My hair

I get a lot of questions and compliments about my hair so I’ll just make a post about it lol.

First thing’s first, I’m a cosmetologist. I style, cut and color hair. I also do makeup and nails. I currently go to Protégé Academy here in Michigan. I’m soon to be graduating in mid July, planning to work for Regis.

Second, when people ask me “wow do you do your own hair?” I say yes. But technically my fellow stylists do it for me because that’s just how things go. You do me and I’ll do you. You can’t do your own hair in this field lol. But, how the hair lays, how the color looks and how the style looks. It’s all my idea. So that’s why I say I do my own hair. It’s on my head.

Third, I’ve colored my hair so many times. But what I have now is a violet color with a grad cut that’s been thinned out since my asian hair is so thick. What I had before was 55/66 (intense red, light brown) by TIGI. We are a TIGI Creative School so our main products are by TIGI. Other lines use different leveling systems. So any numbers I throw out are by TIGI. Anyways, it was a like an auburn color before I went purple. My friend baliaged some strands first so they were a lighter caramel color. I wanted dimension so we did that first. Then we used like 2 tubes of Violet by Pravana and maybe 10 grams of Blue by Pravana. Mixed that together and put it all over my head. The lighter pieces you see are where the biliage pieces were.

Fourth, the cut. I had a graduation cut for a long time (short in back, gradually gets long in front). I was in that phase of wanting to grow it out. But it was in that awk phase where it would flip out. So I was like yolo I’m cutting it. So my instructor did a demo on me. She gave me a little bit of a stack in the back (above my collar) and the front is asymmetrical. I’ve always had an asymmetrical cut since forever. I just think it’s more trendy and edgy. Anyways, then she thinned the heck out of it. My hair is so thick and I love the thinned out choppy layer look. So she threw in some layers all around and in my fringe, and gave me face framing. I have a heavy fringe and I like it that way.

Fifth, styling. I have maybe 4 go-to hair do’s. 1) just letting it down. 2) pin one side back. 3) loose beachy curls/waves. 4) bun in back or pin to the side. Poof on top and tie my bandana so I have a bow on top.

Thank you so much for the compliments. It really boosts my confidence in my career 😁 I hope this post helps and was interesting lol. I know it’s long but I had fun talking about it.


Female Scientists Told To Add A Male Author To Their Study

Evolutionary geneticists Fiona Ingleby and Megan Head collaborated on a study of gender bias in academia. They found that women with a PhD in biology published fewer articles than their male peers, which the authors argued showed gender bias, reports Times Higher Education.

When the women submitted the study to peer-reviewed journal PLOS ONE, a reviewer came back with some pretty shocking suggestions.

Ingleby quickly posted the reviewer’s remarks to Twitter:

The women’s reviewer also suggested the publishing gap could exist because middle-aged female scientists preferred spending time with their children to working in a lab.

“Perhaps it is not so surprising that on average male doctoral students co-author one more paper than female doctoral students, just as, on average, male doctoral students can probably run a mile race a bit faster than female doctoral students,” the reviewer added, according to Times Higher Education.

you know one thing i won’t miss about this fucking house is the next door neighbour i share a wall with and his SHITTY FUCKING MUSIC TASTE





Virginia Tech is the site of the latest viral video to draw the ire of many inside and outside the HBCU community. 

VTU’s Farmhouse Fraternity chapter wins a Greek Unity strolloff, with an assortment of steps straight from the Black Greek-Letter Fraternities. It is the latest in a growing catalog of moves, sounds and soul with origins at historically black colleges on display by white students at predominantly white campuses. 

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today marks my official three years at this company where I started as co-op student in part hired because one of my bosses thought hiring a female co-op student for IT would look good on him and now I’m in charge of application development and deployment and he’s fired so suck on that asshole.

So I made it through my little ED episode. Ate a tiny lunch. Was in a better mental place so I made up for it at the Friday Cookie Day the office has. 

Now I’m finishing up some documentation work, then I have a doctor’s appointment for my (probably) ovarian cysts, then I’m coming back downtown for pub night with the rest of the summer/co-op students.

