FINALLY DONE! This summer I worked at Zara and I wanted to draw my all team to thanks them for their welcome! Some of them were really kind, some were… ok ^^ And I also needed to practice a little because i haven’t done a lot of drawings during my “vacations” :p 

You are more than 4K following me!!! that’s CRAAAAAAAZZZZZYYYY thank you sooo much for the support it really motivates me :D (by the way sorry for the poor english T-T) I would like to add an “ask” link on my tumblr theme without changing everything…but I don’t know how… but I will find (: !

When your coworker talks about going to another unit

A few weeks ago I got a complimentary care package from co-ed supply! They sent thousands of care packages to college students and now they’re going to do it again!

If you’re a college student or have a .edu email address sign up here to get priority on the waitlist for the next free care packages! Share this with your friends and reblog so everyone has a chance of getting these freebies!
If you're a college student sign up here to get a free care package!

I’ve always wanted to subscribe to this college care package box but never got to it!

They’re giving out tons of free boxes right now though! Just like their FB page, follow them on twitter, and give them your .edu email address!

It should still work even if you graduated from college! Reblog this if you’re a college student or have followers that are college students so they can have a chance to get a free care package too!

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Yes, Larry is doing exactly what you think he’s doing.

(What do you think he’s doing?)

Real Life Peter – on the other hand – is obviously winding up his bouncing eyebrow, but I know you knew that already.