Parents wants their daughter to leave tumblr.

ask-miss-mahogany ’s parents, want her to leave tumblr, they already make her to delete her personal blog, because they think she is not ‘social enough’, but, they don’t know about her other account, but it’s matter of time, before they get know about that one too. But, we can’t let them do this, she has a lot friends here, it’s her home. Let’s prove her parents that, they’re wrong, and this site is social, and that they can’t make her to just leave like this. Please reblog if you can relate to one of following points.

Sorry If I forgot about something, if I did, please add it below.

  • I’m social person, and I spend a lot time at tumblr.
  • I’m person with anxiety, but on tumblr, I found support from other people
  • I’m person who’s mocked because of my gender/sexuality/race/religion/etc. in real life, but on tumblr many people have nothing wrong about my difference.
  • I’m person who doesn’t have many friends on real life, but on tumblr many people I can call friends and/or they can call myself as their friend.
  • I think that, tumblr is social site.