cos it felt the most in character

Since many people only watch the Swan Queen scenes, I thought it was interesting to point out that even in the later half of the season they were still showing Hook & Emma’s relationship in a dubious light and using parallels and story elements that queer people specifically would notice. They also put hints in the narrative that suggest Emma will be back, so like before, until this show is over… it’s simply not over.

First we had this dialogue with Henry, where Emma says she needs to leave and lay low…

…then there is a death and resurrection…

…but because it is followed by the Last Supper - an event that in the Bible happens before Jesus’ death - it could mean that this was a storytelling device giving us a summary of what is actually still to come.

They spent more time emphasizing how much pressure Snow put on Emma when she confessed to planning her wedding ever since they met…

…or by having her mother walk her to the altar in a dress that could not be more out of character…

…or letting her mother sing about this being her wish coming true but not necessarily Emma’s.

They kept hinting the marriage was doomed when they warned us that seeing the bride before the wedding is bad luck…

…and then made sure that happened…

…after turning Snow/ Emma’s dress black.

Seeing Hook burn didn’t snap Emma out of it…

…nor did the flashback scenes to the marriage - but beyond that they used special effects commonly associated with horror and trauma to evoke a negative feeling.

Then there was Hook taking on the pose of Judas in the Last Supper, marking him as a potential traitor in the middle of this new book. 

We also had Regina who couldn’t look at Emma when mentioning her marriage - masking her pain…

…when promising to make sure Emma would get a good wedding…

…only to cut to a song that can be summed up as “Screw love, I don’t want to feel it anymore.” Just look at her face when Granny sings about princess Emma…

…or the Queen ripping Emma’s baby blanket while singing love doesn’t stand a chance.

If Regina’s song is relevant to her present day feelings then so is Hook’s. He sings he doesn’t care about Snow & Charming’s rank… but they never offered him a title in the flashback. Marrying Emma in the present would actually give him their rank, riches and their most important treasure - their daughter…

…but even in the present he hasn’t let go of his revenge and grabs the first opportunity to go after the Dark One. She doesn’t let him help, he doesn’t keep his promise to let her handle it.

Meanwhile Emma and Regina agree they don’t want to raise Henry alone, work together and we see Emma hypothetically co-adopt Zelena’s kid…

…and Regina jumps on the opportunity to take Emma out after Hook leaves…

…once again drawing our attention to the fact the character that has made the most progress doesn’t approve of the man her friend is marrying but supports her regardless…

….and yet there is no resolution, so why write those lines at all?

Or finally show us Hook is a murderer right before the wedding after seasons of just telling us?


There was also Jasmine’s forced marriage to Jafar because she felt she had to do it out of duty…

…while the real solution proved to be giving in to love between the thief and the princess - coincidentally wearing Regina’s coat… 

… at the same time they had innuendo heavy dialogue like “We know each other in various ways…” between Jasmine and Ariel…

…and gave them the most romantic moment from the Aladdin movie…

…then had Ariel ‘come out’ to Eric.

Then there were these two who qualify for a “Find someone who looks at you like Tiger Lily looks at Fiona when she trusts her with her baby…” meme…

…and that’s without mentioning the gal pal level fierce loyalty Tiger Lily has toward her fairy godchild’s mother.

Of course we all saw Regina’s pained face when she heard about the proposal…

…and Emma’s face daring her to say anything…

…and that brief flash of pain on her face as she lets go.

So yes, that’s just a short list of interesting narrative choices made by creators who already knew more or less what’s next…

…so maybe this split in Lucy’s new book with somebody out of the picture and Emma, Henry and Regina bathing in light is entirely intentional?

why tamlin (in my opinion) is the worst character in acotar.

Worse than Ianthe? Yes. Worse than Amarantha? Yes. Worse than Hybern? Totally. Obviously, objectively speaking, the things that Tamlin has done aren’t as bad as the things that Amrantha has done. Tamlin didn’t imprison an entire group of people under a mountain for 50 years and strip them of their powers. Tamlin did not torture a human girl. Tamlin hasn’t murdered a human girl. 

However, Amrantha and Hybern were always set up as the villain characters. As readers, we were always predisposed to hate them. And Feyre, Rhysand and co. were also always going to hate these characters. They have always been evil, and evil is always going to be expected of them. They are not characters who have complex morality- rather, they are “dark” characters who are in direct opposition to Feyre’s goodness and complex morality. Finally, and most importantly, neither Amarantha nor Hybern ever loved Feyre. Of course I hate that Amarantha tortured Feyre, of course I felt so much pain for Feyre over her PTSD. But it was, in a way, expected, based on Amarantha’s character. Similarly, Hybern’s actions at the ending of ACOMAF are completely evil and disgusting, but they are in keeping with how both the reader and the main characters expect him to act. There’s no sense of these characters betraying their morality or making a mistake or being evil despite their good inner character. They are just evil, through and through, and they suck, but they suck in the way that Sauron and Voldemort suck- little complexity. The reader is not compromised over their morality and neither are the main characters.

