Delphine & Cosima | I'll Be Good
CONTAINS SPOILERS FROM 3x10!! Just a little video I put together while mourning, hope you enjoy and let me know your thoughts!

So I made this little video while I was mourning the season 3 finale. Give it a look if you want and tell me what you think! Also does anyone know how to upload to youtube without getting blocked for copyright?

7 Days of Who, Day three: What’s your ideal DW Crossover? The Musketeers? Sherlock? Why?

I would love it if BBC’s Doctor Who did a crossover with BBC America’s Orphan Black. I mean, let’s take a look at this:

-Cosima traveling with the Doctor

-Alison fighting off Zygons

-Sarah negotiating with Torchwood

-Helena pretending to be a Zygon pretending to be Alison pretending to be Cosima

-Art dealing with everyone’s nonsense

-Felix finding the TARDIS wardrobe

-Siobhan’s shady connections reaching to the farthest parts of space

-Krystal saying “it’s, like, bigger on the inside?!”

-Mark and Gracie staring at a Weeping Angel

-Rachel upgraded as a Cyberman

-Donnie accidentally setting off the chameleon circuit

-Scott knowing this is a crossover and being a total nerd about it