cosima is the most attractive clone

"My sexuality is not the most interesting thing about me"

‘I have never thought about bisexuality for myself. As a scientist I know that sexuality exists on a spectrum. But, societal biases… They codified attraction. It’s contrary to biological facts’
-Delphine on Orphan black

Probably my favorite sentence grouping on series ever!

AskOB - Delphine superpost

For John & Graeme:

1. Where did Delphine live while working at Dyad?

2. Did Cosima ever visit Delphine at wherever she lived?

3. Did Cosima have an apartment?

4. What is Delphine’s backstory? 

5. Does Delphine have friends, people who look out for her?

6. Why after working with Delphine to foil Rachel/Ferdinand’s plans at the beginning of the season was Sarah so distrustful of Delphine regarding the Island of Dr. Moreau code? 

7. Why did Delphine choose to break up with Cosima at all instead of taking the relationship underground?

8. How long was Delphine in Frankfurt?

9. Why did Cosima think it was wise to drag Shay into Dyad? What was the thinking there?

10. Did Cosima ever find out about the nature of Delphine’s relationship with Aldous?

11. How old is Delphine?

12. Who invited Delphine to the dinner at Bubbles?

13. What were Delphine’s motivations to even work at Dyad? Does she have questionable morals, or was she just a curious scientist in over her head?

14. How did Delphine picture her future with Cosima? Did she think they would one day escape Dyad and live happily ever after?

15. Is Delphine’s story more crucial than ever now with the introduction of Neolution technology such as the worm - essentially a direct representation of a host-parasite relationship?

16. Did you expect the fan reaction to Delphine’s arc in season 3?

17. Did you expect the fan reaction to Delphine, period?

18. How long did it take Delphine to fall for Cosima?

19. What were Delphine’s motivations in 1x08? Was she purely trying to extract information from Cosima, or had she by that point decided to use Leekie’s orders as an excuse to pursue her own feelings for Cosima?

20. Did Delphine and Cosima ever go a-jogging together?

21. What hobbies does Delphine have? Does she like to paint? Play piano? Read French or Russian literature?

22. Does Delphine have family back in France? Family that she is in contact with, or who care about her whereabouts? 

23. Did Delphine ever suspect Nealon, considering he was the doctor that was assigned in her place to treat Cosima?

24. Are there surveillance cameras in the Dyad labs?

25. Is Delphine under surveillance? Is her home or car bugged? 

26. If Delphine enjoys lovers, did she have lovers in season 3?

27. Can you reflect on Delphine’s power & paranoia spiral in season 3? What was going on in her head?

28. Why didn’t Delphine check out and move to Turks & Caicos to chill after how ungrateful all the clones were?

29. Like, why DID she keep protecting them? She loves Cosima, yes, but - everyone has a limit, right?

30. Why did both Paul and Delphine follow the same arc of loving their assigned (”assigned”) clone and then dying to protect them? What is it about clones are so attractive to these two?

31. Did Delphine actually think having Cosima dissect Jennifer with her wouldn’t cause some kind of mental turmoil in Cosima? 

32. What does Cosima love most about Delphine?

33. What does Delphine love most about Cosima?

34. Does Cosima represent something that is missing from Delphine’s life?

35. Where did Delphine take Cosima on dates?

36. Describe Delphine’s relationship with Marion Bowles?

37. What is Delphine’s educational history? She has a doctorate in immunology and she is also a medical doctor - what did it take for her to achieve this?

38. What are Delphine’s guilty pleasures?

39. Has Delphine ever fired a gun before season 3?

40. Is Cophine still endgame?

41. Did Delphine and Cosima stop speaking after the scene in 3x01? 

42. If Cosima had dropped the bomb about her near-death experience in 3x01, would that have drastically changed Cophine’s arc in season 3?

43. Have you ever read a Cophine fanfiction? A Delphine one?

44. What do you think of fans’ interpretations or speculation about Delphine’s backstory? Does fan speculation inspire any of your writing choices?

45. What are other characters’ opinions of Cophine? Is there anyone who is rooting for this relationship? 

46. Does Cosima have parents?

47. Do Cosima’s parents know anything about her relationship with Delphine? Were Cophine open with their relationship outside of Dyad and clone club?

48. Why was Delphine the only person aware of how much of a threat Rachel was? Even after Rachel stole Kira, tried to implement Hellsinki-part-2, condemned Cosima to death by smashing Kira’s bone marrow, and tried to force Sarah to have an oophorectomy? 

49. Hasn’t Delphine proven herself to all of the characters in terms of her investment in the clones’ lives? Why does everyone still hate her?

50. How did Delphine keep her morale up in season 3? What did she do or say or focus on to convince herself to keep playing the game?

For Jordan:

1. How does Felix see Delphine?

2. Did Felix and Cosima ever have conversations about Delphine? What did they talk about? 

For Tatiana:

1. Is Dephine the love of Cosima’s life? Does a concept like that exist for someone like Cosima?

2. Is Cosima the love of Delphine’s life?

3. What does domesticity look like for Cosima and Delphine? What did they do when they hung out together?

4. Do you think Cosima was unfair to shut Delphine out every time she did something that upset her? For a character that values communication and openness, was there a blind spot or an unreasonable standard placed on Delphine? 

5. Did Cosima ever really trust Delphine?

6. What did Cosima want from her relationship with Delphine? How did she envision their future?

7. When Cosima heard Delphine say “i’m keeping my promise to love all of you equally”, did she think to herself, “that’s not what I meant”?

8. How much does Cosima know about Delphine’s life? 

9. Have you ever read Cophine fanfiction?

10. What TV series would Cosima and Delphine watch together on Netflix?