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Re-did my old Deemo print thats gonna go for sale at Cosfest X'mas this weekend! FUN FACT: the music sheets inside are actual music sheets from deemo. Theres Wings of Piano, Utopiosphere, Yubikiri Genman, Saika, Evolution Era, Reflection Mirror Night and more in there~

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hii! can i request rfa+v reactions to mc who really loves watching anime( such as gintama, aot, death note etc) and jdramas 🙏🏻 tysm 🌸🌸

tbh I haven’t watched anime for a long time (with the exception of YOI), so I’m going to use the animes that I used to watch. hope you’re okay with that!

and I’m sorry I’m not going to add j-dramas because I’ve never watched one before 😅

long post ahead! enjoy!

- you’re the biggest Yuri On Ice!!! fan ever because you really enjoy ice skating
- and every time there’s a new episode, you will drag him to watch with you
- he doesn’t really like it but since you love it so much, he just sticks with you and then finds himself totally engaged in it
- when the series ended you’re literally crying rivers of tears
- so Zen decides to do something for you and because of this, he hasn’t been home lately and comes up with the excuse that he’s busy practicing
- after 2 weeks, he’s finally ready to show you what he’s been doing
- so he brings you out on a date
- and nearing the end of the date, he brings you to ice skating rink
- then the both of you change into your outfits
- since Zen’s taking quite a long time to change, you decide to wait for him to enter the rink together so you sit on one of the front row seats
- suddenly the lights go out, but then it comes back on a few seconds later
- and Zen’s suddenly in the middle of the rink with a sparkly black outfit
- the music plays and you realise it’s ‘In Regards To Love: Eros’
- you couldn’t help but stand up and watch him perform the entire program in awe
- he’s just so flawless
- and at this point you don’t even know which is better: Yuri or Zen (but of course it’s Zen, I mean come on he’s hot)
- if Yuri On Ice!!! ever gets a live action programme, you will definitely want Zen in it

- he doesn’t even know what anime is
- but he knows you really love this anime called ‘Black Butler’ because you’ve been spazzing over the butler Sebastian
- he doesn’t understand why you like a demon butler so much when he has tons of butlers at his penthouse
- and because you like Sebastian’s suit so much, you’ve decided to make one yourself
- Jumin’s fascinated with the style as well so he’s looking forward to your piece
- when you finally finished it, you made Jumin where it and suddenly he’s like 10000x sexier
- Jumin thinks he looks better too and since he loves the suit so much, he keeps it in his closet and he makes sure he will not wear it because he doesn’t want to damage it
- but one day, he accidentally wears it to work because he’s in a rush
- Jaehee couldn’t even recognise it was Mr. Han

- you have never ever missed a single episode of Fairy Tail
- you absolutely love the Dragon Slayer magic and you think Natsu’s a really awesome character
- and Yoosung knows how much really love Fairy Tail so he plans to go to a cosfest with you
- and he prepares the outfits for the both of you
- and tada!! it’s the default outfits of Lucy and Natsu
- the both of you look so adorable as a pair!!
- Yoosung has literally no idea how to act as Natsu because all he has only cosplayed his LOLLOL characters before
- but luckily he has been watching some episodes and researched on the Internet to know fairly what Natsu says
- and that’s honestly the most fun you had at an event

- what is this Death Note that you really like to watch?
- you explain the premise of the show and she suddenly screams
- because Zen has acted in the musical ‘Hell Note’ and he played ‘K’
- she’s really interested to watch
- so you play episode 1 and the both of you watch together
- and it doesn’t even take long for Jaehee to be hooked on the show
- it’s a different storyline then Zen’s musical and she thinks Death Note is way better (but she’ll never say that out loud)
- for you, it’s a tv marathon all over again but you don’t mind because it’s so fun watching with Jaehee
- she will bring out tons of bags of chips to watch the episodes with you
- and she even acted out the part when Light ate the potato chip
- you think maybe Jaehee is an even bigger fan than you are
- Jaehee admits that if the Death Note was real, she will definitely use it
- and you know she’s talking about her co-workers (and possibly Mr. Han)

- needless to say, both you and Seven are huge Naruto fans
- so whenever Naruto is on, the both of you run Naruto-style to the couch to watch
- and whenever Naruto screams “Sasuke” and vice-versa, the both of you would do it too
- the both of you memorised the hand gestures for the various jutsus, especially the Fire Ball jutsu
- whenever you guys are in the chatroom, all kinds of Naruto references are thrown into it and the other members have absolutely no idea what the hell you guys are talking about
- Yoosung sometimes gets it and will join in as well
- Jaehee is so done with the both of you

- you really enjoy watching both Fullmetal Alchemist and Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
- you think alchemy is pretty cool and you really like Kimblee’s crimson-styled alchemy
- V doesn’t really watch anime but this is an exceptionally good one
- he likes the concept and how they portrayed the seven deadly sins as homunculus
- he personally relates to Edward because they would sacrifice anything to save their loved ones
- he enjoys watching the movies too and he thinks the ending for FMA Brotherhood is much more satisfying than FMA, which you agree
- at this point, you’re sure V knows way more things than you do about the anime series
- and honestly he’s so adorable when he’s focused on watching the shows

Cosfest SG 2015

Hi guys! This Saturday and Sunday (11 & 12 July) is Cosfest Singapore 2015 and I’ll be there! So for those of you in Singapore please come!!

lusethxii and soumeki are boothing (Booth 4) (I’ll probably be hanging out there), and so are akai-piero and ailythederps (Booth 24)! 

All of them are going to sell lots of pretty merchandise, so please come by to support them! ❤(◕‿◕✿)

Please please please come and look for me, I’ll give you a free sticker like one of those below:

(They’re not much, but hey, freebies!) If you spot me, just tell me you’re from tumblr and I’ll give you one.  (・ิω・ิ)

I’ll be cosplaying as Haise on Saturday and will probably be wearing black on Sunday (to be confirmed) so yes, come by and we can chat or take photos and stuff! :>