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ENTJ-  You scare me. You are such and incredible leader, how do you do that?? But also I hate authority and feel a need to disagree with you at every turn because you’re so bossy. You’re not as cool as you think you are, but you’re almost as cool as you think you are and that’s pretty damn cool. Be my friend.

ENTP- Fuckin’ chill out you memelord. You’re either coasting through life or putting WAY to much effort into shit. You’re a bit of a narcissistic fuck but you’re still my favourite type (*coughs*). You’re too excitable and too much of a dick and you’re personality doesn’t make sense. Stop being mean to you’re friends. Learn to be more comfortable with emotions, it’ll be important later on in life. Be the friend that can cheer others up with jokes when they don’t really wanna talk about what’s wrong.

INTJ- You’re cool, you get shit done and you’re a bit of a supervillian. What’s not to love? You’re a rare bird. There aren’t many of you out there, but you are important. If you weren’t here, who else would the ENFP’s annoy? You’re a behind the scenes leader most of the time, pulling the strings from a safe (and smart distance) but you aren’t afraid to get you’re hands dirty. You’re good at shit.But don’t forget, you’re not superhuman. Remember other people have these pesky things called emotions, be wary of them STILL i want you to be proud of you’re inherent assholeness.

INTP-  Mad scientist. I’m constantly searching for your approval because of my unresolved daddy issues and it freaks me out. Yes, you are a daddy. Some of you have your heads shoved up a little too far in you’re own arse. Just because you’re introverted and intuitive and darn cold, does not make you better than others honey. Basically, you’re a condescending shit. But hey I still put you on this weird pedestal, so we’re both guilty. You’re the genius on tv shows that isn’t diagnosed but falls on the aspergers spectrum somewhere.


ENFJ-  Baby, I worship the ground you walk on. You are so cool, calm and controlled while still being awesome, enthusiastic and excitable. Don’t be my friend, date me. But stop trying to fix everything. Think about yourself a lil okay buddy, and use logic sometimes too. Actually scratch all that, you’re perfect, I love you.

ENFP-  You are a beautiful, annoying bastard. You’re too nice and I don’t feel comfortable making mean jokes at your expense (because you’d probably take it seriously and cry yourself to sleep), but you have effortless charm. Stop thinking about the individual and start thinking about the bigger picture, you’re not realistic. Be my friend, but not like close friend, y'know.

INFP-  Hello, the human equivalent of tumblr. Fuck. People either love you or hate you. I don’t know where I fall on that scale tbh. Sometimes you’re just a little too much honey, I’m not sensitive enough for you. Other times you are too precious for this world and I just wanna wrap you up in a blanket and protect you. I am strangely attracted to you despite how awkward you probably think you are. You have a lot of knowledge in that head of yours. Be that person I have a weird co-dependant relationship with, that really isn’t healthy but I can’t exactly live without you and I’m not sure why.

INFJ- Ah INFJ, I haven’t met many of you but BOY, are the ones I know pretentious. You’re one of the least common MBTI type, and you probably know and take pride in this. You’re good at reading people, I know, but you can just talk to me instead of analyse from a distance bud. You’re ultimately very cool and creative, a little bit of a know it all but it’s justified. You’re a sweet bundle of joy and I love you. Be my best friend. You’re good at being a friend. Really good.


ESFP-  I like you a lot kid, you remind me of a younger me. We shouldn’t get along but I love/envy you. You’re caring and you have a great childlike spirit. Make some art and ramble to me some more. I seriously appreciate you so much. You bring me back down to  the ‘now’ with you’re crazy impulsive attitude and caring demeanour. Just learn to listen to me a lil more when I tell you you’re thinking with you’re heart instead of you’re brain again. You do it a lot, buddy. Be my lover.

ESTP-  You’re cool man. You’re Ferris Bueler. You’re a salesman that’s constantly selling me on your personality. Look we get it, you’re good with one liners and you’re athletic and everyone loves you, but also hey, think about others you little sociopathic flirt. Also, sometimes people really DO know more than you, I know! Crazy. Be my Idol.

