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Not Alone

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Characters: Y/n, Draco

Pairing: Draco x Y/n (MALE READER)

Word count: 995

Warnings: Fluffiness. Just cute Christmas fluff. Flirting sort of, cuteness, kiss, happiness. Just crazy cute Draco stuff, cos he’s adorable as hell. 

Summary: Y/n spends Christmas at Hogwarts and finds he’s not the only one.

A/N: Here’s another HP fic. It’s just pure cuteness, cos it’s time for cuteness and happiness, especially for Draco. Second fic of the day. 2 more to go. Hope u like it.


“Hey Draco”.

Y/n sat beside the white haired boy, smiling at him and setting the wrapped gift down.

Draco looked up at y/n and grinned.

“Not going home for Christmas?”

Draco shook his head, playing with the food on his plate.


“Just stuff going on. Said I should stay here this year.”

Y/n nodded, having heard the rumours of what usually happened at the Malfoy house ever since Voldemort’s supposed return.

“You didn’t go home?”

“Nah. My parents are busy. The Weasley’s invited me over though, with Hermione and Harry, but I figured I’d rather spend Christmas here. I like it when no one’s around. You can just go and explore the castle, find nice little spots and relax for a few weeks”, y/n replied, staring out of the towering windows, the pure white snowflakes falling and collecting along the edge, frosting up the glass.

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What do you think the T stands for in LGBT? Terfs? Cos y'all can go straight to hell. There's nothing radical about excluding trans women / trans people. Get it together.

There’s nothing radical about thinking womanhood is something any man can claim whenever he chooses.

honestly lena probably would have had a much better experience in blackwatch. this is, of course, going off the hc that blackwatch was not evil (doing the hard shit that couldn’t be so much in the public eye, yes, but not evil) and was also a very tight knit family 

she was ideal as the face of overwatch because of her cheerful disposition, young, pretty face, and strong morals, but her actual experience in overwatch wasn’t exactly pleasant 

she made friends at overwatch and she told herself that this was everything she wanted, but she was closest with jesse and genji and overwatch was much larger than blackwatch and honestly a lot more corrupt 

lena, even with her hero complex and her sort of blind faith in overwatch (that is honestly just a coping mechanism), is someone that doesn’t trust authority. especially not governments. (especially not the british government)

she would have thrived in blackwatch and would have been an extremely effective agent working in covert ops if given literally any stealth training. and she would have likely had a healthier support system and been able to be more herself