Tamlin, however, presented himself to Feyre as being utterly devoted and in love with her. Tamlin was supposed to protect her and keep her safe. Tamlin, for Feyre, represented safety, happiness, and love after a long life of hardship and feeling abandoned by her family. But when faced with helping Feyre UtM what does he do? He begs for her life rather than attacking Amarantha. He uses his moment of freedom with Feyre to fuck her rather than to help her escape (this breaks my heart more than anything). And then, when Feyre and he return to the Spring court, does he do anything to help her recover? Nope. He doesn’t empathize with her, he won’t even comfort her when she’s puking from nightmares. He ignores the situation because he’s too consumed by his own issues. However, Tamlin’s issues are related to Feyre- and his inability to protect her Utm. He doesn’t really experience the same level of torture that Feyre and Rhysand do. He has to suffer through watching Feyre be hurt. And so it’s ironic, really, that once Tamlin has the ability to make Feyre happy again, he doesn’t. And it’s ironic that Feyre’s experience UtM is, in a way, Tamlin’s fault. He failed to help her escape. He didn’t use the opportunities he had to save her. He didn’t intervene when Amarantha fucking murdered her. So Tamlin’s issues post UtM are really selfish and based in wallowing over his own inability and faults. Whereas Feyre…poor Feyre is dealing with being high fae and the fact that she killed fae, and the fact that she was you know..tortured until death and then reborn. Tamlin, who is supposed to be her protector, fails both UtM and post UtM. He neither saves her nor does he help her heal. In fact, he makes her PTSD and depression worse. She has an eating disorder. She wallows. She no longer speaks up for herself strongly. She begs him to give her space and a job to do and something to occupy herself other than planning fucking parties with Ianthe- and Tamlin refuses. Tamlin doesn’t see what is right in front of him because he is so consumed by guilt and his own failings. So consumed by them that he fails her again. That he abuses her. He locks her up. He destroys a room out of anger. He puts himself and his needs in front of his partner’s. Feyre is so abused and beaten down at the spring court that she subconsciously cries out for help. She is incapable of helping herself essentially, and Rhys and Mor have to take her to a safe house. Tamlin is consumed by his own grief- grief over not being able to keep feyre safe (partially his fault)- so much so that he turns it against the one person he wants to love and protect the most. Which is so many levels of fucked up. Finally, any argument for why Tamlin’s actions are understandable in invalidated by the fact that Tamlin abused Feyre, and domestic abuse is not understandable and should not, under any circumstances, be normalized. 

Look, when you’re in a relationship with someone, you don’t hold anger and grief against them. You don’t use it against them. You don’t…blame them for your grief. Like, it sucks for Tamlin that he had to watch Feyre be tortured and couldn’t protect her. It sucks. But who is the person who actually WAS tortured? Feyre! So Tamlin should have been doing everything in his power to help her heal and instead he does the opposite. 

So for me, Tamlin’s abuse and ignorance and fucking emotionally manipulation (making Feyre think his abuse is her fault when it’s not) are so much worse than anything Hybern and Amarantha did. Because Tamlin was the person who Feyre trusted. She went UtM to save him! And he repays her by abusing her. He repays her by locking her up. The enormity of what Feyre did for the fae is recognized by everyone. She is, in a way, revered and honored as “Feyre Cursebreaker.” She sacrificed her life to save people who weren’t even hers. So for Tamlin to abuse her after she makes this great sacrifice not only for him, but for his entire race is just horrific and unforgivable and nauseating. 

Finally, I hate Tamlin so much more than any other character because Feyre fought for him with her life and he didn’t fight very hard for her. That’s the worst way to betray someone you love. That betrayal hurts more, to me, than anything Ianthe or Hybern or Amarantha does, because it’s a betrayal I’ve felt. A betrayal millions of women have felt- when you love a man and he claims to love you back but he doesn’t fight for you or that love. 

You wanna know who fights harder for Feyre than Tamlin does? Nesta. Cassian. Rhys. Azriel. Elain. Mor. Amren- fucking Amren, who isn’t even fae and is hard as nails- Amren loves Feyre and fights for her. Basically every character in the book, aside from Ianthe and Hybern and Amrantha, fights for Feyre. Even the young human queen betrays the other queens to help Feyre and co. Tamlin does nothing- nothing of import to fight for Feyre. Rhys makes himself the villain in the eyes of his mate- his mate- just to save her life. Rhys endures rape in order to help Feyre. I just…hate Tamlin so fucking deeply. I hate abusers. I hate men who think women should be locked up like prized jewels, who take the love women give them freely and throw it back in their faces, who refuse to fight for a women who has fought until her last breath for them.  I’ll just leave you with this quote, which sums up completely why I am team No Redemption Arc for Tamlin Because It’s Impossible For A Heaping Pile Of Shit To Ever Be Anything Other Than A Heaping Pile Of Shit: 

I had done everything – everything for that love. I had ripped myself to shreds, I had killed innocents and debased myself, and he had sat beside Amarantha on that throne. And he couldn’t do anything, hadn’t risked it – hadn’t risked being caught until there was only one night left, and all he’d wanted to do wasn’t free me, but fuck me. And when Amarantha had broken me, when she had snapped my bones and made my blood boil in its veins, he’d just knelt and begged her. He hadn’t tried to kill her, hadn’t crawled for me. Yes, he’d fought for me – but I’d fought harder for him.


request ; Ur fics are so good??!! Like theyre so cute really. Could u do an oak fic bc there’s not enough. Idrc what it’s abt. Thanks!

by anonymous

pairing ; oak x reader

words ; 2320

summary ; he gave her some of him. she broke him. he gave you everything. you fixed him.

warnings ; mentions of cheating; depressed!oak; breakups

note ; ok ok ok i wasn’t sure this made sense at first, so i had to ask jo, and she said it was good, buuuut i’m not positive. lemme know what you guys think!

