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Muck up matinee round up: part 2

- Eponine in the Empty Chairs line up

- Grantaire (Adam) got a solo bow

- Leo as Jean Prouvaire jumped off the barricade, did the worm, then jumped back on and died

- Valjean and Thenardier fought in the sewers

- Josie Brightwell wore a Cosette bonnet in Turning

- Lee as Bahorel didn’t die on the barricade straight away - he held a hand up to Valjean as he was picking up Marius


Brunette 25th Anniversary Cosette’s

  1. Talia del Val (Madrid, Spanish Tour)
  2. Aoyama Ikuyo (Japan)
  3. Isogai Reina (Japan)
  4. Wakai Kumiko (Japan)
  5. Lee Ji-Soo (Korea)
  6. Samantha Hill (2nd Broadway Revival)*
  7. Samantha Hill (Toronto)*
  8. Julie Benko (US Tour)
  9. Heidi Giberson (2nd Cover Cosette, 2nd Broadway Revival)

The argument can be made that Samantha Hill is a strawberry blonde however the wig is far darker than the average blonde wig!

Arrow are pleased to announce the Blu-ray release of Deranged, originally part of MGM’s Midnite Movie DVD collection, directed by Alan Ormsby and Jeff Gillen.

The package will come with Arrow’s usual high quality extras including  exclusive featurettes, interviews, behind-the-scenes images, trailers, collector’s booklet and reversible sleeve artwork. Release date is August 19th.

Strange Paradise Revisited

I mentioned “Strange Paradise” in a recent post. It’s the short lived Canadian series inspired by “Dark Shadows”. Someone on eBay was selling the entire series on DVD-R and had a “submit an offer” button, so I did! I ended up buy the set for about 25% off the listed price.

I’ve seen about 12 episodes so far and I am pleasantly surprised by how much I am enjoying it. Yes it comes off like Dark Shadow’s second cousin once removed (the other cousin not from England) but there are a couple of good performances that hold it together:

  • Colin Fox as Jean Paul Desmond and his ancesstor Jacques Eloi des Monde. He pretty effectively creates two different characters.
  • Cosette Lee as Raxl - the servent and voodoo priestess. She has to say some pretty silly lines but she says them with conviction.

So far other characters are being introduced and eventually I think they will all end up stuck on the Caribbean island Maljardin (Garden of Evil). In these early episodes they frequently have scenes on a main island across from Maljardin. I don’t think they’ve mentioned it by name but in my own fantasy I’d like to think it’s Martinique, another source of witchcraft and voodoo.

Since many DS fans may not be interested in “Strange Paradise” I plan to create a second tumblr where I’ll comment on the series regularly. I’ll share the url occasionally here.

My DVD-R set doesn’t look as pretty as the one below but the episodes are decent. I think they were originally recorded off the same telecast that are currently on Youtube. There is a little drop out and the colors are a little desaturated but they look better than the episodes I saw years ago on TV - a UHF channel that was grainy with lots of static. 

it finally happened, i finally broke down today. After days of optimistic thinking and constant worrying, I finally broke down and bawled my eyes out.  I’m writing this because this is the end for me. I can’t do this anymore and I’ll be leaving.

this situation has caused me both sadness and hatred. When first hearing the news, I was upset and tears threatened to fall after every rumor or post involving kris or exo.  I went to bed thinking that this couldn’t be true and woke up thursday morning to even worse news. I couldn’t eat or sleep and laid in my bed for hours doing absolutely nothing. Eventually once thursday morning came my sadness began to form into madness, wandering why this was happening and why now of all times. Needless to say, I’ve been moody and bipolar these last three days.

I love kris but i hate him. I love him to pieces in the fact that he became my ultimate bias. I love him because he was so caring to both the members and the fans and I’m so so proud of him for standing up for himself and for having the courage to represent himself. But i also hate him. Hate him for doing this now of all times. For how he’s hurting the other 11 members; how he’s hurting us fans, and how he’s hurting himself. I hate him so much for making me love such a wonderful band that has taken over my life so beautifully.

