Flowers, flowers, flowers! - tutorial

For the anon who asked me how I make the flowers for my upcoming Doll cosplay, here is how!

This is super time consuming and probably the stupidest way I could go at making these, but hey it works and I’m liking the outcome, so it’ll have to take time.

I start with cutting out a ton of circles. I use a polyester lining fabric which got some stiffness(??) to it. It’s a bit thicker at least, and the edges are possible to melt over a candle to fray check them - as well as adding a bit of a petal-curl to them.

Easiest way to cut out a lot of circles is folding the fabric and using a good pair of scissors - I cut out around 25-30/time that way. Don’t have to be perfect circles after all.

- I heat the edges over a candle to create a bit of a curl as well as stopping the edges from fraying, and then I pretty much just start assembling the petals in layers using a hot glue gun.

I do 7 + 5 + 5 + 3 of “big” petals (total 20)
and then 4 small as well as 1 more crumbled up as a middle piece.

I’m pretty terrible at explaining, but I hope that it makes some sense.

The technique itself is really easy, but again, it is super time consuming and I bet there are other great ways of doing this. 

Less petals means less volume on the flower, but it also depends a bit on your fabric choice.

skeppsbrott asked:

Heya, mind if I ask how you worked with the colours of your Jadesprite? It's very well balanced, and I'm looking to do something similar and have it look "real" rather than awkwardly costume-y which is so easy to mess up. The question is a bit oddly phrased, but I hope you get what I mean haha.

No problem! :) first, you’ll want to gather all the reference images you can find!! I was lucky with Jadesprite because there were plenty of color references on hand of her character.

Once you do that, sketch out how you want your cosplay to look! When you get that done, get that into your computer and open it up on photoshop or some other image editing software. As long as its got an eyedropper tool, you’ll be good (so even MS Paint will work)

This first time I did this, my friend patty helped me choose out the colors since we were trying to coordinate my jadesprite with her davesprite. What we did was eyedrop the colors from the image sources we had, and apply them onto my design.

As you can see, Jade’s colors change a lot from image to image, and that’s because of color theory and how colors react to different forms of lighting. In the Cascade flash, Jade’s colors are a lot more yellow toned than her basic green and white sprite in the comic, and this is because there are meteors exploding onto the battlefield, and everything is on fire. 

A sprite’s color is the chat color of their alpha/beta/counterpart/guardian/son/daughter/brother/whatever. Jadesprite’s main color was Jake’s dark green text color, so her wig and any other accents I did were variations of or in his pesterchum color. And although we eyedropped Jade’s sprite color from the flash, later I ended up reworking both the design and the color into a more minty green that looked better next to the forest green. Remember. Color theory. Everything was on fire during the flash, making everything look more yellow than it actually was.

An important thing to consider when trying to balance the colors in your design is that you should integrate the colors throughout the entire outfit! I added a stripe down the side of the skirt to help with this, since otherwise there would just be too much of the lighter green. 

Also make sure to keep your color palette consistent! Jadesprite’s main color (a dark forest green) has cool tones, while the second color I had selected before had warm tones. By taking away the warm tones (in this case, the yellows in that lime green) I had an overall cohesive image with non-clashing colors. 

This is why the image editing software is so handy; you can eyedrop the main color from the reference images you have, and then create tints and shades from that color to create a good color palette for your design.

In your other ask you specified wanting to make a colored Tavrisprite, so i would say use John’s royal blue text color (a warm tone) to start with, and create a medium shade and a pale shade to work into your design. Try not to let your colors get too close to Jane’s cyan blue text color (a cool tone)!

I hope this helps, and I wish you luck!!

anonymous asked:

seaking of horns, can you do a tutorial on how you do the horns?

i totally would except i make my horns the way my friend emilia makes them, who already has a tutorial explaining on how to make them, as well as how to mount them! it’s a wonderful tutorial that’s both easy to follow and easy to make!

The only thing i would add is once you figure out the size and shape you want from your foam core, go back into it and make it smaller and shorter (like maybe cut away 1/4 inch from every side), so when you put on the paperclay, you get the size that you intended rather than one that’s just a size or two bigger than what you wanted.

I also like to sand my horns down a bit after they dry before painting them so i can refine the shape a bit more if i’m not satisfied with my hand sculpting (depending on the textures you use, this step may or may not be necessary; for smooth horns, hell yeah sand those fuckers and get rid of your fingerprints so no one can ever pin you at the crime scene, but if you texture them like emilia then you’ll basically just be sanding away all your hard work.) 

