Bill Cosby tries to win black support before trial, despite years of berating black people

  • Bill Cosby goes on trial June 5 for sexual assault, and he’s spent the last few weeks setting the tone for his defense. 
  • In several media appearances and courtroom interactions, the comedian and his supporters have tried endearing themselves to black observers by painting Cosby’s trial as a racist witch hunt.
  • But perhaps the most striking part of Cosby’s campaign is how shameless it is.By angling to gain black sympathy in the court of public opinion, Cosby is glossing over the years he spent castigating poor black people for their alleged pathologies. 
  • In an infamous 2004 speech, the comedian lambasted low-income blacks for not “holding their end in this deal” after years of landmark civil rights legislation gave them more opportunities. 
  • At one point, he even suggested that death was an appropriate punishment for black people who engaged in petty theft. Read more (5/26/17)

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