A broken boy.

That’s who he was. Just out of a relationship that meant the world to him. He still loved that girl, but what she did shattered everything he was. He trusted her, so much so that he gave nearly all he had in himself, and he dated her for two years. But then she turned around and decided that his love wasn’t enough, deciding she needed someone else’s love to satisfy her sadistic needs.

A girl who loved him.

She loved him before he love the girl who broke him. But she stayed in the background, stayed out of his heart. Then, the girl came around, and y/n, the girl in love with the boy, had never felt more alone. After those two years, complete with two good-for-nothing boyfriends and getting through a debuting Broadway show with that boy, she never fell out of love with him. She just couldn’t help herself.

A story to always remember.

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why is shayera one of your favorite characters? ^.^

i’m only seeing this now, sorry! :)

but anyways, i like her because she’s tough and all that but she has a soft side…like the way she interacts with solomon grundy in “the terror beyond” and “wake the dead” was always compelling to me. for whatever reason, she really cares, she understands this ‘monster’ and mourns him (twice actually, cos in “wake the dead” she’s forced to kill him in order to bring him peace)

she’s also a wonderfully compelling character because she essentially betrays the team - remember how she was a thanagarian spy all along and her race (including the man she was engaged to…he was a dick tbh!) ended up invading the earth and a lot of ppl hated her for that including the league at some point

(i always felt that wonder woman was the most hurt by shayera’s action tbh cos she’s an amazon who always took comfort in the trust of other women and shayera broke that trust 1000%)

but she knows she has to fight for redemption, she knows that ppl despise her for what she did and rightfully so - so she reinvents herself

i also like her for a whole lot of other reasons including her relationship with john + the fact that they have a son in the future lol

Guys I just saw the most delightful Romeo and Juliet. Some amazing things about it: 

-All female cast. Yes. It was very very ShakesQueer and THERE WERE ANGRY OLD MEN IN THE AUDIENCE and those two things combined in a beautiful way. 

-Immersive performance. We entered the church and everyone was already in character. Blowing up balloons, giving us invites to the capulet party (which seems cheesy but like it really wasn’t, they used it later when Romeo &co crash the party. 

-TOMB SCENE OMG. they turned off the lights and did the tomb scene by candlelight so it really felt like a tomb. and i cried at all the things. 

-Romeo and Juliet being adorable. Romeo was a teeny blonde and Juliet was a teeny brunette who was only a little bit taller than Juliet. They were just precious and in the courting (a lot of which took place in the audience in the pews) involved cute peeking around columns and just bringing so much joy to the pair it made me so happy. 

-Mercutio. Amazing. 

-End of the show they didn’t do bows. Just had the steward quietly show us out while R&J were still laying on the tomb surrounded by candles. 

god so good. so gooood. i cry. 

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Are you also disappointed at how Cassie and Marco's relationship ended with the series? Like, this series messed me up A LOT, and there are still some books I refuse to read (any with Taylor.) But I remember getting really angry at how Marco and Cassie described their friendship. It's just... I always felt they were disturbingly similar. Like, their train of thoughts were parallel... maybe I thought wrong. So yeah, what are your thoughts on those two and their relationship? Platonic or other.

I don’t know if you’ve ever read K.A Applegate’s AMA, but in it she says roughly that Cassie is based on herself (or most closely represents her personality) and Marco is based on/represents her husband and co-author Michael Grant. I found this fascinating because, at least as I read it, Cassie was the only character with whom Marco *didn’t* casually flirt. I think they love and care about each other as do all the Animorphs, but I also think they go through periods of strongly disliking each other. Marco becomes frustrated with Cassie’s refusal to see the big picture/her determination to save every little dandelion, and Cassie becomes angry with Marco’s willingness to sacrifice the individual/set aside ethical questions. 

BUT, by the time we’re in the late 30s/early 40s, while they still become frustrated with each other in the moment, they strongly respect and even rely on the other person to have an opposing POV. Moreover, Jake (and the others) rely on them to have differing points of view. Cassie and Marco understand that they are each other’s checks and balances, and because they see the world in such different ways they have a chance of both winning the war and retaining a small shred of the moral high ground. (Like maybe six inches of dirt, but still : ) 

Although all the Animorphs are occasionally uncomfortable with their roles on the team (in REALLY broad terms, Jake = leader, Rachel = fighter, Tobias = eyes in the sky, Ax = alien expert/non-human POV, Marco = strategist, Cassie = moral heart) I think Cassie and Marco are the LEAST uncomfortable because their roles align broadly with their ethical codes. Jake is buried under a mountain of guilt because of the people who are hurt/killed at his word, Rachel is horrified when she and others discover the monster inside herself, Ax is forced to represent an entire species of people who he’s not sure he believes in, and Tobias accepts but is still emotionally devastated by his isolation from humans. 

Marco and Cassie are as scarred and traumatized as the others, but unlike the others they’re able to more or less cling to their beliefs (again REALLY broadly: Cassie = treat others as you want to be treated and the world will be a better place, Marco = be objective and logical and ultimately everyone will be treated as equally as possible.) In other words, Cassie and Marco don’t discover any horrifying truths about themselves (like Rachel and Jake,) or constantly search for their senses of self because their identities are in flux (like Ax and Tobias.) Or if they do, it’s not to the degree that it happens with Rachel, Jake, Ax, and Tobias. 