The way I texture my horns is just taking a piece of yarn or string and wrapping it/pressing it into the clay before i set them out to dry. I’ve had better success with applying the clay onto the foam and foil and then wrapping the string around it immediately, because if you wait for the clay to dry a little bit before texturing using this technique, you’ll only get a shallow dent rather than a strong , weathered cracked line. or maybe that’s what you want instead it’s all up to you ouo

I also like to seal my horns, which wasn’t mentioned in the tutorial, but i do them in a weird way. If you leave the horns unsealed there’s a higher risk of the paint chipping off as you wear them and bang ‘em around, so most people say seal them with a spray or with modge podge. i’m super paranoid about that, and while i love the vibrancy a high gloss protectant spray can give to the paint (let me tell you, it like changes your paint job from awesome to FABULOUS holy shit), i am not a fan of the glossy shine it will give you. and a matte sealant will just keep the paint protected but not do anything to make it pretty.

so what i use is clear, fast drying nail polish as a sealant and when that sets, i spray a bit of matte sealant on top of that! not too much, just enough to dull the shiny glare uvu

this is the nail polish i use mainly because it dries super duper fast like holy shit this is the sonic of nail polish i’m not kidding, and also because it comes in a larger bottle if you so wish, which saves my life because instead of buying and going through 3 itty bitty standard size nail polish jars, i can just use my one big one. i get mine from the sally’s beauty supply store we have in my area but you can also order it online i’m p sure

that’s basically all i’ve got on horn-making; i hope it helps?? ;v;

edit: while I personally have had no problems using the nail polish/sealant combination, I know others have said that the nail polish cracks, yellows, or gets sticky over time. My Aranea horns are over two years old at this point and they’re still beautiful and unchanged. If you don’t want to use nail polish as a sealant, I’d recommend using a spray sealant such as Krylon’s.  They have sealants available with various finishes, so you can choose the kind you want!

anonymous asked:

Im really sorry if youve gotten this before, but where do you get your lipsticks from? It looks very smooth and the colors are amazing!

My black lipstick is from L.A. Colors which is really rad because its got Vitamin E and Aloe Vera in it so you can keep your lips moisturized. Plus, it kinda smells like chocolate.

And my red lipstick is by Jordana in Vivid Red. Aha, I just found it in my moms makeup a year ago and decided to keep it, tbh. 

lord-bilingual asked:

if you don't mind me asking, how did you make the condesce wet-suit thing?

I don’t mind at all! uvu

Patty’s Condesce suit is just a zentai suit we purchased from ebay with pink stretch ribbon (it’s gotta be stretch ribbon, since the suit it’s stitched upon is a stretchy material; non-stretch materials used with stretchy materials are difficult to manage and don’t end up looking very good) stitched on with a plain zigzag stitch (zigzag instead of a plain running stitch, so when the suit stretches as you put it on your body, the stitches don’t break)

 I used two different kinds of ribbon that I bought from here; it looks like we actually bought out the last of the stock they had for the hot pink plain stretch ribbon, but they still have the hot pink sequined trim we used in stock. 

The stripe was basically the plain stretch ribbon doubled and stitched onto the suit so instead of having a width of 5/8 of an inch, we would have 1 1/4 inches instead, with the sequined stretch ribbon in the middle to 1) add a bit of bling, and 2) cover up the seam in the middle that came from doubling the pink ribbon.

After that it was just some simple modifications to the suit by trimming and hemming the wrists and ankles, as well as the neckline of the suit.

If you choose to use this method, I suggest asking a friend to help you with pinning the ribbon onto your body before stitching it on; a second pair of hands and eyes will help this process go by so much easier, faster, and more accurately! 

I think i covered all the details but feel free to ask me any other questions you might have!! (:

anonymous asked:

Umm, so I'm making a Kanaya cosplay and I really need some recommendations for how to do the gray skin and what thing to use. Do you have any suggestions??

I cosplay trolls a ton and I have always used Snazaroo in Light Grey. Unlike other grey body paints, it won’t smudge and get all over your clothes, so that’s definitely a plus there! You have to use water/liquid for it to activate, so I use Ben Nye’s Liquset, and it leaves it pretty much water and sweat resistant. And I apply it using a makeup sponge. Then I use a setting power and Ben Nye’s Final seal and I’m set! I’ve never had a problem at all. c:

Hi!! I’ve answered this a while back, but for my horns I basically follow yaexrae’s horn tutorial step by step, and then diverge from it once it gets the part about texturing. I also detail my own personal process here a little bit, but there aren’t really any pictures I’m sad to say.

