cos of the ghey
If you think it’s not PR at this point that someone close to them thought it was okay to tell A FAN their New Years plans…Do you know how disgusting that would be? Celebs have trouble trusting people,...

Oh lookity, bitch is sooooo pissed off she even tag invaded. Stay Klassie, PedoMeme…

If you think it’s not PR at this point that someone close to them thought it was okay to tell A FAN their New Years plans…

Do you know how disgusting that would be? Celebs have trouble trusting people, cause they know that many new friends just become friends with them to know their secrets and sell them to TMZ.

Except there’s a significant difference between spilling to a few 100 (max) people on tumblr and broadcasting it on TMZ. Ironically, part of why your argument fails is because paying off all these shills would make them far more vulnerable to their “PR relationship” being sold to TMZ. Cause that’s a waaayyyy more juicy scandal (elaborate fake relationship, with a network/production company spending millions just to hide ONE dude as teh ghey?) then two co-stars are in love…..

If you WERE really talking to a friend or family, they have just broke a huge confidence to make you stupid idiots squeal.

Love you, too, boo…..however, it could far more easily be an intern or a travel planner. Oh or the friend of a friend….Or someone is merely guessing and got lucky….

That didn’t happen.

Errmmmm….I just pointed out what it most likely was….

So the only other alternative is that you have been talking to a PR agent.

Wait there are now PR “agents”??? Is that like a KAOS agent or a travel agent???

Not someone high up, some intern, who instead of wasting their time on Instagram or Twitter finding fans to take photos with them, wastes time on Tumblr listening to the vile bullshit you all spew.

But wouldn’t that be furthering the eevvvolllll PR’s (painfully modest and minimal) goals??? So not “wasting time” accomplishing their evvvillllll plan!!! Also, “vile bullshit”?? Cause we think a cute couple in love is cute? Yeaaahhhhh how DARE we????

(bonus points, you’re already in a full on lather and it’s amazzzzzinnnnggggg)

And they make a plan. The best way to make you freak out.

Buuuttt…..I thought they were “wasting time”???

Funny thing. Two days ago, KJ’s family was JUST talking about going to Hawaii in the coming months.

Yes, of course, they totally STOLE that from KokeJ….because evvvollll…..and KokeJ and Tampon OWN Hawaii (every last fucking island of it) in totality.

And where are RH and CS going?


She does realize that there would be no available vacancies there, anywhere for NYE besides maybe my step-mother-in-law’s couch? And that’s Waikiki, which I don’t see as SH’s thing?

So they’d for certain have booked this quite some time ago????

Or are PR agents/overlords so uber powerful and evvvollll they can obtain guestrooms and don’t care if they’ve ruined some mid-western family’s Christmas dream vacation, for which they saved for decades??? Oh the humanity!!! Oh the PR!!!

By thinking these anons are friends or family who just want to make you happy, you are also saying that you think it’s okay for friends to break confidences and you support that.

We don’t think that….and why would they care about making us happy? We’re complete strangers. More like they’re loose lipped interns. Same people who leak spoilers to paps, etc. They’re just gossiping.

So nooooo…..

Finally, I thought they both wanted privacy with their relationship. This trip could have happened without anyone knowing, so why would there be such a buildup if it was real?

Errmmmm some rando leaking “something” on tumblr is buildup? Nope. Plus, TBH, no it couldn’t be kept seekrit unless they flew on a private jet, etc…you’re just pissed off and jealous.

Also, again, while SH doesn’t talk about their relationship and do want it quiet, they also don’t actually hide it.

REAL PEOPLE DON’T WANT THEIR FANS KNOWING THEIR EVERY MOVE! And especially when both parties have specifically said they want to keep their love life private.

Funny, because much of what you insist proves Cornholio is that KokeJ endlessly documents his interactions with Cole. Seriously, you normally argue the exact opposite. In fact, wouldn’t this argument fully disprove Stinkbrosgiving as the click bait a rama it was?

Plus knowing SH is on a flight to Hawaii is hardly “knowing their every move”

If they were actually together, they WOULD NOT want you sleuthing into their relationship. Imagine if a bunch of little girls were obsessed with YOUR relationship. Would you fucking give them breadcrumbs?


Again, doesn’t this apply to you and Cornholio, all the more, then? You’re the one claiming they tell you things and ask for your “help” (in the form of macaroni and glitter pictures) in code and through seekrit instas…..

So, again, couple quietly together goes on a romantic trip together….and some intern gets excited and spills/an anon got lucky.

So, for once, feel bad. Admit that I’m right. Maybe not out loud, but at least to yourself. Admit this doesn’t make sense and you were duped. That there is someone, probably many someones laughing at your gullibility and patting themselves on the back for the raise they are about to get.

Ummmmm….there’s someone (maybe someones) laughing all right…..but not at us, at you and your verrryyyyyy crazy ass.

More like maybe YOU should admit we’re right, SH are a couple in love, off to spend probably their most romantic week ever, in one of the most romantic places on the planet—-KokeJ is being fucked by Unidentified Friend and neither PR nor Cornholio exist on any level…..

Oh and YOU should feel bad for once for forcing an inapplicable sexuality on Cole, trying to out KokeJ and fetishizing them all so you can self-insert and jack off. And hating Lili for being Cole’s fiancee.

Admit that your words are hurting the ones you claim to care about, and maybe, hey, learn that Hollywood lies.

Admit that you’re crazy and just want to self insert as GheyJ and have Cole as your reward for being an asswipe….Also, love how you’re trying to turn this into telling us how we are and are not to think and behave

Given what I’m about to tag, I know I’m going to get a lot of hate, but I don’t care. I don’t care what you think of me or how much you hate me, cause this is proof of PR, plain and simple.

No, but your tag invasion is proof that you’re a batcrap crazee dickwad. And your desperate tone is proof you know you’ve lost.

And your tears are DELICIOUS!!!!!!

And either you stop shipping Scamhart, and support these people, or you continue shipping Scamhart and being a total asshole.

Ummm……yes, again, please dictate all terms to us, almighty YaoiHag…..but I’m pretty sure (as I’ve now fully illustrated) the “total asshole” is yourself…..

Your choice.

Well, I’m good. And continue to love you, too, boo…..

I hope at least some of you will question your views after this.

Nope, we will, however, feel SH is now fully confirmed and that Cornholio is even more absurd than ever…..

If you do, I’d be happy to chat with you anytime. I don’t hate any of you. Your resolve makes me sad, but I believe that people can change. If you see the error in your ways, come talk to me. Everyone makes mistakes.

OMG!!! Good lord, you do hate us and the thing that’s even more hilarious about this??? It’s all over whether Cole wants to stick his peen in Lili’s vag or KokeJ’s activated charcoal bunghole. There is NO higher cause, etc…than that. Literally, all of this goes back to your jealousy of Lili getting everything you want (Cole and a flourishing career) and you can’t handle that…..coupled with your compulsion to yaoi het dudes and fap…..

Dude, get the fuck over yourself. It isn’t remotely that important. And check the snide, fatuous tone while you’re at it. The mistake is by YOU…..

And I now return to celebrating this exalted day in SH history!!!