ISFP-  You probably reaallly like music. Chill out buddy, I don’t know much about you but you seem stressed and too fierce for ur adorable demeanour. I know you are your own individual beautiful creative person, you don’t need to tell me. People DO care about you, i know sometimes you doubt that, but you got this life in the bad. You’ll probably never grow out of your angsty teen years tbh but it’s okay, find yourself an ISFJ and you’ll be okay.

ISTP-  So you’re just as cool but less attainable, loner ESTP. You’re in control of your own everything but also out of control and mildly self destructive? Be the mysterious kid I rarely talk to, but everytime I do I fall in love with you a little bit.


ESFJ-  Hey there soldier. In the best case scenario, you’re cutie Monica Geller, that’s a lil anal and mildly manipulative but really! very! sweet!. In the worst case scenario you are literally my worst nightmare. Your the squad’s glue tho. Sometimes you offer a cool third perspective, but you over simplify things and don’t try to understand my crazy theories and that’s annoying. Learn to get over yourself a lil, stop playing the victim buddy and compromise. Be my friend in a few years when you learn to self reflect better.

ESTJ-  You’re a manipulative bitch. You’re so judgemental, you’re Rachel McAdams in Mean Girls. You’re pretty cool. Even more of a rampant psycho than ENTJ. I don’t like you all that much (and something tells me you don’t really care) but I respect you a LOT. Stay a safe distance away from me and please don’t judge me. You’re too savage.

ISFJ-  Hey my emo saviour. You understand everybody and nobody truly understands you. You’re the reliable Colin Firth that the world of Bridget Jones’s run to after their crazy escapades with Hugh Grant. Just remember to have standards baby, and don’t accept everyone that runs into you’re arms. You’re worth more than what most people are willing to give. Be my favourite sweet emotional little kid brother (even if you are female.)

ISTJ-  You say 'interesting’ a lot. If life were a tv show, you’d be a sassy little hate muffin that tumblr idolised that everyone would remark didnt get enough screen time. You’re all business and sometimes you should let down that gaurd fam :) Think about people a little bit more bud. I respect you. I’ll be your friend! But it will probably take three years to build up our relationship and it will probably be accidental, but im here for u anyway.

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OK I think I need help... i'm almost hiperventilating. Today I stumbled into a fully snape apologist blog on tumblr. This blog also shared theories like James Potter constantly abused Lily. Or like making everything what happened in the CoS Ginny's fault, like they make her a supervillain. They also posted about that how Remus Lupin is an egoist monster etc. I don't know if I should puke or cry.

Hey, you should just ignore it. I’ve seen lots of things inside this fandom, lots of theories that I’m not able to believe or agree and there was a time I used to care about what people think of my ships and fave characters, but now I just think I’m just too old for this shit - I just want to enjoy and smile with Harry Potter, nothing more. Enough of headaches or angry or whatever. There will always going to be someone or some group that will try to say or generate ideas against your favorite character and ships and headcanons, because they are expressing their opinion and theories. It’s impossible to control it, and everyone should be able to express themselves (without disrespecting someone, although that’s not what we see here sometimes). So it comes a moment you just need to choose what information you want to have as relevant in your life as a fan. You will read things that you won’t agree, however, in order to enjoy a health browsing through tumblr and the fandom you love, I came to believe ignoring an other side is the best answer even if your pride hurts. Did you read something bad about your favorite character? Sometimes the best answer is just to block it and move on, you know. I’ve seen and read lots of bad things about Ginny in this life as a potterhead and yet here I am with almost 100 fanarts comics of her simply because I like her and I have my own vision about her, in which I’ve rarely see being expressed in the fandom. I also wrote a 30 chapter fanfic about the life of James Potter from his first year at Hogwarts until the avada kedavra even though I’ve read so much bad theories about his character too. I just simply have a certain opinion that makes me happy and positive, and I express them by writing fanfictions and drawing. I won’t go there by choice and look for anti-James or anti-Ginny or anti-Jily just to get myself angry with people who disagree with me. I just prefer to be happy and have fun. Yes, we eventually stumble across things we wouldn’t like to see, like in your case, so we just need to scroll down and keep enjoying what we want to see. That’s the remedy. Don’t bother yourself about it. Real world sucks, don’t let people make you believe that your fictional one sucks too.