Just because a day starts bad doesn’t mean it has to be bad.

I’m the co-president of a student org on a 3 person executive board. While waiting for an event about a month ago I was talking with the other president, tossing ideas back and forth etc. Then the treasurer comes in (the third person on the e-board) and basically ignores me and only speaks to the other president. Which is typical.

Fast forward to yesterday. At a luncheon I’m sitting between the treasurer and a visiting professor who is very active in the organization we’re part of. The professor and I get to talking. Really great conversation. But instead of being a dick like he was I actually invited him into the conversation.

anonymous asked:

hey sam! that's my name too! i'm graduating soon and will be moving a few states away with the bf. i'll have a degree in chemistry, but i want to pursue a career in academic program development for colleges. there's a cool student co-op program at the national lab in the town i'm moving to, when bf works as a lab tech, but i'm not really sure how to approach the program and how i could work with them. can i just email them and ask for a job and present myself? is that something people do?? thx!

That’s a lot of change at once! Sounds very exciting though :) 

I would check their website and see if they have a careers page – either the specific student co-op program, or the lab overall. If they have job openings, they’ll be listed there, and the departments generally appreciate not having to take the time to steer people back to the jobs page. Never send them a “hire me” pitch as an opening intro; the odds of you hitting the right person/job on the first try by swinging blindly is not good. :D 

If you can’t find a jobs page, check for a Human Resources page or contact info and get in touch with them, ask them where you can go to investigate opportunities with the company. Since your boyfriend works there, you might also have him ask around about where you would look to get hired by the program. 

if you can’t find HR contacts, or if you’d rather go a slightly less orthodox route, find either the administrative contact information or the head of the program’s contact info if it’s small, and email about an informational interview.

An informational interview is where you meet with someone to discuss what working in the field is like, where you can ask questions about the field and about what jobs generally require when hiring. There’s no expectation that there’s a job on offer or that you’ll necessarily have further contact; it’s purely so you can meet with someone in the field to get your questions answered. It’s almost always not a direct route to a job but it will get your face in front of them, and if they do have open jobs, they may bring them up. Make sure if you do go to an informational interview that you come prepared with lots of questions, because the ostensible purpose is for you to learn more. Which should benefit you in any case since you’re moving away from your direct degree field. 

I would also take the time to research other companies/schools in the area that you might find work at – pinning all your job hopes on one company generally doesn’t tend to go well. Cast your net wide – this company might be your dream job but they’re for sure not the only game in town, and the more you interview, the more you’ll know about the community and the type of job you’re applying for. 

Good luck! I hope the move goes smoothly and you find a great job!

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How much do you feel your housing impacts your Bennington experience?

Hey there!

So, prospective students: you are so close to getting your housing assignments.  If you are planning on attending Bennington in Fall 2015 and you have any questions about this process, it might be better to post on the Class of 2019 Facebook page.  We interns will be able to get back to you a lot quicker that way.  And also, you’ll have your fellow classmates to gab with!!  How exciting!!

Housing is a huge part of the Bennington experience.  We are a residential college and work around a co-curricular model: the learning extends beyond the limits of the class.  I always say that most of my academic thinking happens in the shower.  So, you can imagine how important it is to find your community on campus.  Student Life always does a great job with placing you with roommates/in a house that is suited to your personality.  And one of the virtues of going to a small school is you get direct access to staff who will always want to help you find your peeps–  It is pretty easy to move around campus if you give yourself a moment to settle in and reflect on your current situation.  It’s not like people are moving around willy-nilly, but you can make it happen if you need to.

Ugh.  We just can’t wait for you to get here and experience all this for yourself!  My description can only ever go so far!  Dream away!!!!!!!!!!

Jeremy ‘16

Apologies for the delay. Dead week came and went, and so did finals. Now we’re dead on the outside AND the inside. 8)
The co-op students managed to make it out alive at least.

There should be updates throughout the summer, but they will be less frequent.  However, the ask box is open if anybody wants to have a discussion about engineering (and maybe have the questions addressed in a future comic).

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