cos that's where he's leading us to

If youre unfamiliar with the term “Peronism” it basically can refer to either 1) the policies and plans of Juan Domingo Peron who was President of Argentina from 1946-1955 and again from 1973-1974 or 2) the cult of personality set up around Peron and his wife Evita Peron or 3) a term used to describe a system of government which manages to directly appeal to both far-right and far-left elements of the society at the same time and in a way that appears paradoxical to many people which has often been said to have been a feature of Peron. 

Like remember when Trump was like “it was a mistake to ever go into Iraq but since we did we shouldve hauled off the oil”? Thats basically him trying to sound appealing to anyone thats not “center” like Trump’s hope with a statement like that is that it’d be a kind of optical illusion. Basically people on the left would only hear the first part where he sounds like he’s saying “Bush & Co fucked up and mislead the nation into invading Iraq and leading us into a quagmire” and disregard the rest and people on the far-right would only hear the last part where it sounds like a jingoistic nationalist spiel about how “War gives the right of the conquerors to impose any conditions they please upon the vanquished”