It’s all about not caring what other people think

There is no way for me to push my questions to tumblr (yet), but I think it’s really important for some of you to hear my thoughts on the question I was just asked.

Have you ever dealt with ridicule for playing otome and how did you deal with it?

So, most people who know I play otome in real life don’t care. My mother knows, my father knows, my sisters and brother know. My closest friends know. My co-workers know. Most people I’m not close to who find out are very interested and have a lot of questions and I’m more than happy to answer their questions about the genre.

I have had a few people make some off hand comments about them and I just ask them to elaborate on what the issue is. The majority of the time, it just comes down to otome is nothing more than a game version of a romance novel or movie. When I put it into that perspective, they are able to understand why the games have appeal.

As for online? I just ignore it. I don’t really get much of anything online and I don’t give a shit what some person on the internet thinks. My playing these games doesn’t affect them negatively in any way and engaging their trolling is exactly what they want.

I’m enjoying my games in my tiny corner of the internet. I don’t know what the obsession is with “my fandom is better than your fandom.” They are just games. Enjoy yourself and be happy!

I went to Group again last night and I do like going cos its probably Healthy™ and the people there are all super lovely and I like hanging out with them, but there was a super fucking surreal moment which I’m still amused at at last nights one. 

Cos we’re all in a little trans echo chamber/community, we inevitably all follow a lot of each other on here - although potentially without knowing it - and a couple of people throughout the night had been like “hey i gotta admit, I actually follow you” when I’d mentioned tumblr and I’m just a little taken aback like cool i hope i follow you too! Fast forward to us standing outside the bar in a group with the peeps smoking and the penny drops and I ask “wait, I gotta ask - since some of you follow me on tumblr, how many of you have seen me in lingerie then??” and like 80% of them hesitantly raised their hand and I just nod and laugh aaannndddd I’m still freaking chuckling now

Request: could you write about jhope being your co-worker at a store and maybe like a first date? thank you!!
Member: Jhope (bts)
Genre: fluffy goodness
A/N: reposting this because it wasn’t showing up in the tags,,, thanks tumblr >:// i dont have a lot of bts requests in my askbox which means that this will be one of the only bts posts until i open it again, sorry yall 

