cosette fauchlevant

ok so it’s canon that Grantaire is a dancer, but that could mean lots of things right?
imagine this, if you please:
modern AU Grantaire being an ‘exotic dancer’ (when he moved to France he needed a quick job and Eponine, his close friend and roommate, found a spot for him at the local cafe) and his outfit is just shorts and heels.
on the other side of town is Cosette and Enjolras (who are close enough to be related and live with eachother). Cosette is friends with Eponine and they do friendly things, like sharing clothes and stuff. so one day Cosette is wearing a pair of heels. which was a bad choice, since it’s raining and muddy. she’s walking with Enj and doing a good job of not ruining the shoes since she borrowed them. as she’s walking and talking, she doesn’t notice the muddy puddle ahead of Enjolras and herself.
the heels are all muddy and gross, and she just murmurs “'Ponine is going to get killed by R” and Enjolras just stares at her bc why would that guy care? all he does is sit at the back of meetings and drink, occasionally sketching or laughing with the other guys. why would he care about ruined shoes?
Enjolras isn’t complaining about him though. he isn’t bad to look at, and has an amazing physique. Enj deduced that he must be a dancer of some kind, probably ballet, by looking at his legs.
but he asks Cosette, not being able to wrap his head around it.
after explaining that the shoes are Grantaire’s, Cosette swears to herself to never surprise Enj like that. choking in public isn’t something that her brother seems to enjoy, and jesus, Enj, you’ve been wheezing for a full 5 minutes, calm down already

and that, children, is the story of how a pair of shoes were a contributing factor of Enjolras’s dream that night

Éponine, Cosette and Les Amis Headcanons
  • Grantaire and Éponine having sleep-overs with whiskey and ice cream to talk about boys
  • Cosette braiding flowers into Jehan’s hair
  • Bahorel punching a guy after he insulted Éponine
  • Combeferre and Cosette talking about books
  • Éponine and Enjolras pretending to be annoyed by each other
  • Grantaire awkwardly hugging Éponine
  • Enjolras totally adoring Cosette (to everyone’s surprise)
  • Éponine, Cosette and Les Amis being friends

another modern les mis au: the wonder twins 

if they put their minds to it they could probably take over the world. sometimes they mimic each other just to freak the rest of the amis out. when they got in fights papa valjean would just turn his eyes up to the sky and whisper ’fantine why’. enjolras got slightly intoxicated at cosette and marius’ wedding and proceeded to give a long embarrassing speech about their childhood. she will never forget this. she will have her revenge. and there will be blood. 

Cosette's Diary

Entry 3: Can it be only a day since I saw him?

Oh diary, 

Once again i am writing to you. I am beginning to find writing to you every night gives me a strange sense of comfort. I cannot day that today has been very eventful, as it hasn’t, but I still feel I have something to say. 

All day and all night I have dreamed of that young man of yesterday. I cannot get him out of my head and I am beginning to believe that I gone nuts. Can it be only a day since I saw him? Am I never to see him again? Oh, I wish it to be untrue! I wish to see him again with all of my heart. Papa would not understand if he were to know, which is why I have not spoken a word to him of my feelings. 

Today my Papa did not speak to me much. We had breakfast together, but soon after, he left me at home. I have been here, reading and tending to the garden all day. I am still happy to be out of the abbey, but something inside of me still feels empty. I wish to know what may fill this empty longing in my heart that I feel. 

…There it goes again! My mind filling with the thoughts of the young man. His voice was so gentle, his eyes so sweet. I need to sleep now, before I am haunted anymore by these thoughts! Diary, please forgive my useless ramblings. I will try to be more concise in the future. For now, goodnight!