired. She moved to New York to follow her dreams. I truly believe that she will make it.

Now I am inspired to reach for my dreams. I don’t want to settle. I’ve never been the one to do so. Once again I am going to step out of my comfort zone and take a risk. You only live once right! Years from now I dont want to be stuck wondering what if…First things first, re-review my resume and submit it to all of the Cosmetic/Beauty/Make-up Companies that I am dieing to work for.

I got a dollar and a dream….


Made In A Free World (MIAFW) is the organization behind Slavery Footprint.
This new campaign addresses slavery and child labor in India for the cosmetic industry.

Watch this video Then visit this page to learn more and donate

SIRCUIT® 101: Today's Topic . . . Fairy Dusting

What is fairy dusting? 

It is the misleading marketing practice of including only a very small amount of an active (or popular) ingredient in a skin care product. 

This practice is often used by some very large and prestigious cosmetic companies, and very seldom reported on in much depth. These companies spend millions in advertising and newspapers and magazines do not want to irritate the large advertisers. 

What they do is formulate just enough to claim that the product contains the ingredient, however, too little to cause any measurable or therapeutic benefit.

When an active ingredient – like any of our very specialized peptides or other technologies – are developed by laboratories to perform a specific action – for example to increase the formation of collagen in the skin, or to help with reducing wrinkles - the developing laboratory would specify what percentage of this ingredient must be included in the finished product in order for it to be effective. 

The reason why the lab specifies the exact percentage necessary is that the ingredient was developed and tested to be the most effective at that specific percentage. 

Unfortunately, what some cosmetic manufacturers do is to add the active ingredient to the formula, but include it at such low amounts that it will never perform as promised. It’s true that it is in the formula, but not at a level where it does much good.

The reason for this trickery – or more politely “fairy dusting” - is to still be able to use the substantiated claims, yet not spend the money on the right amount of that particular ingredient for the formula or specific purpose intended.

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The clothing and revolution created by feminist interventions let females know that our flesh was worthy oflove and adoration in its natural state; nothing had to be added unless a woman chose further adornment. Initially, capitalist investors in the cosmetic and fashion industry feared that feminism would destroy their business. They put their money behind mass-media campaigns which trivialized women’s liberation by portraying images which suggested feminists were big, hypermasculine, and just plain old ugly.
—  bell hooks, Feminism is for Everybody