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Hi there ! Love your blog :) I was wondering how you thought the writers were gonna end cophine and their story and Delphine's story? And also I noticed in the trailer when the two guys are hassling cosima that scene hasn't happened yet? Thoughts? Thanks :) love your inputs

hello there friend and welcome to the sweet ob mess that my blog has become these past weeks lol! :)

i don’t know if you’re spoiler free or not cause my predictions are based on the 60 sec teaser the ob marketing team gave us about a month ago

if you don’t want to spoil yourself i would suggest you to not read the following and ignore this post..if you ‘re a curious bird like me though….well join me ;)


  • Cophine’s Ending

i believe cophine’s interpersonal angst ended in episode 5. My own estimation is that we’re not gonna see these girls fighting anymore or having any miscommunication problems. The writing team is gonna use the separating method (unoriginal i know, but 100 times better than a death sentence) as a way to resolve the EBro busy scheduling problems. I don’t think we’re gonna see Delphine in ep6. I don’t even know if she’ll be in the Rachel episode as well (ep7). I believe i read somewhere that ep 8 is gonna have some cophine moments but i don’t know if there’s an official source in regards to that.

Sadly we have to come in terms that Delphine’s story is something we’re going to explore only in fic-land.It’s really such a shame that we know nothing about her but ob writing team rarely shifts their attention to secondary characters..especially now that they’re trying to wrap up the series finale.

as long as the final episode…i’m 99% positive cophine is gonna be endgame.

This is the final cap of them from the 60sec teaser.

bright colors , happy smiles and perhaps a new working place for them. There’s no way this is a dreamy sequence.No fucking way after everything they’ve been through.They killed Delphine once.They made Cosima sick for 4 seasons.These girls deserve a happy ending. Otherwise there won’t be catharsis, everything will be unjustified aka lame writing

  • Cosima’s escape

I think you mean this cap right?

it looks like Cosima is trying to get away and these dudes come at her.It’s probably after the cage.Also from the looks of it Cos is carrying something that the dudes want (her laptop/gene mutation research related) I think Charlotte is with her as well and they’re going to the boat house.

another cap from the 60 sec teaser

Cosima with her bffs.Probably Scott and the other dude helped her come home safe as well.Fingers crossed Charlotte is fine and with them.

No but this scene is not just a random coincidence. Cosima is a wearing traditional Eastern European clothes. To someone who grew up like Helena this is the height of beauty and elegance. Helena would have looked up to girls wearing these clothes the same way girls look up to supermodels and movie stars in our modern world. So this means a A LOT because despite the fact that Helena met a half dead and very sick Cosima to Helena she is still the most beautiful of her sisters


Orphan Black S05E05 - Ease for Idle Millionaires

“This organism and derivative genetic material is restricted intellectual property.”

Delphine: You can’t let them win.
Cosima: I’m intellectual property, Delphine.
Delphine: This… None of this matters.
Cosima: They made me SICK!
Delphine: Then, we’ll find a cure. Okay?

12 Cophine High School AUs - Fic Recs

I feel a special connection to these high school AUs, because as with most other LGBT ladies, this is when shit started to get real. These inspire a sense of nostalgia, whimsy, and perhaps some fantasy scenarios that never played out in my own life, and that’s OK because they are so much better framed by my OTP.

We Are Golden by @mveloc
Every chapter in this story is its own little (smutty) one-shot. Re-experience (or experience for the first time) all those things you would have only gotten away or considered doing in high school. Cosima as the French foil to Cosima’s teenage stonerdom is really perfectly fleshed out in this ongoing series of Cophine high school fanatasia.

Love Like Fools by assassinslover
OK so Cosima and Delphine’s parents get married, but not before these two have spotted each other in a museum in Paris. The Cophine longing mixed with the very difficult scenario mixed with Cosima’s bitter rebellion are just so well-written and… you will really enjoy this fic. 

Practice Makes Perfect by @obfrankenfics
I have a special fondness for fics where Delphine is silently burning. This fic begins with a practice kiss to prepare Cosima for her upcoming date with Shay, and it just gets better from there. Either chapters of satisfaction.

She Brings Me The Music by seaunicorn
Delphine is a piano prodigy, Cosima is the older sister of a violin prodigy… it’s a recipe for love. Cosima helps Delphine break through her parents’ rigid expectations to discover her own voice as a musician. They obviously fall in love in the process because how could they not? Cosima sneaking into Delphine’s room through the window (or vice versa) will never get old to me.

Girl Meets Girl by @sapphicscience
Cosima’s in a band, and Delphine… well Delphine is the French exchange student that has set her heart a-flutter. Floofy fic, so floofy and good, in which Cophine do all those things you do with your high school gf. 

The Thorn That Hurts The Most by Tanagariel
Not a high school AU in the traditional sense - in this one, Cosima is attracted to her teacher, who happens to be Delphine. Through many ups and downs, this fic explores age-defying attraction and its repercussions, carrying the story forward into the sequel, “Falling Petals, Budding Love”. 

New Country. New You. by Robeerno
I think this fic has been stalled for a while but I love it. Nerdy Delphine wants popular Cosima, and if it takes a little Delphine/Beth to get there… hey. I’m all for it. 

Riptide by @saint11icarus
Do you like a little bit of a heavier blend of SoccerCop with your Cophine? Then this is the fic for you - a surfing AU that combines the beach with your favourite couple. I went surfing for the first time this summer in Tofino and now I am extra jazzed about this fic. 

The First Rule of Film Club by @trylonandperisphere
Do you remember the first Cophine fic you read by trylonandperisphere? I do… it was this one. Light and funny and everything you wanted in a scenario where Cophine would be watching a lesbian movie together. It’s made better by the fact that the other clones are there.