  • Jhope and you guy worked in retail,,, which as we all know is pretty Dismal
  • What with the rude customers and angry suburban moms and people asking to see the manager 
  • You, immediately after entering the break room: LeT mE SpEAk To tHe MAnAgeR
  • But honestly Hobi makes it way more bearable 
  • He’s just such a bright and happy force but he’s also REALLY funny like he’ll be like “No need to freak out ma’am, I’ll show you right to the department you’re looking for”
  • And he’ll follow the customer who’s acting all Snooty and then glance back at you and make his classic disgusted face 
  • It makes you crack up laughing every time and honestly that’s the goal for him lmao
  • He orders you guys pizzas all the time whenever you can take a long lunch (which is surprisingly often cause you’re boss is too dead inside to give a fuck)
  • Hobi always finds himself going “Ah, someday I’ll be sure to take you out on a real date”
  • Which makes you BLUSH and also smile like crazy as you whack his shoulder
  • Because be real the two of you had been attracted to each other since you got this job and he was assigned to train you 
  • Since then it had been flirty glances, little touches on the arms, coordinating shifts and offering to cover for the other, and lil coy jokes like the one mentioned before
  • But you guys just,,, didn’t ask each other out??? You were both kinda hoping the other one would do it 
  • However
  • A day came along where a bet was present 
  • Your manager was honestly getting sick of your shit, your being you and all the rest of the employees
  • The company was chewing him out for not having higher sales numbers as well
  • So he decided to hold this motivational contest where whoever acted as the best employee that day would get a date of their choice reimbursed by the company
  • You and Jhope immediately locked gazes and completely ignored the lackluster speech your manager was giving as he explained the importance behind getting everyone motivated
  • “Whoever gets the higher sales numbers gets to pick what we do on our first date”
  • “Deal” 
  • You two,,, Go All In especially since several of your other coworkers also want this prize 
  • Suddenly the customer service at the store has never been so good??? Wow amazing what money I mean motivational speeches can do for a group of people 
  • On your breaks he was like “Where do you wanna go if you win??”
  • And you smile all pleasantly what a lying ass smile and go “Amusement park”
  • Suddenly he needs to win this contest more than ever 
  • You guys are quite literally running all over the store, trying to interact with as many customers as possible and make sure nothing in the displays was out of place and there were no unmanned cash registers
  • You both literally skip lunch to make y’all seem like shining employees who would rather handle annoying customers than eat sustenance 
  • And you both have these smiles on your faces that are just. Obnoxious. You’re both cheesin it. 
  • Hoseok’s dimples and sunshine smile are so charming you see him getting all these customers asking him for help and you’re like Damn Him And His Handsome Face and Cute Dimples And Genuine Smile
  • But in your guy’s haste to compete with each other, you’re making faces at one another across the room and then you wind up running into a shelf and knocking it down
  • Hobi of course is just OH SHIT and runs over to help you 
  • And the manager sees him helping you up and assumes the both of you made the giant mess and orders you both to clean it up and deducts points from the both of you
  • You’re about to speak up and defend Hoseok but he just grabs your arm and shakes his head and you both begin to pick things up 
  • You mutter an apology but he just smiles at you and says “It’s okay, just be more careful next time, I don’t want you getting hurt”
  • Once everything is cleaned up he insists on taking you to the break room so he can check for injuries and he puts a bandaid on a bruise on your arm 
  • Literally what is that gonna do who knows but it made him feel better and it was cute anyways so you let him do it 
  • At the end of the day, neither of you won but Hoseok got more points than you did so you let him pick the date 
  • You asked him what the two of you were going to do but he just smiled and told you to dress casually and be ready by 6
  • And you were like ??? okay
  • So you did as he asked, typical pants and a t shirt you know all that jazz 
  • For real tho you were kinda relieved he said dress casual because you guys had been on your feet all day and the mere thought of dressing up made you want to launch yourself into space 
  • When Hoseok knocked on your door he greeted you with flowers which is like WOW
  • What a MAN 
  • You took them and put them in water and he was all smiles and light blushes the whole time before he grabbed your hand and tugged you out the door
  • And tbh he looked,,, Good
  • A plaid that was blue, gray, and white,,, a black shirt on underneath it,,, dark blue pants that weren’t all saggy and sad,,, watch on his wrist and his hair brushed away from his face,,,
  • God bless him for choosing such a boyfriend look on your first date 
  • When you got into the car it smelled AMAZING and you looked into the back and saw takeout boxes and were like ???
  • You asked where you were going again but he just smiled AGAIN and told you to just wait 
  • You guys drive for a while and tbh it’s not awkward,,, it’s really hard to be awkward around Hoseok though lmao 
  • You’re just talking about the craziness of work and how other things in your lives have been going and then you’re debating which era of your favorite idols was the best 
  • It’s just really comfortable because it’s Hobi, the boy who you’ve crushed on since day 1 at your job and who knows how to make you laugh even when the customers have got you down and who dresses in cute plaids outside of that hellhole 
  • He pulls up to this secluded area on the Han River and parks the car and grabs the takeout and leads the way to a little spot right on the shore
  • And he tells you about how kids tend to play over here during the day but they usually clear out by around 4 pm 
  • You ask if he came here as a kid and his eyes crinkle as he smiles and nods and begins to tell you about coming here with his sister when they were little 
  • And you’re leaning closer in earnest because he looks so delighted to talk about his family and you’re utterly fascinated to learn about his family and quite frankly you don’t give a damn if the food is getting cold because Hobi looks all kinds of beautiful in the evening light 
  • Suddenly though, he stops talking and nudges you slightly and tells you to look
  • You look out onto the water only to gasp, the setting sun casting an array of absolutely stunning shades of reds and oranges and yellows across the river
  • You’re looking on in awe, leaning forward a bit as you drink up the sight and your eyes sparkling with intrigue at the sight before you
  • And you look over at Hobi to say something and get his attention only to see that you already have it because instead of looking at the sunset, he only has his eyes on you 
  • He’s got the most fond look in his eyes and his little dimple smile is dancing across his face and you’re kinda frozen in his gaze for a moment
  • Only to have him lean in and put his hand on the back of your head and kiss your forehead 
  • “Come on, let’s eat,” he tells you and you nod, a little too stunned to speak for a moment
  • But the moment passes quickly as the two of you start eating and he’s got you cracking up laughing again 
  • He starts asking more about your life and the conversation just flows, continuing long after the sun has set and the food is gone and you’re huddling closer to each other for warmth with your phone screens resting on the grass to provide a little light 
  • And finally he’s giving you his hoodie and holding your hand as the two of you stand up and head back to his car because it’s getting late and you look exhausted and your phones are both dying 
  • On the drive home there’s some soft music playing on the radio and he’s singing along quietly and you can’t help but smile and stay silent so you can try and listen to it the best you can 
  • When you get to your apartment he parks so he can walk you up to it like a gentleman and you start to take his hoodie off but he just shakes his head and tugs it back down 
  • “Keep it, you can give it back on our next date” he says with a smile and you’re blushing because WOW that was SLICK 
  • He holds one of your hands and tells you how much he enjoyed the date and he looks a little nervous and you quickly realize why and giggle
  • Swiftly you peck his lips and tell him “You can kiss me yanno, don’t look so worried over it”
  • And he’s just BEAMING and he nods and tells you goodnight before walking to his car, glancing back at you before he’s out of sight
  • You go inside and shut your door and lean against it because WOW did you just land the best boyfriend ever???
  • Yes yes you did

