cosmetic sugery

I’ve just bitten the bullet… is that the saying? and booked in my feminising rhinoplasty… nose job for February next year… only thing to sort out is money… lol

I know lots of people say this… but transitioning really is like a snow ball travelling down a hill… once you start you can’t stop and its gets quicker… I just need to remember I have others to think about.. so need to take them with me.

back to practice!

I'm doing a Research Paper! I would love your input!

Hi there!  I’m writing a research paper for my English 100 class on the effects of cosmetic surgeries and the reasons why people pursue them.  And I would really love your help.

If you have, plan to, or are thinking about having cosmetic surgery done, would you share your story with me?  Would you share your reasons and thoughts about cosmetic surgery with me?  You can find my ask box here

I understand that this is a touchy topic for a lot of people, and I definitely respect that, which is why if you do wish to share with me, I will keep it all anonymous unless you tell me otherwise.  My paper is about why people seek cosmetic surgery, so literally anything you can tell me will help!

Thank you for your time!  

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