I’ve already made a post about it but I kind of wanted to make one as detailed about it as possible, again, there isn’t a lot of information but I felt like talking about it because I really like the idea of it and wanted to make one quick and done but more whole. Basically, I think this space baby’s role in the upcoming Sun and Moon entries is super important. I believe Cosmog is going the route of Rockruff, by that I mean Cosmog is going to either evolve into a Cosmog2 that becomes Lunala or Solgaleo or will just evolve into one of the sun and moon mascots on its own.

We already know that Cosmog is the thing Lillie hides in her bag from the Japanese trailer’s dialogue and screenshots, we don’t know about Lillie herself and she’s still an enigma as a character. Is she truly an Ultra Beast? Is she simply a regular girl whom an Ultra Beast has “synchronized” with? Is she connected to Lusamine or the Aether Federation? What role will she play, she’s still a complete mystery but something we do know for certain is she does have Cosmog in her bag. In the anime Lillie is said to be extremely knowledgeable about Pokemon but unable to “touch” them. This manifest itself as her freaking out when Mallow’s Bounsweet gets a little too close. This is easily a cue that could have been taken from Lillie’s game incarnation who is said to not be very fond of making Pokemon fight in battles and who keeps the little rare Pokemon inside her bag, possibly as a way of not making contact with it but keeping up with it?

What I think will happen is Lillie separates from Cosmog for some reason, possibly for its own safety as Lusamine is heavily speculated to be the true antagonist of these upcoming installments over the much more goofy and obvious Team Skull Leader, Guzma. Lusamine is on the “hunt” for character who are or have some connection to these Ultra Beast like Lillie. Lillie took Cosmog and ran away from her for the safety of this creature. We already have seen Type: Null, who seems to be a living science project under Gladion care, a walking and true blue attempt to create a Pokemon that could challenge those in spoken in the same breath as legends. Obviously this Pokemon mainly takes inspiration from Arceus, its next stage’s ability is “RKS System” which are the three syllables for Arceus’s English name’s pronunciation, meanwhile, the Japanese version simply calls this ability “AR System.”

If that wasn’t enough fuel various translation in other languages like French and German dubbed the ability, “Alpha System.” Arceus is known as the “Alpha Pokemon” in most localizations. This ability is more or less a reskin of Arceus’s ability, “Multitype” which allows it to become any of the eighteen types of Pokemon by holding onto ancient plates. The difference here is Silvally holds onto items know as “Memory” to cause this change in typing. Type: Null exist as a chimera made by the hands of the Aether Federation that is Gladion’s ace and later on become Silvally through finding someone who it trust.

We don’t know how many Silvally or Type: Null exist, there could easily be an army of these things but we do know the intentions of Lusamine’s gang was to make a Pokemon that could oppose those in mythology. Ultra Beasts themselves are also said to possibly pose a threat to humans and Pokemon alike so they are feared. We also know they appear and start attacking the Alola Region. The stigmatization of UBs makes it obvious that they possibly could have taken on the forms of humans like Lillie to not arose suspicion. Lusamine has founded her own association to research rare Pokemon and the like. Lusamine’s goal among her group of powerful chimera Pokemon and UBs is to -kill- Lunala or Solgaleo or oppose one for reasons. This is where the Nebula Pokemon comes into play. 

There’s one loose thread, Cosmog, depending on the version Lusamine will not try to capture that version’s box legend for her own gain but will succeed in overthrowing it. She simply doesn’t count on Alola having two deity gods that stand for the sun&moon. In a clinch situation I think Cosmog will end up evolving into either Lunala or Solgaleo by bathing itself in the moonlight or sunshine of Alola and appearing as a “protector” who has the strength and power to fend off Ultra Beasts. We already know from Alola Forms like Exeggutor that Alola’s sun is special, influencing Exeggutor in such a way it managed to grow extremely long. Rockruff-Lycanroc also see a very distinct change by absorbing the solar energy / lunar energy of Alola that’s influenced by the legendary duo of the region. I don’t think it’s outside of the realm of belief that Cosmog’s lore is similar to the WereRuffs’ change.

Cosmog are dubbed by the title of “the child of the stars” and are super rare, at one point only being known to Alolan royalty and heirs. Cosmog is the “Nebula” Pokemon, in astronomy stars are born from nebula. Nebula are the “baby” stage of a star. The sun is a star, also some material doesn’t become apart of the star always, instead the dust becomes planets or comets or a moon. Given Cosmog were only known to the kings of Alola at on epoint I think it’s safe to say that heir Cosmog growing up to be the new emissary of the sun and moon over Alola has always been a possible tradition that’s been kept on the down low. It sticks out as the only other Pokemon besides Lunala and Solgaleo with a formal title and fanfare. Lunala has been honored as an emissary of the moon. It is referred to with reverence as “the beast that calls the moon.” Solgaleo has been honored as an emissary of the sun. It is referred to with reverence as “the beast that devours the sun.” Cosmog also shares a type in Psychic with both of the lunar Pokemon who have it in addition to Steel (Solgaleo) and Ghost (Lunala). I feel like usage of Pokemon Refresh will also play some role in this future evolution.  

We don’t know everything yet but Cosmog’s role in the story and care under us doesn’t seem coincidental nor does it just seem like a regular Pokemon. Sun&Moon are really changing up the formula of Pokemon games and conventions, this really does make me think we have our first evolving legendary on our hands. This baby is destined to take on the role the future emissary of the sun or moon for Alola and it’s our job to protect and raise it once Lillie separates from it. Something common in Sun&Moon descriptions is personality change upon evolution through trust with its trainer. Torracat goes on about how it’s more open and fierce compared to Litten who shows no emotion on the surface, Brionne goes on about how it’s able to open its heart to a trainer it trust, Dartrix is said to become snobby and vain and in-need of a trainer to help it overcome this.

Type: Null discards its headgear to become a more stronger Silvally with a trusting trainer, Rockruff’s determined and brave self turns into contempt, rebelliousness and an innate enjoyment for conflict and battle with the moon while the sun causes it to become 100% loyal, obedient and compliant. The behavior of that Rockruff toward its trainer specifically was stated to change in some way depending on what Lycanroc the trainer got. Cosmog’s is said to not fear people nor Pokemon despite its small size and will grow to love a considerate and accommodating person but this naivety will lead it to trouble at times. Under the care of the protagonist Cosmog will mature past an unaware and immature pure-hearted Pokemon to a knowledgeable, strong and beautiful soul worthy of Alola’s honor.