Artist: Dr. Woo (aka Brian Woo)

Entitled: Untitled; Art; Tattoo; variable mediums; variable dimensions; unknown dates; respectively.

‘Hailed by the media as “the most in-demand tattooist in the world,” Brian Woo (aka Doctor Woo) is globally recognized for his signature single-needle, black and grey works of art, as well as his personal style. He broke into the tattoo scene in 2008 when the legendary tattoo icon Mark Mahoney invited him to apprentice at Shamrock Social Club in Hollywood, CA. After a three-year apprenticeship, Dr. Woo spent another six years tattooing some of the world’s most sought after influencers alive. With a year-long wait list and a clientele of the world’s most important influencers, Dr. Woo is transitioning his brand to include very limited product releases and select projects.’

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Sources: The Coveteur  | Dr.Woo | Shamrock Social Club | Ufunk Magazine | New York Times

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Some pics of our Saturday cosplay at CnE *-*!! it was so much fun, I was surprised so many people actually recognized us!! I didn’t know WtNV was so popular .-.!!  I loved it, my Carlos was perfect. 

Still waiting on some photos from a shoot, but hopefully will get those soon <3!! 

Cecil: Me

Carlos: Meaghan (ShayneScribbler)


Just got some awesome ancestor pics back from our night shoot with Stillvisions! These were taken back in August at Cos & Effect.

Helmsman is Kisbe, Condesce is Dei, Photos by Stillvisions, Edited by Stillvisions & Kisbe


Several times a year I have the privilege to help out with costume contests (as a judge and helping hand); this C&E I had the honour of judging with some amazing ladies, mainly Catherine Jones of God Save the Queen Fashions. I have admired her work for years, and she inspired me to start my own costuming business, so spending time with her was pretty amazing.

Having said that, by the time these photos were taken I had been in that costume and makeup for no less than 9 hours, in something like 30 degree heat. I’m still amazed that nothing melted off, and all my latex stayed firmly attached. I guess there’s something to be said about practice and experience here, haha.

UM so I was thinking… what if in the middle of the worst of the fighting on earth the alliance were like “what can we do to improve humanity’s morale?” and one bright spark suggested they look at ww2… 

and then commander shepard essentially turns into the new captain america

I’m talking propaganda posters, I’m talking comic books


shepard…doesn’t take it too well…

I am once again hosting Sewing with Stretch: A Superhero’s Guide at Cos & Effect 2013!

It will take place on Friday August 9th at 12:00pm in Panel Room 1 (SUB Room 214/216) and features added content and a hands-on component!

With the popularity of superhero movies and western comics, there is an increasing demand for skin-tight costumes; this panel will teach you how to sew with stretch fabrics on any type of budget and with any equipment. I will cover pattern selection, fabric selection, notions, and many more topics.

Come see how simple it really is, and face all your stretchy fears!

Following the panel, you will have an opportunity to try the stitches and methods discussed on a selection of sewing machines, to create samples for you to take home.

Make sure to bring a notebook, you will want to take notes!