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My otps looking hella fine
Why must the writers kill off my couples or seperate them from each other
I’m still not over Lexa scratch that I’ll never be over Lexa

National Girlfriend Day

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I have to let you guys know that in those moments where couples go to like the beach or the Grand Canyon or some shit and one of them is looking out admiring the view breathlessly and says, “isn’t this beautiful??” and the other is looking at their partner and agrees with them without even looking at the sunset or whatever may be cliche af but I am WEAK for that shit like


The strength to take someone’s hand & look into their eyes, hoping they’ll read your body, feeling the rhythm of a love song they are dancing to. The moment she didn’t pull her hand away/freak out is the moment to take a step and place your lip onto hers. Take a chance. Love is a free falling experience. Hold on and ride.
LGBTQ+ Representation in Television and Film
Hi I'm doing a survey on the representation of the LGBTQ+ community in Television and Film for my research project. I would appreciate if you answered all of these questions, however if you do not feel comfortable answering them, you can leave it blank. Thank you.

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So apparently,

-Orphan Black’s Sarah is bisexual

-Orphan Black’s lesbian character in a cute, cute relationship Delphine is alive after getting shot (actually shocking)

-Sameen Shaw from Person of Interest is alive after getting shot

-Waverly Earp from Wynona Earp just became very bisexual and in a good way

This is a good time to be alive

(although who knows how long we’ll all actually be alive)

cosima-is-bae  asked:

Shoot and the beach

They take a train out to Montauk: there is a number they’ve been following for the past week, who, after some good old fashioned recon, finally winds up at the receiving end of Root’s pistol. Lucky for them, he has a beach a house – and a nice one at that - and they end up crashing for the night rather than making the trek back into the city.

In the morning, Root finds tea in the cupboard and brings two cups out onto the porch where Shaw is sitting. It’s late October, and cold, so she wraps herself in a blanket and curls her legs up when she sits beside Sameen. She shivers a little and Shaw moves to wrap herself up in the blanket as well, presses warmly up beside Root.

The waves are loud and the beach is in a cloudy haze, all dark ocean and grey mist. She thinks it’s done something to her mood, probably, because she’s got this urge to keep everything silent and still. She looks at Sameen, who’s just the picture of that, really, as she stares out at the beach in front of them, and Root’s struck with the urge to lock this moment up inside of a painting, to keep it away from all outside noise and chaos.

“Okay?” says Shaw easily.

“Mm,” says Root, her head on Shaw’s shoulder, “let’s not go home right away,” she says, her hands warmed by her cup of tea, and she lets herself be soothed by the steadiness of Shaw’s breathing, “let’s stay here a bit longer.”  

National “Stop killing Lesbians Characters” day

Lets make it trended, so people will know we won’t let this happen to more characters. 

in memory of…

LEXA (The 100)

DELPHINE (Orphan Black)

TARA (Buffy)

SHAW (Person on interest)

NAOMI (Skins uk)

DANA  (The L word)