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thegirlwithpurplelipstick  asked:

Ello. What are some good make-up discount sites with common/popular brands like MAC, UD, Nars, Benefit, Tarte etc.? Helllllllp please!

There are a few ways to save a bit when buying more high end makeup! :)

Glambot. A site i’ve talked about before and have made quite a few orders from! They sell and buy gently used high end brands so you can buy or ship them and sell your makeup on Glambot. They have a large MAC selection and many new products if you don’t like the concept of buying used makeup. Check out the site here.

All Cosmetics Wholesale. This site basically sells high end products that are faulty with the wrong lid or name something that makes them unable to sell in store. They also have some products that are perfectly fine! I find this site to be hit or miss because the pictures are slightly misleading but the discount is good! Check out the site here.

Cosmetic Company Outlet/Store. Cosmetic Company outlets are usually in outlet malls and sell all Estee Lauder Companies like Estee Lauder, MAC, Clinique, Bobbi Brown, Smashbox, etc. Check out the list of stores here to see if there are any nearby your area. 

Other tips to save money when buying makeup

  • Ebates. Ebates will give you back a percentage of your order when shopping through the site. So you find the store you want to shop at on Ebates, click the link to the store, and online shop as normal. Each store has a different cash back rate so you can get around 6% cash back on orders at Sephora or Ulta, over time this really adds up! Check out ebates here.
  • Waiting for Friends & Family sales. Brands and Sephora have a F&F sale once a year usually around 20% off which are good times to buy! 
  • Buying used/pre loved. Buying used comes in handy when you most likely won’t finish a whole blush or eyeshadow so used you can get it for a little cheaper and won’t worry about having too much left. You can buy preloved makeup on shopping apps like Poshmark and Depop which I have used to sell my used makeup for discounted.

I posted about this on my main blog but it’s beauty related so I’ll post it here too.

I got my eyebrows waxed for the first time today! I went to Ulta because they have the Benefit Brow Bars. It was a great first experience. The man, Bryan, who did my brows was really really nice. He was very knowledgeable and very friendly. He even showed me how to fill my brows in because they are pretty light naturally. At first I looked at them and thought they were too dark but the more I got used to them, the more I liked them. I got lots of compliments on them today too.

I’m very happy with my new brows, I no longer have caterpillars!

Tomorrow I’m thinking of heading down to my local outlet mall because they have a Cosmetics Company Outlet. I want to go see what they have to Mac and whether or not they have paint pots. I love mine, I want more!

After I make that purchase, I’m done with spending money on makeup for a while. I made an order from Sephora this afternoon which cost $46, even though I used a gift card for most of it. I spent $20 Mac yesterday. Just this trip to CCO and I’m done.

I just had to move into a large makeup bag because I was running out of room in my current one. My sister works at Target so she managed to score me three different Missoni makeup bags for christmas. She is awesome!