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Getting emotional over Cosette and Marius right now

Do you guys know what my fav Cosette/Marius moment is? My favorite line? It’s in Every Day when she tells him “I will never go away”. Marius has lost everything, his parents, his friends, his bearings. He suffers from survivour’s guilt and probably PTSD too, the man is broken. And what does she do? She gives him comfort, she gives him her word that she won’t leave him, she will be a constant in his life. And that‘s what he needs, stability.


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Alternately, headcanon about Cosette in the convent?

I come here, a week later, looking at the work I have to do and… not doing it. 

  • Cosette, I think, is a bit frightened at first by all the girls in the convent. Not that any of them are particularly mean, or anything, but they’re good and cheerful and well-dressed, and Cosette is a bit too shy, or a bit too wild, perhaps, to go play with them - waiting for a trick, or a mocking laugh, or someone to tell her she doesn’t get to play with other well-dressed little girls. After all, eight year old Cosette would still remember Éponine and Azelma, and everybody judging her (or downright beating her) for trying to play like them. She does get comfortable, eventually! And faster than expected. But I still think she ends up feeling more comfortable with younger girls than her. 
  • As it is, Cosette IS the wild girl of the convent; she has a reputation. For starters, she spends most of her free time with the two old gardeners. Like, sure, she says they’re her family, but still! She’s the one who runs towards the sound of the bell instead of away from it when it can be heard! Also, once, there was a snake, and rumors says Miss Cosette Fauchevelent stayed and played with the snake. Another time, several pupils affirm she climbed in a tree to retrieve the ball younger girls were playing with. She’s also oddly strong; she can carry very heavy weight and help the sisters with the food that comes outside of the convent. 
  • Once, a girl decided she did not like Cosette; but when she tried to provoke her, Cosette visibly shrink, and paled, and went all quiet. Other girls from her dormitory, who sometimes woke during the night and heard Cosette having nightmares, all band together to defend Cosette. Cosette cries a little and thank all of them - she doesn’t know why she was so scared, she’ll say later, but she feels so happy she had friends to help. Later on, she sees the girl who provoked her, all alone because the other girls shut her down; she takes a deep breath, and then she goes to sit with her, and offer her an apple. They never become friends, but they do get along okay after that. 
  • Fauchelvent and her had a real uncle/niece relationship that develops over the course of the years. While Valjean is a very strong moral parent, that tries to teach her to be as good as possible (which, coincidentally, goes extremely well with the sisters’s education), Fauchelevent is the one who gently reprimands her when he finds her with the snake and then help her ‘finding it a good home we won’t tell your father will we now’, or winks at her and gives her a candy from times to times, etc. Cosette cries a lot when he dies. 
  • I think Cosette never think of becoming a nun. She might think she’ll stay in the convent for all her life - but not in a ‘i’ll be a nun’ way, more like ‘i’ll be with my dad and my uncle and my friends forever and ever here’. However, after Fauchelevent’s death, she is sort of glad, and maybe a bit excited, at the idea of going outside again, discovering the world. 
  • She still exchanges letter with the girls from the convent. AT LEAST some of them. They’re here for her wedding, as a surprise from her dad. They’re all charmed by Marius, who blushes a lot and smiles awkwardly and holds Cosette very close to him the whole time. 
  • me before reading the brick: eh cosette's okay i guess, i mean she's nice but not that interesting? there's just not much to her idk
Speaking of Mythology AUs

I can’t stop thinking about Cosette and Marius in a Hades and Persephone AU kind of situation

Imagine Marius, shy and well-meaning God of the Underworld trying to do his best to take care of the souls and spending his time learning things, because his job gets lonely, and books are “cold but sure friends.”

Until he does decide to go out a bit, and he sees Cosette, radiant, ethereal Cosette, the most beautiful creature he’s ever laid eyes on. He doesn’t talk to her first, he can’t bbring himself to, but he goes back to the Underworld all fuzzy inside. He goes back to the same spot, day after day, meaning to talk to her but he’s too shy to make the first step. Until he shows up one morning and SHE talks to him.

And they keep talking. And talking. And talking. Until Marius tells Cosette he should get back to the Underworld because he has dead people to take care of. Unphased, Cosette tags along, because their conversation is far from over. And since they are immortal and don’t feel the need to feed or sleep as humans do, they keep talking for a full week

Cue Jean Valjean at the surface, throwing the biggest fit of rage because WHERE IS MY DAUGHTER WHO STOLE MY DAUGHTER?! 

Basically : Marius accidentally “kidnapped” Cosette to the Underworld and a big misunderstanding happens

just another modern au: jamie chung as cosette

Euphrasie ‘Cosette’ Fauchevelent is quite possibly the sweetest, most charitable woman ever to try to stab someone with her stiletto heel.

The most common misconception about Cosette is that she’s a shallow, vain, vapid little girl who only cares about her looks. In reality, she’s just exceptionally well-rounded. She’s not going to pretend she doesn’t know she’s pretty just to please other people, but she’ll always make sure you realize how beautiful you are, too. She likes pretty clothes and cute things, and she helps run clothing drives and donation centers so others can have nice things that make them happy along with the necessities. She’s got a smile that lights up a room and makes sure to greet every person she meets with it, just on the off-chance they’re having a bad day. Yes, she can be silly, yes, she spends a good half hour in the morning getting ready, and yes, she’s kept every stuffed animal she’s ever been given and has them all on her bed. However, don’t think for a second that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take her seriously.

Cosette’s adopted father, Jean Valjean, is a man whose daughter is essentially his entire world, as well as an ex-convict  who knows that a young woman needs to be able to protect herself. Because of this, Cosette is well-versed in self defense and mixed martial arts (she teaches a free class every Saturday at the local community center) and could probably break most of the bones in your body if she needed to.

She knows that not everyone has been as lucky as she has and wants to help in any way she can; contributing to feminist movements, spending her free time running reading programs for kids at the library, working in shelters for teens and kids who don’t have homes to go to anymore, and just trying to make the world a better place.

She may not be the most violent of world-changers (except for the aforementioned incident involving a misogynist, an unsolicited hand where it should not have been, and Cosette threatening to stab a man with her heel but settling for breaking his nose) but she does believe in the power of kindness, love, and generosity, and sometimes that makes a world of difference.

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