Cassie says in #54 that she and Marco are the only survivors of the war. On the surface that could be seen as circumstantial (they didn’t have to sacrifice themselves like Rachel, they didn’t lose their only connection to humanity like Tobias, they didn’t make the decision to kill thousands of defenseless beings like Jake*,) but when you step back and look at it from a distance, you realize that those circumstances only exist because of who Cassie and Marco are. If Jake had died, Cassie would have been devastated but ultimately would have stayed connected and lived. If Jake asked Marco to kill Tom, he wouldn’t have gone into straight battle like Rachel, he would have finessed himself into a situation where he guaranteed Tom’s death before anyone else, and only taken on others if he felt like he had a chance. Cassie and Marco are the only survivors because, intentionally or not, Rachel, Tobias, Ax, and especially Jake allowed them to keep being themselves. On the flip side, the Animorphs needed Cassie and Marco to keep being themselves, because they needed the voice of cold reason (Marco) and the voice of compassion (Cassie) for the team to function. 

So what do I think of Cassie and Marco’s relationship? I think they are the poles holding up either end of the tightrope, and once the tightrope is gone, there’s nothing to connect them. They have a wealth of shared experiences, but at the end of the day, because they retained their senses of self at the end of the war, they are two people who see the world VERY differently and want different things from life. If Cassie or Marco called one another up and said they needed help, the other one would be there ASAP, no questions asked, for as long as possible, as many times as necessary. But they’re not going to hang out and get coffee. Because the harsh truth is, if they started discussing the war, they’d probably become very angry with each other’s memories and perspectives. Because they’re flip sides of a coin. And that’s what let the Animorphs win the war. 

*I think we all know that decision was as much Marco and Ax’s as it was Jake’s. But apparently Jake (and the rest of the world) sorta forget that. 

Journey to Arcadia || CLOSED Arcadia AU @ sugarrushwrecker

The cabinet had been tucked into the back corner of the Brown Valley Video Arcade for two decades: a racing game sequel that, despite its boast of better sprite art, four different tracks, and overall more engaging gameplay, had only ever been a modest success upon its release in 1983. Perhaps TURBO TIME II had been hurt by its predecessor’s tendency to glitch out and take other games down with it. At any rate, over time, it dwindled down into the game that arcade patrons played only when they were too impatient to stand in line for Spin-to-Win or the coin drops, until at last it barely justified the cost of the electricity needed to keep it running.

And finally, it hadn’t even been able to do that…

Turbo, the titular character of Turbo Time II, had always been something of an introvert: never an outright misanthrope, he’d never given any indication of disliking people, but he was always the sort of kid who defaulted to his own thoughts rather than to conversation during the long lulls of working hours. He was a bit odd-looking, though not hideous or anything, and was generally quiet and spacey. No one at the arcade thought much about him.

He was the lead character, but not exactly the leader of the game; it would have felt weird trying to lord over Flash, Dash, and Crash (yellow-, blue-, and green-clad racers, respectively) when they were all a good five years older than their teen co-star. Running the game was a team effort between them all, and Turbo was the little brother of the group, often good-naturedly teased, but never excluded. For the most part, he was satisfied with that. Life could be dull, but he’d never found much to complain about.

At least, until two days ago –

Even just thinking about it, a shivery burst of red binary rippled across him.

He’d been lurking in the shadows since then, never straying too far from his old outlet, although he ducked and hid any time a character from the new racing game happened to saunter out. But during gaming hours, there wasn’t any need for him to move at all.

He just sat against the grimy wall of Game Central Station, staring blankly off into space with wide sad eyes…

the gg revival ending: a rant.

*spoilers and ranting galore*

There is something poetic about Rory ending the series single and pregnant and I am fine with it. Not happy. Not really understanding the reasoning. But fine. Sometimes life takes you to weird places and you just gotta go with it.

What is not fine, is Rory not telling the baby’s father, Logan, about the pregnancy, in service to some weird predestined metaphor in which Logan is supposed to be Rory’s deadbeat dad Christopher and Rory is her mother (and poor Jess is supposed to be Luke?). I do not see why Amy and Co. felt it necessary to have Rory relive her mothers life. Especially when you remember how terrified Rory was of ending up in this exact same scenario throughout most of the series. Moreover, I do not believe for a second Logan wound’t want to play an active part in his child’s life (Ala Christopher). Yes they completely reversed Logan’s character development in the revival (don’t even get me started! An open relationship? REALLY???) but even then, I can’t believe Logan wouldn’t step up and be there for Rory and his kid. Rory not telling Logan is incredibly selfish and I do not understand the reasoning behind it. My only hope is that I am misreading the signals and Amy comes out with an interview to clear up at least this part of the revival. I cannot live with the idea of Rory never telling Logan about his child. It would be the exact same scenario as what Ana did to Luke with April, which essentially deprived Luke of years of bonding with his only child. Logan does not deserve this type of treatment and I am flabbergasted at even the suggestion of this being acceptable. 