So imagine if Martin and Ben co-introduce some tv event. So they walk up there but they’re wearing their Sherlock clothes. Everyone is confused and the TJLCers are going insane on Tumblr. They get up to the stage and are like “hello welcome to the (blank) event!” They say the normal stuff but then they pause and ben Says “ok I know a lot of people are confused about what we’re wearing. But some people will get it” then Martin takes over “So seems like everyone is really mad about the end of Sherlock” small laughter goes around the room. Meanwhile TJLCers are screaming at everyone to turn on your Tvs!!! Martin continues “so yeah queer baiting eh?” Martin does weird Moffat impression “make history! Love conquers all!” By this time the whole Sherlock fandom has their eyes glued to the tv. Ben starts “we want to make it up to everyone part of the Sherlock community after all these years. AND” he says with a wink “johnlock shippers. They step closer to each other. TJLCers are burning things and screaming. Ben and Martin step even closer. Sherlock and johns theme songs start playing. Suddenly their demeanors change. “John” Ben says “I should have told you sooner but… I love you” The audience gives a gasp. Martin looks back “oh god Sherlock.. I.. love you too” they lean in centimeters apart. Suddenly they kiss. The Sherlock fandom starts screaming at their tvs. The audience starts yelling, confused. “What’s going on?!?” Ben and Martin pull away cheeks flushed grinning like lunatics. “Sorry sue" Yells Ben. “Sorry Moffat but love conquers all RIGHT?” Now Martin. “Welcome to 2017s (blank event)!!!” The camera cuts to commercial. The tjlc fandom starts going crazy. The next day every news channel is talking about “the kiss” Moffat and mark deny that they had anything to do with it. Ben and Martin get called to hundreds of Sherlock events where thousands of TJLCers are thanking them and crying.

I got this idea from Harley-the-gay btw

The end

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26 ?? I need to follow more people

26: favourite tumblr blogs? 


