it is like fucking christmas up in here

christmas cosplay or dave being a huge hipster, who knows???? those fairy lights got really dang hot by the end i’m surprised i don’t have little burns from them, golly gosh.


so guess its my birthday again 

time sure flies huh

i had lectures all day but i wanted to contribute something for dave’s birthday so ahhh, here take this shitty cosplay photo set & my apologies!!! bonus gif because why not. (OMFG I BLINKED IN THE SECOND ONE GOMEN CBA TO CHANGE NOW.)


i think someone needs to stop me cosplaying dave i do this too often even though it’s a real confidence boost cosplaying striders i can tell you

i keep looking back at expo photos and this one that caitlin took of me never fails to maKE ME LAUGH because i just remember going ’rose rose rose look humping squiddles!!!’ over and over until she noticed omg i have been re-hit with expo blues sobs why can’t it be may yet

i will never feel more comfortable in a cosplay than i do in this one like aaaa i don’t want homestuck to end bc i don’t ever want to stop cosplaying dave strider. / #cosplay #homestuck #davestrider


fuckin radical simply mathetical 
terezis on my arm and she knows were compatible 
with red text mad swag and killer glasses 
im so hot i burn diamonds to ashes


in which i make a more attractive fictional teenage boy than i do an eighteen year old girl holla!! i found these clearly out my cosplay folder to calm down and i recently discovered this amazing youtube where the lyrics are from so here you go i guess!

first day of expo over & completed. thank you so so soooo much to everyone who came to see panelstuck/ask questions you guys were gr8!! see you all tomorrowwwww. ❤️ // #mcmexpo #mcmstuck #mcmpanelstuck #chlosplay

it is like #christmas all up in here. happy holidays to y’all from strider hq. bro got me some bomb new headphones and a sweet new cam so time to go get stuffed with food (in all seriousness i did get those kick ass things and i hope you all have a super few days!! 💕) // #homestuck #cosplay #chlosplay #davestrider

day 2 of #mcmexpo!! first time not wearing homestuck in about 3 conventions hhhh it’s both rly refreshing and also uncomfortable I mISS GOD TIER DAVE ALREADY // #chlosplay