*end of rant* 

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Why do NH think the claim that Hinata was created to be Naruto's love interest is a good argument? It doesn't legitimize their ship like they think. If true, then it proves that Hinata was nothing but shipping fodder and had no other purpose in the story besides that. All the stuff they say is important about her is either secondary or non-existent to her major purpose, which was to be Naruto's baby machine in the epilogue. 699 chapters of waiting around to be relevant. Okay.

One of the common arguments NH made BEFORE the ending was Hinata was created to love Naruto, her character would be pointless if Naruto didn’t accept her, that’s why NH should happen. 

NH always see Hinata just a pairing fodder, they never have problem with it, cos they think 1 ) other characters don’t need characterization or relevance, this series is about Naruto. 2) Hinata fans are 99% shippers, shippers only care about one thing, will my ship become canon.

NH know exactly why Hinata is a shitty character, but they don’t like other people saying it out loud. NH are the ones who complained about Hinata’s boobs got down sized, they’re also the ones who deny Hinata is a moe trash. If you go to videos reviews of that “hand-holding” chapter, comments like “Hinata wants Naruto’s dick” are everywhere. But if you criticize Hinata being thirsty af in front of Neji’s corpse, they’d play victim and say you’re a misogynist. 

NH are the ones who argue Hinata was created to be Naruto’s love interest, they’re also the ones who would flip out if you tell them she’s a irrelevant pairing fodder. But in reality, we’re talking about the same things, she’s never meant to be a character, she’s created to be a dumb pairing fodder.

I think only 0.5% of the fanbase ever took Hinata seriously as a character. Even among anti who previously liked Hinata, they often cite they liked her cos she’s inspired by Naruto, that’s not really an attribute of her own character, those people only liked her IN RELATION to Naruto.

The thing is NH have this strange idea that if her character was created for romance, then it means NH was meant to be, it makes sense. They confuse Kishimoto’s “intentions” with “development”. But of course most things Kishimoto planned ended up not making sense, lacking in logic and development. And we already know Kishimoto never planned NH, he already admitted in interviews he only changed her mind cos he felt sorry for Hinata, and because she’s popular.
'Zootopia' directors talk sequel, TV potential

“With the box office-busting Disney film set for home entertainment release on June 7, the most pressing question surrounding Zootopia — which opened on March 4 and has since grossed a whopping $993 million worldwide — is what comes next.

‘The fan response is a huge help for that kind of thing,’ says co-director Byron Howard, who says he and co-director Rich Moore were overwhelmed by audience reactions to the grown-up kid caper. 'I think we all loved the world so much and got so attached to the characters, that we actually got a little sad when the film finally came out [because] we felt like, ‘Well, we’re kind of done with it.’ And it’s nice that there’s this potential for it to get bigger.’

No plans have been announced as of yet, but if its studio predecessors are any indication, Zootopia stands to take a few leaps following its theatrical run.

'We cut a lot out during the making of the film,’ says Howard. 'We introduced districts that we talked about that couldn’t fit in, other characters that we eliminated from the movie. There’s a vast potential for this world, so I’d love to see something more come from it.'”

afirmbelieverinnopantsfridays replied to your post “������”

we were so spoiled for character writing in DA:2 compared to Inquisition

DA2 definitely had its ups and downs, and so did Inquisition. I honestly felt closer to the DA2 companions than I ever did to Inquisition’s companions. I mean, they’re still close but you get like one character quest each maybe and even then most of the time it still just felt like co-workers, albeit friendly co-workers. DA2 it still felt like all the companions each had their own lives and didn’t depend on Hawke, but Hawke was still as integral in shaping them as they were to Hawke and their relationships with each other effected the whole group dynamic more greatly than that of the inner circle in Inquisition in my opinion. I don’t know, it might just be because DA2 spans 7-8 years while Inquisition is just a little more than one year, so there was more time for that development to realistically happen. Tresspasser made up for this a little bit with the impact you’ve had on your inner circle being more pronounced, but I think the main game should have shown more change than we got. Also, a small complaint about the approval system: it was a branching path with approval in DA2 which I really liked and think it made more sense, while in Inquisition approval was very linear and a bit disappointing.

MTMTE 49 - Megatron

Megatron has been lost since Dark Cybertron, and maybe even before that. He talks about it in issue 32 with Ravage - He knew that he’d made mistakes, something I think he fully realized during Dark Cybertron, but he didn’t know what to do about it. He wanted to change who he was, but he didn’t know how to do that, and he didn’t know who he wanted to become. He grabbed an Autobot badge because it seemed like the easiest way to commit to that change, but it seems to me that he started questioning this path forward almost immediately.

Megatron has spent the past season trying to figure all this out - thinking and writing poetry, just like he did during his early days in the mines.

In MTMTE 49, Megatron has figured out who he wants to be, and how to get there. He’s sworn off violence. I’m so happy about this development. It was my wish for Season 2 that I never actually expected to see granted. I’m still kind of in shock over it.

I can’t help but wonder if he came to this decision privately a while ago - back in issue 44, when he stood in that flower field surrounding the statue of himself as a miner. Since then, the most violent thing Megatron’s done is grab Tailgate by the face when he woke up to Tailgate approaching him with mnemosurgery needles, something he immediately apologizes for in the next issue. I wouldn’t be surprised if he came to this decision in issue 44, and is only talking about it now because Rodimus pushed the issue.