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I really fucking want to do that thing where u create an oc together with lots of people involved (comment one: hair colour, commnent two: clothes etc) but I don’t know if it’s one of those things ur supposed to just repost cos I couldn’t find the source through google


Pairing: Jared x Reader 

Summary: You get caught reading fan-fiction about yourself and the famous man the fandom ships you with. 

Warnings: fluff, two paragraphs of mild smut, and cocky Jared 

Words: 2,719

A/N: here’s a little something to keep y’all entertained whilst I finish writing the others. Mind any mistakes, I wrote this within twenty minutes. Jared is single in this, as much as I love Gen, imagine she’s happy with someone else. x

Masterlist is here :)

Originally posted by weakspots

If there were one thing distancing you from reality, it would be Tumblr. You hadn’t done much with your life other than read gay smut and binge watch Supernatural. You knew what fandoms were capable of and writing was one of their major perks. Reading imagines and one shot’s from multiple fandoms was something you were used to. In fact, it was something you enjoyed. 

How’d you end up on the show of Supernatural? You had gone to school with Danneel Harris before the two of you lost contact after graduation. You’d bumped into her a year after her and Jensen Ackles got together. The two of you were majorly happy to see each other after so long. After all, you were both like sisters in high school and were disappointed when you both drifted apart. But from that moment forward, you’d reunited and became the best of friends again.

Danneel had invited you out to lunch one morning to ask if you were looking for any kind of job, considering you had recently moved to the city she was in so the two of you were closer, she insisted. You’d agreed, saying that you needed more cash – because your savings were failing you – if you wanted to keep the apartment you had. She’d told you about an opening role for Supernatural and being the dumbass you were, with lack of experience, you went and auditioned.

But hey, who knew you were going to get the part? You thought you’d never in a million years become an actress. But three days after the audition, you received a phone call saying that you got the role! Danneel was very excited to have her best friend on the same set as her husband and Jensen was just as welcoming when you first arrived on set.

With the intention for your character to be killed off in the fifth season after being introduced in the third season, the SPN Family had loved your character so much that the writers decided to not kill you off and to instead, make you a recurring character on the show. You were a huntress named Emily whose father dies by the hands of none other than Satan himself during the apocalypse and now fight alongside the Winchester’s whilst also being Sam Winchester’s love interest.

Ten seasons later, you were just as loved as your co-stars and quickly demanded to be seen at Con’s. Your first ever con was at Comic Con and that had been a massive deal for you. You’d mainly fangirled the majority of the day and snuck in to see other panels until it was the Supernatural’s panel time. The first question you had received was, “Y/N, do you know what fan-fiction is? And do you read it?”

You were too embarrassed to answer the question directly, so instead you had told the fan, “I had no experience in acting before getting this role in Supernatural. What do you think I did for normality?” Of course, you had checked Tumblr later that day and found out that a lot of people were freaking out over the fact that you read fan-fiction and you were probably reading their written work at that very moment.

They weren’t wrong. You were a sucker for written fiction that involved celebrities or characters that you could only dream of being with. Being on the show and knowing your co-stars extremely well hadn’t stopped you from reading anything the SPN Fandom had wrote. Especially, if it were Jared x Y/N based. Those were the types of one shot’s that made you squirm with glee. If only it were reality rather than written words on a site that the SPN Family had ruled.

You were currently sitting on the couch in the green room whilst waiting for your turn to go on stage. You were on with Misha, Jensen and Jared after Mark, Richard, Rob and Matt had finished. Deciding to take advantage of the empty room, you opened Tumblr and saw that one of your favorite blogs had posted a new smutty Jared x Y/N.

With a grace that surprised her for his height, Jared guided Y/N up to the center of the bed, kneeling over her as he kissed her chest and between her breasts. Her back arched off the bed, encouraging him to continue the exact path he was taking. Smirking against her flush skin, Jared reached under her back and unclasped her bra, exposing her figure to him completely. If it weren’t for the awe expression on his face, she would have shied away and covered herself up. But the lustful look he gave her made her want to be exposed in front of him more often.