You can also substitute the expanding foam core with any other type of foam really, but i’m most comfortable with the expanding foam so far; it carves very easily for me!

froggiesandstrawberries asked:

Just a question about Cosuuuplayy. For your Doctor princess cosplay did you buy your green tights or buy them?

I’m going to assume you meant “dye them” for the second answer!

I bought them! The colour of them are definitely inconsistent in the photoset I put up but the best colour I achieved was by having Joe Fresh green tights, then layering Urban Planet (I think!!) pale green tights over them!

Dyeing the tights just didn’t sit well with me since it could definitely come out inconsistent!

If you need a specific colour for tights there’s shops like We Love Colors that sell them! And for socks in general Sock Dreams is reliable! (both are quite pricey in my cheap-as-dirt range for cosplay haha, overall I only spent $6 for my legs) 

I hope you don’t mind me posting this ask!

toumakichans asked:

hi!! if this has already been asked im sorry, i looked through your whole cosplayfaq and wigs tag and i couldnt find it, but where did you get your disciple wig? and what type of fabric did you use to make her outfit? i need as much help as i can get with this cosplay, i really hope to cosplay her one day soon! thank you so much!<3 by the way, i really love all of your works!!!c:

Thank you so much!!! ;v; I’m so glad you like my work ahhhgdfkjghdg ;v;

Ahh, and this is actually the first time someone has asked me about my Disciple wig, so that’s why there wasn’t anything about it on this blog ;v; For my Disciple wig, it’s actually made up of one of Arda’s Luthien wigs and two of their long curly clips all sewn up together!

What you need to do first is to seperate those pesky plastic clips from the long curly wefts! The wefts are attached to the clips with some corded elastic, so all you have to do is untie the elastic and pull them out, so all you have left are two circles of wefted wig section to work with.

Hand stitch the two wefts together by the edges, all down one side, so you’ve basically got one large section of hair, and then attach that to the crown of the Luthien wig, or whatever long curly wig you have, and arrange the hair so the stitches won’t be seen.

Here, have a shitty diagram:

The effect that this will have will bump up the volume at the upper part of the wig, which is what you want, verses having the bulk of the fiber be at the bottom, which will make it heavier and drag the weight of the wig down on your head, letting it slide off a lot easier.

it also solves the problem of taking apart a curly wig to reweft, as I discovered with my first Disciple wig; taking apart the wefts of a long curly wigs and rewefting it into another ends up destroying the curls that have been styled into the wig and then you end up with a huge cloud of frizzy fiber that you then have to spend more laborious hours restyleing into the way you want it. 

An example of what NOT to do:

^Like I said. That was my first Disciple wig, and the frizzy nightmare on the left was before i tackled it with hot water, unplugged curling irons, and a hair dryer!! I remade it since although I liked the bottom half of the silhouette, the top of the wig was pulled flat from all the weight on the bottom and so it just looked a little wonky on my head. It’s certainly one way to do it, but i really, REALLYYY wouldn’t recommend it. The way I made it the second time is so much faster and makes a lovely shape so I’d just go with that ouo

As for the fabric, I actually answered an earlier ask about the fabric I used for my Disciple!!

I hope all this helps, and feel free to ask me any more questions!!

eonuke asked (on my robot arm photo):

How exactly did you do this? I want to cosplay Tavros and this would be a cool way to do the prosthetic legs.

I used Snazaroo body paint in black and white. And I kinda just had a general idea of which I wanted to create, so I just went with it. I didn’t exactly have a complete method, but I started out with outlines that complemented my arm and then fully detailed and shaded it in. For just my one arm it took about 3 hours. I actually would highly recommend not to use this method for your legs though! I’d estimate (If you work like I do) that it would probably take around 16-18 hours to complete painting it on only once. And ain’t nobody got time for that. (Unless you’re planning to have you legs painted for the next 10 years of your live, then I would consider that amount of time a possibility.) It would probably cost you around $25 worth of body paint for one single application. (Which is horrible.) A method I would completely recommend is craft foam armor! I’ve seen many tutorials online on how to make it. And it’s super easy, cheap, and incredibly awesome. On the plus side, you’ll be able to wear it a ton, compared to body paint which you have to completely re-do each time you wear it. I’ve actually seen quite a few Tavros cosplayers with legs made in this way, and it looks incredible! (And 100% canon looking too in my opinion!) Concluding- don’t use body paint for your legs if you’re planning on adding a ton of detail!

kuroisama asked:

I have a lot of questions about cosplay sewing >< I'm working on making snk cosplay but I have no idea where to start. And I'm reallllly novice at sewing so I was wondering how you learned and where you think I should start???