In a series that is very much about violence and the ramifications of that violence, it’s great to finally have some kind of pacifist in the cast. I can see why there hasn’t been one so far - it’s been implied that most COs and pacifists either got absorbed into the war or left - but this has always felt like a gap to me, and I’m glad to see it filled. And I think it makes a lot of sense to have Megatron be the character to fill that gap.

Megatron has seen the ramifications of his decision to use violent tactics in the revolution. He’s seen what it has done to him, and he’s seen how it hasn’t gotten him what he wanted.

Violent tactics were what led Megatron to where he is, here and now. Why would he keep using the same violence when that’s exactly what dug him into the hole he’s in? How could the use of violence possibly get him closer to being the person he wants to be - the person he used to be? How can he move towards that goal while adding more flowers to that field?

And Megatron knows the price of inaction. In Elegant Chaos, Rewind told him what would happen if he had never lived to assert himself against the Functionist state - a hellish Functionist dystopia, and peace for non-Cybertronians. That might be preferable to Rewind, but I can’t imagine it looks acceptable to Megatron.  Megatron still believes in the goals of the revolution, and he knows now that it wouldn’t have happened without him.

The way I see it, given all this, a path of nonviolence feels like a very rational conclusion for Megatron to come to.

Is he going to be any good at it? Probably not, at least at first. It’s been a long time since Megatron has depended on nonviolent tactics, and he’s had a lot of time depending on force and violence since then. I’d expect him to make a lot of mistakes.

Is there a guarantee that Megatron’s nonviolence won’t end up hurting himself, or his crew? There sure isn’t, but I’m not convinced that a Megatron fixated on violence as a solution to any problem is any better.

I’m just so entirely pleased with this development, and I can’t wait to see where this is going to go.

How Tara Maclay is the Most Perfect Character in the "Buffyverse" (And Why That Works)

     If you’re a fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, you probably have a favorite character.  It’s probably Buffy, or if you’re weird like me, it might be Xander.  But one of your favorites is probably the sweet, beautiful, always moral and righteous Tara Maclay.  Tara is such an important character, especially for the time she was introduced to the world.  Apart from being one of the first openly gay, female characters on network television, Tara was also a Wicca portrayed in an extremely positive light, and if there’s one thing she taught you, I hope it’s this.  It’s easy to be smart if you read the right books and easy to be pretty if you wear the right clothes, but what’s hardest and most important is to be kind.

     I think my favorite thing about Tara is from the minute she’s introduced in season four’s iconic “Hush” to her untimely death in season six’s “Seeing Red” is that her character does not dramatically change.  It doesn’t have to.  While Willow must change from the meek, bookish nerd to arguably the most powerful Scooby, Tara doesn’t have to.  She can stay quiet and sweet and kind of behind the action, and it doesn’t hinder her character at all.  If Joss Whedon and Co. had felt the need to dramatically change Tara into someone more aggressive during her three-season stint, I think I would have been disappointed.  Most, if not all, of the members of the Scooby Gang are quite aggressive.  Tara is different.  By being meek, mild, and always kind, she is a hero in her own way.  She doesn’t need to kill all the demons to be a warrior.  By being a good, steadfast friend to Buffy and the others and a rock for Willow, Tara manages to save the day just by being the lover of the group.  No one in the history of this show loves more unconditionally than does Tara Maclay.  Sure, she has her limits, like leaving Willow when she was losing control with magic, but that wasn’t mean.  Tara left to protect herself, and I’m so glad she was strong enough to get out of that relationship when she realized she had to.  Let’s not forget that Tara comes from an abusive home where she was belittled and degraded for being different.  Did she become cruel and hateful based on her upbringing?  No, she took the high road and became a fierce proponent of true love, and we need to learn from her constant love and acceptance (not mere tolerance) of difference.  It’s not that Tara ever stops loving Willow.  It’s that Tara also knows how to love herself.  Just because she’s mild doesn’t mean she’s not strong.  Outside of her formidable kindness, Tara’s strength lies in what sets her apart from many of her other friends.

            Like Willow, the fact that Tara is a character on Buffy is one hell of a victory for sexual and religious representation.  To begin, Tara is one of three openly gay characters on the show, but her characterization doesn’t depend on this.  Just like Willow, being gay isn’t all there is to Tara.  It’s just part of who she is and how she was made.  This portrayal is both excellent and loving.  It would have been ridiculously easy for the writers, especially because there were a lot of straight men on the team, to fetishize Tara’s character.  In fact, it would have been harder to fetishize Willow because she was a character for years before she came out.  With Tara, it could have been all too simple to turn her into the oversexed lesbian to indulge ignorant fantasies.  This doesn’t happen at all.  Tara and Willow’s romantic moments are no different or more erotic than moments shared between Buffy and Angel or Xander and Anya.  They are treated with respect and dignity, not libido-driven stereotypes.  Also, remember that Tara was introduced to the Sunnydale scene in 1999 when gay characters weren’t quite status quo.  To be so well written and fairly represented at the beginning of a network TV change?  Heck yes.  Also, Tara is more than just Willow’s love interest or the catalyst to get Willow out of the closet.  She is her own character.  Yes, she’s quiet, and no, she doesn’t wield daggers, but it’s like I’ve already said.  Tara’s weapon is her unfailing maternal love.  Do I need to bring up the relationship between Tara and Dawn, or have you cried enough today?