Stealing one last glance and a choked moan from Y/N’s mouth, Jared enveloped one of her nipples into his mouth, biting gently whilst toying with the other with his thumb and forefinger. The whimpers that left her mouth made his shaft harden further against the inner part of her thighs, bringing yet another moan from her perfectly sculptured mouth.

“What are you reading?”

The familiar voice brought you out of your panting trance and made your heart jump a mile before you turned your phone off and faced the person behind you. Jared was squatting down behind you, peeping over your should to read whatever you were reading. Ten years of friendship with this wonderful man was just about to be flushed down the toilet, you were sure of it.

“I can explain,” you had begun with, not really knowing what else you could say to make the situation any less awkward. What were you supposed to say to the man you were reading smut about? The man who had caught you reading it? God, you were so not prepared for the outcome of this.

“There’s no need for an explanation, Y/N,” by the tone of his voice, you’d think he was pissed off, but the grin on his face said otherwise. There was a teasing glint in his eyes and you knew that you hadn’t ruined anything, but he was not going to let you live this down, “So, am I good?”

You almost choked on air as you processed the question he had asked. What kind of handsome man asks that question when catching his co-star reading smut that involved the two of them? This giant was completely unpredictable.

“Excuse me?”

“Am I good? Like, do the fans write me as a good fuck? Does it turn you on?” He pressed the topic further, his smirk never wiping off his face. He was finding pleasure in watching you squirm under his gaze.

“I wouldn’t know because it’s not actually happening. And it depends on the writing technique,” you mumbled almost incoherently, but Jared had heard, “Majority of the time, it does turn me on.”

You had wished for nothing more than for the couch to swallow you whole. His smirk never faltered with your confessions being thrown out into the wind. Why were you even admitting the truth? You should have just lied and said it popped up on your dashboard. Then again, it wouldn’t have been a lie because it truly did pop up on your dashboard. But then he’d question how it ended up there and you’d still be in this mess.

“You read porn that involves the both of us often?” Jared’s dumb query made you roll your eyes at him.

“Not always, normally it’s with Norman Reedus.”

“I’m jealous,” he replied, standing up as the smirk on his face dropped.


“It should always be me you’re reading about,” the smirk was back as he gave you a wink before turning around to walk out of the green room, “Now come on, it’s time for us to go on.”

“Great,” you muttered as you stood up and followed closely behind him, shoving your phone deep into your pocket. By the time you reached the stage, Jensen and Misha were already waiting for you both as they waited for their cue to head on stage. They gave you and Jared both a questioning glance, him because the smirk still hadn’t left his dumb face and yours because your cheeks were still red from the embarrassment of being caught red handed.

The crew had told you it was your cue to go on after being introduced by the men on stage. The four men gave you sweaty hugs before wishing you good luck before you went on stage, and you smiled and waved to the screaming crowd. You looked to see that the other’s had already taken their seats and you cursed Misha for not sitting between the two boys like he usually would. Instead, there was an empty chair between Jared and Jensen waiting for your presence.

You sauntered over and sat down on the seat, only just realizing how close you were to Jared. You could feel his thigh brush against yours and his shoulder bumped yours every so often. This was going to be a long day and you were not at all prepared for what was ahead. You ignored the shivers he had caused and focused on the girl walking up to the microphone.

“My question is for Y/N,” she grinned, “At your first Comic Con years back, a fan had asked if you read fan-fiction and you replied with an answer that implied that you did. Do you still read fan-fics?”

Of course this was going to be the first question.

“Oh, I have a story for you!” Jared grinned as he turned to wink at you, earning multiple shouts from the crowd and a groan from you.

“You know what,” you said, glaring in Jared’s direction, “I’m going to come right out and say it before Mr. Dickbag over here decides to embarrass me; yes, I do. Some of your work is very great, by the way.”

