Brett Dalton and Elizabeth Henstridge, Phoenix ComicCon Fanfest 2016.


I spotted these @herschelsupply backpacks at Book Culture a few weeks ago, but it wasn’t until I actually saw one being worn that I noticed the moon phases on the straps and was able to find the bag online (here)! The Milky Way and moon phases are two astronomical phenomena we typically take for granted, either because we can’t see if from where we live or because we just don’t notice. Why not remind yourself of them by wearing both at once?!


They’re gonna go home and enjoy takeout together on their sofa and then probably watch Disney’s version of Aladdin just because and she’ll fall asleep on him and he’ll watch her with so much love in his eyes and carry her carefully up to bed and she’ll grumble and sigh in her sleep and snuggle close to him, refusing to let go and they’ll fall asleep wrapped in each other’s arms and everything will be right with the world the end.

someone write the thing.

i hate that the boys i like dont get that im dropping hints like i wanna talk about dungeons and dragons and women’s rights too and what your sexual preference might be because you’ve mentioned not being sure and I’ll do your makeup if stuff doesn’t work out cos i value our friendship bUT NO. IDIOT BOY. DOESNT GET. HINTS.

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do you ever worry that ht truly doesn't care about mgs? :( bcs i do, he used to be so lovey-dovey with jian yi and he behaves so differently with momo & i want momo to be cared about and loved :(

Yes. (Although, as with any of my answers, it’s a more multi-faceted answer than that haha.)

  • I used to think that He Tian didn’t like Guan Shan at all, and I was almost certain that Guan Shan felt nothing for He Tian (on this point, I’m still not entirely convinced). The only thing that has remotely changed my mind is the kiss and the note. The kiss based on He Tian actually doing it and Guan Shan’s reaction, and the note just based on what it was, what it implies, and the fact that I think we’re supposed to believe Guan Shan has kept and read it quite a lot.
  • Your point about Jian Yi – I don’t think He Tian was interested in Jian Yi to the severity that he is with Guan Shan. I think largely it was a platonic interest, and that he cared for Jian Yi because, well, because he just did. He is a friend of his. There’s something between He Tian and his brother and Jian Yi’s father, so the concern for him is deeper than that, but he was different with Jian Yi because what he probably felt for him was not some intense, sexual interest. It wasn’t the intrigue and the desire he feels for Guan Shan (erotically and on a deeper level, too). I’ve written about Jian Yi x He Tian a couple of times (if you go to my tag ‘ramblings’ and scroll back a bit you’ll find my thoughts on that), where I talk about He Tian being a kind of prompt for Jian Yi to move on his feelings for Zhengxi. Whatever He Tian was/wasn’t, he’s not interested in Jian Yi like that now. 
  • Finally, what does He Tian feel, and how does he feel it? They’re all pretty complex characters. How are we to know that the way He Tian handles things are not his pathetic attempts at declarations of sexual/romantic interest? It’s really impossible to tell. But, likewise, we cannot assume that his cruelty is also his way of showing his feelings, because that’s almost excusing his behaviour as affection, and not understanding that he is being actually cruel. 

I want Guan Shan to be cared about and loved, too. I love bad character/good character romance tropes, because I love it when the bad character softens. When they are kinder because they are in love; because someone acts as a mirror to them for realising their behaviour isn’t right. I want that to happen to He Tian; I want him to realise that he has been cruel, or that if he does have affection for Guan Shan then it can’t be brutal and cutting. Violence is not a display of cutesy affection. ‘Boys will be boys’ does not fly with me. And if it’s how their relationship ‘develops’ then…


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