I took Home EC in middle school which helped me with the sewing machine basics, and then from then on through high school I was basically self taught via tutorials and practice! I didn’t take any sort of garment/patterning classes until my sophomore year in college (:

If you have a machine at home, take a look at your sewing manual because that will pretty much teach you how to use the machine! After that start simple; practice stitching straight lines on a piece of fabric, make some doll clothes, and then work your way up to making garments in your size from simple patterns. (you can get some at jo anns)

Get familiar with the machine and with what you can do (like what is your max speed at the machine before you fuck up a seam or something). Make lots of mistakes and practice making a bunch of  smaller simpler things before tackling on huge ballgowns or crazy shit! 

as for cosplay sewing, most of it is just involves modifying and adding/subtracting from a pre-existing pattern or garment. it helps a lot to look at your cosplay reference pictures and to break it down bit by bit and see how it can be constructed and pieced back together. 

As for SNK, definitely make use of whatever resources and tutorials exist out there! Since it’s so popular, you won’t be the first one to have questions on how to make a certain part of the outfit. 

I hope this helps!

swiftmcgraw asked:

heyy fellow monolid! do you have any makeup tips, especially for your eyeliner? it always looks so great wowie!

I don’t do anything special to my lids really, I just make sure to have a killer wing tip!! :) 

I usually draw in my liner like this, but I’ve seen people use the edge of a spoon or a piece of tape to help keep that first line straight! I’d suggest using liquid or gel liner instead of pencil to do this; you’ll get a sharper line that way!! Sorry it took me so long to reply, and I hope this helps!!

anonymous asked:

I know you cosplay so I was wondering do you attend cons what do you attend? any good ones you recommend if you do?

Emerald City Comicon, Sakura Con, Fanexpo Vancouver, Anime North, Anime Revolution, Kumoricon and Aki Con are the conventions that I attend every single year. Though, I often attend different cons though depending on what happens (ie- if I have enough money, if I have other plans, if I’m able to travel a long distance, how long the con is) Though, my favorites would have to be Sakura Con and Anime North! They are both fantastic conventions that are a ton of fun, have a ton of different activities going on at all time, have a ton of gorgeous cosplayers and tons of attendees. <3

royallywarped asked:

I-I must know *crawls* I've been searching for God Tier pants because leggings show everyone my business v.v What did you make your GT rose pants out of and if you didn't make them where is the holy place you've acquired them from?

I bought them from amazon!! This is the link for the tights that I bought, but it looks like they’re running out D: 

They’re really really comfy and super thick and warm, like they’re made out of some sort of fleecy knit?? so they’re not like tights or stockings, but like thermal leggings they’re so freaking warm uvu

I chose these specifically because they looked like they weren’t a super bright orange (and i was right!) but if these run out of stock before you can get some then just browse around, i’m sure there are other sellers who will have orange leggings for sale ouo

anonymous asked:

tbh when i saw that post i was like "WHERES AME?? THEIR POST WOULD BE WAY MORE INFORMATIVE..." ame darling will you please tell us about the wonders of fabric dying wigs?


ame’s quick tips on dying wigs with fabric dye:

DO. TEST SWATCHES. if you’re dying an arda wig (HIGHLY RECOMMEND) you can add a few colour samples in the colour your dying to test with, they’re 25 cents a pop. 

make sure you bring your water to a boil (and then lower it to a simmer) or else the dye wont activate properly, this is fine with fabric (most of the time) but wigs are MUCH less porous and therefore have a harder time absorbing the dye, so every step helps.

realize that the colour on the box probably isnt going to be the colour of your wig, unless youre using like…black (and thats still a maybe) so if youre able to, buy multiple colours and do multiple tests (ive gotten to the point where i not only own nearly every rit and idye-poly colour but i also have used ALL of them so i know how theyll appear, on white arda wigs, so i dont have to do this as much) 

everything else i could say has been said in this tutorial which is what i referenced the first time i dyed a wig with fabric dye!

in case youre questioning my credibility ive dyed countless wigs and oh god, at LEAST 8 with this method alone, so my experience is decent