On thursday I called my best friend. She commented that this was like a break up. Kris simply isn’t happy in the relationship anymore and still wants to be friends but just has a different dream now. My reply was “yea but he doesn’t even know I exist” and this makes it 200X worse. But not only is he breaking up with us fans, he ’s breaking up with the members too and this is what upsets me the most. 

She also commented about how maybe this was a good thing for me personally. I told her about how I had been a living zombie for the past 3 days and that I’ve been bored out of my mind, bothering my parents and moping around. I realized that exo has consumed my life so much that its not even an obsession anymore, its an addiction. I literally have had no idea what to do these past couple of days. And i’ve been so depressed since exo is “my happiness” and now my 12 balls of sunshine are now starting to turn dark. For some reason I can’t find anything happy to distract me from this situation. I literally can’t find a reason to my life anymore and this is unhealthy. Most people say to turn to friends and family however with it being summer, my friends are all hours away from me and my parents simply don’t understand how attached I am to exo. I’ve found comfort in my sister but even then I can tell that my attachment is much more than hers. But through this situation I have learned that I am in wayyy too deep. I don’t know what to do with all this extra time and I need to find something to do. I’m at a loss so any suggestions would be appreciated. My sister recommended working out and ha i laugh at that. anyways…

I’m not leaving exo. I’ll still listen to their songs, watch music videos, etc but I can’t do this. The obsessing, the 24/7 thoughts about exo, the binge watching of exo videos, staying up until 4am to watch their live performances, the otps, the fanfiction and the social media sites. I can’t imagine spazzing over a new song and not seeing kris. or seeing a new member and thinking how kris should be there or seeing an empty spot in the choreography. I can’t bear to see the member’s faces through these next months as they’re bombarded with questions and comments that they don’t even know the answer too. I love exo and these 2 and ½ years have been more than I have ever dreamed but I need to get out quick.

I will forever love my time on this site. I have made some heartwarming friendships on here and I love all of you to pieces.

To all 4579 of my followers, gosh I love you all so dearly, You’ve made me experience on here so worth it. I’ve always thought I’ve had the bets followers ever and ya’ll never fail to amaze me. I wish ya’ll much love and success and ask you all to be much stronger than myself.

To all of my friends I’ve made on here: again, I love you guys sooo much! You better all stay in contact with me. You can reach me on kakotalk @kaitlynmhill or my instagram @kaitlynmhill or  if you want you can ask for my phone number, i don’t mind. just shoot me a message. I’ll come online some time next week just to answer messages or what not.I’m also deleting my twitter so don’t try to find me there.

I’m sorry to min(zhehun) that we weren’t able to complete our krisyeol fanfiction sideblogs, for obvious reasons I don’t think it applies anymore and this is something I’m definitely struggling with.

And i’m also sorry to mel (xeuna) for not completing our pale exo network. But please continue with the idea. It’s brilliant and I’m sure many people would love to join!

I’m also sorry to rina (I’m not sure what your url is anymore OTL) for abandoning justkrisyeol. It was fun while it lasted and I can’t explain how much this situation hurts when it comes to my otp. Our ship is sinking and I want to cry for ages because of it.

I’m also sorry to emily (screwufan) for out wudao network. I’m sorry that I wasn’t a good admin and I’m sorry that i’m leaving you in charge of it alone. Please forgive me.

to priscilla, skylar, amanda, alison, sandy, denice, mel, lisa, lainey, kath, nathalie, nat, min, vanessa, emily, laura, dalia, rina, hajar, sandra, bea, kae, kris, zuzu, cola, jasmine,cosette, elsa, lee, cath, and any others that I’m leaving out because I’m a horrible human being, i love you allll so much. Be strong and please don’t forget me.

Thanks for reading this. I didn’t proofread it so probably none of it makes sense. It’s been fun. I’m not going to delete my blog. I know how hard it is to want to reblog something from someone who has deleted their blog so I’ll keep it up I just won’t be online or updating. There is a very slim chance that I’ll be back. I still have a little bit of hope inside that this will all work out and if it does It may take me a month or so to get over these feelings and come back to my happy place of exo but as of now this is what i need and i think it’s the best option for me.

Without further ado, this is the last post you’ll see of me. The time of wubulge has ended. Goodbye loves, and exo fighting!