cosima's tattoo

Tatiana Maslany has;

• Pushed herself so far she has actually experienced extreme exhaustion during filming
• Has embodied her characters in everyday life to make sure she got them absolutely perfect
• Has literally bled for her character and her performance
• Has trained herself to execute half a dozen different accents
• Can play up to 3 different characters a day
• Can play opposite herself using her own audio cues
• Can effortlessly jump between roles and often plays roles playing roles
• Has proactively engaged in the development of her characters; for example, designing tattoos for Cosima and suggesting scarification for Helena
• Works on average, four/five months straight (and unimaginable hours) with a recorded ONE day off during season 1
• Insisted on embodying a transgender clone with only the utmost respect for the community when it came to her physical appearance and moral projection; actually engaging actively with that community, listening to stories and asking advice in order to make her performance as politically correct as possible
• Has to date, personified over a dozen individual characters
• Has improvised many of her scenes based off of what she’d imagine the character she was playing at the time would have said, believed, felt
• And has actively studied for her roles in order to make her performance as authentic as possible…


Awards aren’t everything but they’re something and when you have as much talent, passion and dedication as Tatiana Maslany…you deserve a bloody award here and there!

Lunch for June 2, 2016

After last week’s episode, I’ve been thinking a lot about Cosima. I’ve also been itching to try more of the watercolor-like technique I tried with the water hand last week. The natural result was this piece, inspired by Cosima’s tattoo.

The nautilus shell was created using food coloring and rice paper. It’s placed on a background of egg white which is itself set atop some store-bought California rolls.

The other layer is a simple side of grapes and spinach salad.

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I’ve wanted Cosima’s Golden Ratio tattoo on my wrist area honestly since I was like 16, mostly because it’s linked to one of my favorite songs (Lateralus by TOOL which lowkey changed my childhood and was how I learned about Fibonacci) but also because of the mathematical significance and also bc I’m gay for math & science.

Now I kind of also want “i am the master of my fate, i am the captain of my soul” somewhere on my torso because it’s such a powerful/meaningful verse to me like……. lowkey initially thought I’d want it somewhere I could see it easily but also it’s very personal so I feel like somewhere hidden might feel more appropriate for me???

Anyway idk why I’m posting about this here but👀 w/e I just wanted to voice this

“Look. So this spiral, this is the golden ratio and it’s a mathematical pattern that just repeats itself in nature… in flower petals and honey bees and, you know, the stars in the galaxy and.. and in every molecule of our DNA.”