            Additionally, Tara is a Wicca, and that is treated just as respectfully as is her sexuality.  There are no attacks on religion or magic practices once Tara is a character on the show, and that’s impressive.  You’d expect there to be a repeat of season three’s “Gingerbread” once another, major witch entered the scene, but no.  Tara and Willow are given the respect they deserve because it’s their bodies, their minds, and their choices.  Tara’s sexuality isn’t a choice, but her magical practices are, and they are portrayed with dignity and grace.  I know that Whedon isn’t religiously affiliated, but it still would have been a simple trap to fall into – making the witch like a Halloween witch.  Instead, Tara is represented as especially compassionate and not like a “witch” at all.  Difference is hardly ever sinister, and Tara’s practices highlight this often-overlooked truth.

            So, yeah, Tara Maclay is pretty much a perfect character.  You could argue that’s bad writing, but I’m not going to be that cynical.  Tara is a metaphor for what we ought to be.  We can’t always be her, but really, we should try.

50 shades // inspired

My fingers traced the outlines of the bruises that riddled my hips and inner thighs. Was this all from just last night?

My head was pounding, tequila being a friend only for the night. I stood in front of my bathroom mirror, it’s fluorescent light boomeranging off the freshly painted white walls, causing my vision to blur. I tilted my neck up slightly, exposing the outline of my trachea. Across it’s surface and atop the flesh of my throat, a disfigured assembly of pink and purple marks combined to make a whole unit.

With every touch, every swift caress of my forefinger, a relived a memory. I felt his breath on my collarbones, I felt my fragile thighs tremble against his that had stabilized mine. Most importantly, I remembered how fucking good it felt when his hands were tied around my throat.

I snapped out of my trance with the pounding (not only in my head), but of my roommate (and best friend)’s fist against our bathroom door.

“You need to get in the fucking shower, {Y/N}, you have an interview for your internship in 45 minutes.”

That was Becca, the bitch who was well aware I had an interview the next morning, yet still forced me out for Thirsty Thursdays.

I quickly said fuck the shower and realized my skin needed some serious fucking contouring. My neck was soon covered in foundation, my wrists smeared in powder. I had never seen so many different colors arrayed on my skin, I had never been so okay with it. But now was not the time. Now was the worst time.

➳  H

I buttoned the cuffs to my shirt swiftly, gesturing toward my assistant (Abie, Amy, Andi?) to give me some fuckin’ coffee. My head was damn near going to explode and the office was the last place I wanted to be right now. My office, overlooking the panorama of the most beautiful New York City, stood stories above the building across. You couldn’t help but admire how fucking good it feels to have money.

It felt as though I was 30 seconds into my morning routine, emails-phonecalls-signings, before an abrupt knock at my door interrupted my settling expedition. Abie/Amy/Andi better hope to hit the fucking curb before I smacked her pretty littl-

“Mr. Styles, I’m sorry, the interns are here.”

Ah, as I suppose.

“Let them in.”

It felt as though I chewed off an entire layer of my lip before we were allowed to go into his office. I had gotten accepted into my dream school, Columbia University, yet this still felt like the most impossible goal to accomplish. Writing for Smiths co.

I suddenly regretted my lack of shower, the smell of booze probably pouring out of every orifice. I rubbed the inside of my wrist, letting a piece of the (rug?)-burn show under my watch. Nerves juggled for reasons other than anxiety and places other than my stomach.

Some blonde blitz, probably 24, told us we could go in. Her body was petite and her hair was short, her intentions nothing of high business. Maybe of high connections, of rich daddies.

I was so intrigued by the character of this blitz that all nerves had subsided going into my newfound boss’ office. This did not last long.

You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.

He tilted his head cockily to the side, almost as if his small gesture was answering my question.

Now, normally I wouldn’t remember a one night stand. Normally I wouldn’t give a fuck to. But I saw him. I saw his hands. I felt his hands. I felt everything, in every part of my body, and all I could think was how fucking badly I wanted to feel it again.

But I didn’t come here for this.

➳ H

Oh, how i wish I were kidding. I watched her walk in, from the silkiness of her legs to the curvature of her breasts, both features my mouth had been completely in domination of only 12 hours ago. I watched her lips curve into an O-Was that the second or the third time?-her face displaying shock as soon as her eyes followed mine. Of course she remembered me, they always remembered me.

I cleared my throat and rested against my desk, folding my hands over my crotch strategically. I knew her fascination with my hands, I knew her obsession with my cock. How long would it be before her willpower gave up?

xo, p.

hope you enjoyed 

{to be continued}

anonymous asked:

Hi! I was re-watching teen wolf s1 and i am really pissed off. I mean, i love jackson and for me he won his place as captain of the lacrosse team and i hate how scott take that from him cheating. Ok, maybe not cheating but you know what i mean. Jackson didn't have nothing, only Lydia, Danny and lacrosse, and then no lacrosse because scott was "better". I know Jackson is a lil piece of shit but still :( I hate how scott takes everything from everyone. :(((

Jackson always walked an interesting line between being a hugely sympathetic character and an outright creep. I absolutely understand why Scott was delighted about making co-captain (he and Jackson are pretty much at each others’ throats throughout the show; he’s obviously going to be happy with any ‘victory’ over him) but I also felt bad for Jackson in that moment… and I’m not sure we were supposed to?

