cosby show cast

I still have of yet to complete season 6 of ADW on netflix. I don’t want it to end, and I’m enjoying the nostalgia lol. But I think as a kid season 6 was my least fave? idk why. I forgot, then remembered they changed the theme song for season 6, which i disliked lol but that wasn’t my only reason, or a real reason lol.

But did season 6 stop the casting of light skin biracial actresses as monoracial Black women?

This topic is something I’ve noticed as I got older, always think of, not only with ADW, but the cosby show as well, the casting of light skin biracial actresses as monoracial characters. Jasmine guy as Whitley, Lisa bonet as Denise, and so on. Which I’m sure someone is thinking “we’re all Black and they’re not ‘less Black’” and they’re not “less Black” but lets not dismiss what they benefit from, how they operate. Light skin biracial women benefit from being viewed as “less Black” and a more “appropriate Black women”. Like you can’t dismiss that. 

  • And folks are always like “you got monoracial Black folks that look just like Jasmine and Lisa”, and true, I got some in my family as well, monoracial, and the benefit from colorism+hair politics, but that assertion is very dismissive, and derailing the convo. 
  • At least, why not cast brown skin/dark skin biracial Black women who don’t benefit from hair politics as these characters? Give those biracial girls some shine.
  • And you notice you never see the same done on these series or in general across Black media, where light skin biracial Black male actors are cast as monoracial Black men, there is a disparity, there isn’t an equivalent. 
  • There was Terrence Taylor the son of Colonel Bradford Taylor, when the character was first introduced, it was implicated he was biracial, his mother was a white german women, and I believe the actor Corey Tyler, was monoracial. And I wonder would they pull this for a Black girl? have a monoracial Black girl play a biracial Black girl? even if she benefits from both colorism + hair politics?

Colorism effects all Black folks, but its foolish to ignore how it intersects with misogyny and is very gendered.