I love to imagine the Shards’ participation in the creation or discovery of ‘humanity’ on their worlds, because really, some of these local versions of humans are so far removed from Yolen’s original ‘humans’…


Devotion and Dominion: well, we’ve created nice, normal humans here for the most part, but what about the ones too packed with Investiture to stay that way?

Devotion and Dominion: … [look at each other]

Dominion: …aesthetic?

Devotion: aesthetic

Ruin: okay, good, we’ve pretty much replicated humans right (I think) with the addition of some cool new metal powers. we contributed equally. right? right. and I get to kill them all later

Preservation: [looks up from imbuing humans with some of his own self]

Preservation: ….yes.

Endowment: huh, there’s already people here? imma pick the ones I like and make them SUPER TALL and SMOKIN’ HOT

Honor: dear. dear, can we please try to make normal humans

Cultivation: NO NO NO okay look at this if we cross this strain with the natives then they get STONE FINGERNAILS. LITERAL STONE.

Honor: dear

Cultivation: and if we incorporate this version then instead of stone nails you get hair and skin that’s metallic gold HOW COOL IS THAT

Honor: honey


Honor: please

Cultivation: and they’re all gonna display hair colour inheritance by PERCENTAGE

Cultivation: and that’s not even getting to the Invested ones

Honor: …

Cultivation: now get over here and do your bit

Honor: …yes dear.


I’ve been meaning to upload these for… umm…. months now? Better late than never. I’m also way behind on uploading some Cosmere doodles, sigh. Anyway, I’ve got a few other animals I’m working on, but I like drawing birds the most. They’ve got a naturally sassy look. Every. Single. One.

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[No Spoilers] TIL that the people who live in Alethkar are supposed to look Asian • /r/Stormlight_Archive
In Sanderson's [most recent lecture]( (50:25 in) to his BYU Writing Class, he mentions that Alethkar natives...

Past the link, Brandon explains the appearances of all Roshar races! Explicitly said, not a single one would look white/caucasian to us (except perhaps the Shin).

  • Kaladin:What about our other recruit?
  • Rock:He’s raring to go. Had to put a little coffee in him but he should be good.
  • Renarin:Man, what time zone is this? – Captain Kaladin.
  • Kaladin:Renarin.
  • Renarin:It’s an honor. I’m shaking your hand too long. Wow, this is awesome. Kaladin Stormblessed!

character moodboards: Steris Harms

“In this case, it’s not that I’m boring, it’s more that … I’m off. I’ve learned to fake being normal, but lists of prepared comments and jokes can only take me so far. People can sense that I’m not being authentic—that I don’t like the things they like or think the way they do. Sometimes it amazes me that people like Wayne, or even those kandra, can be so startlingly human when I feel so alien.”

- Bands of Mourning, Brandon Sanderson