Stick to the Science by @puppydragons
Cosima tries out for the football team and this is all kinds of cute. 

and i like you by roseisreturning
Written in the second person in tiny increments, the structure of this fic is a cool departure from standard prose and still manages to tell an adorable Cophine story featuring a sick Cosima and her cute cute cute relationship dance with Delphine. Seriously, it’s adorable.

Unusual Tutelage by @wrappedupinabook
A lovely little scene in which Cosima gets some tutoring from Delphine, and Delphine gets tutored in return. Fluffy, cute… everything you wish happened to you in high school. 


Note: I try my best to connect AO3 usernames with tumblr handles… let me know if I missed you!


Can we talk about Cosima early in the episode? I just how subtle Tatiana was with Cosima’s physicality, because look at her!

Her shoulders are visibly shaking from the effort of even keeping herself upright while sat on the bed. Just holding herself up. It looked so real, the muscle weakness and fragility that catches up to her later when Scott has to hold her up. Even her head and neck tremor as if she can’t hold her head up easily. Just…

There are so many great scenes in this episode, but the quiet little things Tat did to get across how sick Cosima is kind of blew me away.

Ok, everyone back in the ballpit, hurry!

Stalker Delphine? Nah.

Okay, guys. I have a lot of feelings on Delphine this episode. Specifically I have a lot of feelings regarding those photos. From what I’ve seen, it seems that most of us understood from that scene that Delphine is the one behind them because she’s a crazy-obsessive-stalker-ex-girlfriend (or perhaps because she still loves Cosima and wants to continue to check up on her even when she’s away, depending on how you want to look at it).

However, that’s not quite the way I understood it.

First of all, Delphine has been in Frankfurt this whole time. Unless that is a lie, it is highly unlikely (and probably impossible) that she took those photos herself. It is much more likely that someone else at DYAD/Topside followed Cosima to take the photos and then turned them in to Delphine.

Second of all, Delphine is still - on some level - Cosima’s monitor. It makes perfect sense that she would have delegated her duties to someone else and had them keep tabs on Cosima while she was away, and it makes perfect sense that she would check up on the results. Also, Delphine is still a doctor, and she is still invested - in more ways than one - in finding a cure for this clone disease. Cosima still is a sick clone, and it makes sense that DYAD/Topside might monitor her more closely than the other ostensibly healthy clones.

In other words, Delphine is just doing her mother effing job

Essentially, “stalking” Cosima has always been her job. And yes, that is creepy and it is strange as all hell, but it has always been the situation. This is not some new development that has occurred as a result of Cosima dating Shay. This is not an obsessive ex-girlfriend keeping tabs on her ex-lover. This is not a thing born of jealousy; it is a thing complicated by jealousy. This is a woman continuing to perform the duties required of her, even though it’s tearing her apart. This is Delphine protecting Cosima in the best way she knows how, and dealing with consequences that perhaps she did not foresee.

It’s not meant to be romantic or cute or anything along those lines. It’s not meant to paint Delphine as the “crazy ex,” or to show us the lengths to which she will go to stalk Cosima. It’s meant to be fucking heartbreaking, and it is.

Now please excuse me while I go drown myself in Scotch with Evelyne Brochu.


au: sarah receives an unexpected video from beth [insp.] [1/3]

  • Person: why are you crying?
  • Me: Krystal Goderich was a precious innocent baby and they fucked with her, Paul is dead, Cophine is fighting again, I'm probably never going to get my Rudy/Helena brotp, Sarah Manning isn't with her daughter, Elizabeth Childs is dead, we haven't seen Tony Sawicki in an entire season, Rachel Duncan is gone and she's the only one with the key, Angie DeAngelis isn't around, we've only had Luisa in one episode, Cosima is sick, Gracie lost her baby, Coady is still alive, we don't know if Charlotte is okay, Cosima made it sound like Beth's death meant nothing, which it did because she's not actually dead, she's just faking it, Coady has the Island of Dr. Moreau book, Jennifer Fitzsimmons is dead, Delphine and Cosima don't look at each other the way that they used to, Mrs. S hasn't met Tony, Alison hasn't met Tony, Kira hasn't met Tony, Cosima hasn't met Tony
  • Me: So take your pick.

Things I want for season 3 of orphan black

  • Delphine coming back from Germany
  • A really gay reuniting cophine scene
  • Delphine being accepted by Sarah
  • Delphine gaining sarah’s trust
  • Sarah defending Delphine
  • Delphine being welcomed into Clone Club
  • Delphine being recognized for trying to help Clone Club
  • Delphine not worrying about trying to prove herself
  • Delphine helping Cosima solve the sequence
  • Delphine nursing Cosima back to health
  • Delphine helping Sarah with science stuff since Cosima is sick
  • Delphine and Cosima having a cute date that doesn’t have to do with clones or science or tension just them being happy and fluffy and on a little geek spiral together
  • Delphine! and! Kira! getting! along!
  • Delphine, Cosima, and Kira science lessons 
  • Delphine and Felix getting along and bonding
  • oh god Delphine and Felix would make such a good friendship
  • They could like gossip about how crazy the clone club is and how nothing make sense anymore
  • side character brunch and all of them being like “does anyone have a fuckin clue whats going on”
  • a r t  a n d  d e l p h i n e
  • Sarah trusting Delphine
  • I know its already on there but I want it
  • Delphine and Sarah coming to an understanding of one another
  • Sarah like letting Delphine in on things and asking for her help and trusting her not to betray them
  • Delphine doesn’t betray Sarah!
  • Delphine becomes a triple agent and helps Sarah get revenge on Rachel
  • Delphine burns DYAD to the ground and walks away from the explosion in leather pants
  • Delphine becomes the leader of everything
  • Project Castor ends