I’m not sure how entirely to phrase my thought on this… but sometimes I feel as though Jeff made some of his characters likable and multidimensional by accident. We’ve all heard that he didn’t expect people to like Derek… even though he gave Derek pretty much the most sympathetic backstory ever? And we were all supposed to be cheering when Scott made lacrosse co-captain, thinking “suck it, Jackson, you’ve been demoted.” The way the whole scene was framed made that pretty obvious, right down to Jackson’s own best friend shrugging it off and telling him “who cares who’s captain?” (um, Danny. Obviously Jackson does. And I’m pretty sure literally any team captain would care about that happening unexpectedly mid-season).

Jackson clearly had so many insecurities, and lacrosse was the one thing he really felt confident about. The one thing he felt he excelled at. Not to mention that Lydia was a pretty horrible girlfriend at the beginning there, telling him she didn’t want to date losers, making him feel like he had to be the best or he would be worthless, making out with Scott the second he started showing promise on the field…

Scott making co-captain wasn’t just a bruise to Jackson’s ego; it was world changing. Lacrosse was what he had built his life around. He started losing Danny and Lydia the second he started losing attention on the field, and it absolutely makes sense that he’d feel cheated when he finds out that Scott has an unfair advantage helping him out. And that he’d desperately want to be turned as well. It might just seem like a silly sport, no big deal, but to Jackson it was his identity.

**Though I do have to add in Scott’s favor: remember that he had asthma before he was turned. So you could say that Jackson had an unfair advantage before Scott became a werewolf. Maybe Scott would’ve been captain to begin with if he didn’t have that slowing him down. And we also know that Scott worked really hard in lacrosse too; it’s not like he just swanned in off the street and took over. Being a werewolf gave him unfair advantages over the rest of the players, but he did train hard and really care about the team too.

That said, I really did feel sympathetic toward Jackson in that moment… probably much more so than the writers expected me to.

anonymous asked:

You talk so much about how CSers can only defend Hook by insulting Neal, but all I see you doing is defending Neal by insulting Hook.

This only happens when the discussion is directly about people attempting to compare Hook and Neal in Hook’s favor.

I’ve made posts in the past about Neal and Swanfire, about both their positive and negative aspects, without ever mentioning Hook outside of his actual involvement in Neal’s story.

Neal doesn’t need to be compared to anyone to make him look better. He’s a complex character, and that’s a good thing. He has many, many positive qualities and it objectively probably one of the most selfless, decent characters on OUAT. But he does have his flaws, and that’s a wonderful thing. I would never want a character to be perfect. How boring would that be.

Neal’s entire life is informed by repeated abandonment. When he was a child, every nearly every adult who was supposed to love him and protect abandoned him, sometimes in horrible ways. When it came down to it, people who loved him making sacrifices for him, giving things up for him, is something he rarely experienced. This could have turned him into a cold, selfish person. Instead, he took that pain and became an incredibly selfless person. He understood the pain of constantly coming second to the people who loved him, and he became the kind of person who was willing to make sacrifices so he didn’t make people feel that pain.

That doesn’t mean he always did it in the right way. In regards to his relationship with Emma, making that sacrifice led him to make Emma’s decisions for her. In making sacrifices, he sometimes takes complete control of a situation, taking the choice out of other people’s hands.

But he doesn’t expect anything from anyone. How could he? That’s a learned behavior. How could he learn that behavior when for most of his life he was rarely offered anything from anyone. He doesn’t expect anyone to want him, to choose him, because that’s not an experience he’s familiar with. You can’t expect something with which you have no experience.

He doesn’t just expect to be wanted and chosen. So when it came to his relationship with Emma in Storybrooke, he understood that she might not want to be with him. He understood that loving someone doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll choose them. And he was completely willing to accept that. He was willing to let Emma have complete control of that choice, and was willing to just be friends and co-parents if that was what she wanted.

What’s more, he knew that if she didn’t want to be with him, it was because of what he did. He was aware of the mistakes he made, owned up to them, and accepted the fact that those mistakes might mean Emma wouldn’t want to be with him.

One of the things I loved most about his character was his relationship with Henry. He knew how it felt to be abandoned by a parent. He’d experienced it twice (three times, if you count Hook selling him to Pan). So the second he found out he had a son he wanted to give him every bit of love and attention he possibly could, because he never wanted his son to feel unloved or left behind the way he did. His son immediately became the most important thing in his life. Because he knew what it was like to not be the most important thing in his parents’ lives.

Neal was an incredibly selfless man who had some very human flaws. And he doesn’t need to be compared to Hook, or anyone, in order to be made to look that way. He doesn’t have to be. Because that’s just who he is.

I agree with Chloe’s tweet about all of the drama in the fandom but I also understand the anger of the fans that sent those tweets to Maurissa.  I don’t agree with what was said but some of us aren’t in the most rational frame of mind when they have been bullied themselves over daring to like a character in a TV show and then felt like the writers of the same show have been baiting them and using their love for that character for publicity.

None of the creators or Brett’s fellow co-stars said a word when he was being bullied by the same people that have been attacking Stand With Ward fans.  So I find it a bit hypocritical of them getting upset over bullying tweets to Maurissa but not to Brett.

One of those same people sent one calling Sylvia Dalton evil like her daddy.  Maybe somebody needs to talk to that person about separating fiction from reality.  To me going after someone’s child is one of the worst things in the world.