Your comment made the fans scream louder. You hadn’t thought reading their written work would cause such a reaction, “Don’t worry, no need to panic! I love your writing, it’s all really great. I’m proud of your imaginative minds. The majority of you get the characters of the show so on point and it shocks me.”

“A little too great,” his dumb smirk was back again, which made you pull the microphone away from your mouth and warn him to stop. He only shook his head and held his microphone to his mouth, “Do you guys want to hear a steamy story?”

This had caused a reaction in the room, even from Jensen and Misha, who were still giving you both questioning glances. You leaned over and whispered in his ear, “Please don’t say anything and I’ll promise to do anything you want me to.”

He pulled the microphone away and looked at you, “Anything?”

You nodded and listened as the crowd went quiet in attempt to listen to your quiet conversation.

“Go on a date with me,” he whispered, a smile on his face as his eyes twinkled. Your lips parted as you tried to fathom his demand. Why would he ask you to go on a date with him? Is he trying to tell you that within the ten years you had known him he had liked you and that you could’ve grown a pair and told him that you liked him too? What a damn fool the both of you were.

“Well, that’s not forcive, but okay,” you shrugged but the smile on your face told him that you truly loved his offer. You still couldn’t believe he had asked you out in front of everyone, even if they couldn’t hear a single word being said.

He brought the microphone back to his mouth, his gaze still on you, “Well you won’t be hearing a steamy story today, but maybe next time.”

A few disappointed ‘awe’s had emitted from mouths and that had including the very lips that were owned by Misha Collins. You giggled at his reaction and looked over at him before averting your gaze to Jensen.  

“Do you read any about me?” Jensen asked you, smirking at you.

“You’re like a brother to me, Jens. Plus, reading smut about my best friend’s husband? It doesn’t sweeten my cup of tea.”

“Smut?” He tilted his head in confusion which earned a pat on the back and a sympathetic smile from you. Jared knew instantly and started to laugh as Jensen stared off into the distance trying to understand what everyone was making a fuss about.

“Oh honey,” Misha shook his head making the crowd laugh along with you three.

“Next question,” you diverted the attention from Jensen to the man standing at the microphone ready to ask his question.

“Sorry Misha and Jensen, but this question is for Jared and Y/N,” he smiled apologetically at the two men before looking at you and Jared, “As the two of you should know, the fandom ships the two of you pretty hardcore, and we were all wondering if there is going to be the slightest chance of the two of you happening?”

“People ship us?” Jared asked, his gaze immediately falling on you as genuine confusion wrote itself his features, almost making you giggle at the sight.

“Yes, get with the game Jared,” you playfully rolled your eyes and looked at the man wearing a plaid button up shirt. You were about to answer him when Jared spoke again, making the three of you look at him.

“Well, I ship us too then.”

This hadn’t silenced the crowd one bit; in fact, this was the loudest you’ve ever heard them be before. You almost winced at their shrieks, almost gave into the temptation to hide behind Jared. But you sat tall and shook your head before looking back at the man again and attempted to answer his question again.

“I ship it,” Misha interrupted you, earning a mumbled ‘me too,’ from Jensen, and more screams of glee from the crowd. You couldn’t help the smile that snuck its way onto your face as you head butted your microphone in annoyance. These boys were going to be the death of you.

“The answer to your question,” you looked up once the crowd had quieted down a tad, “I can’t see myself, a tiny fairy, with a giant named Jared. But life can throw unexpected things at you, so who truly knows, right?”

The man was pleased with your answer and went back to your seat as you watched the next person come up and ask a question. The hour had dragged on agonizingly slow and you wished you could go back to your hotel room and hide under the sheets forever. Jared’s lingering touches and glances made Jensen lean over half way through and ask if the two of you were together, and you simply shrugged, not giving him a satisfactory answer. You smirked in his direction as he pouted at you.

Soon enough, your time had ended and it was now Kim and Briana’s turn to go up. You waved goodbye to the fans and went backstage, immediately taking off to grab a bottle of water and head back to your hotel room. You wanted to avoid Jared at all costs, but your wishes weren’t granted.

“We should test the theory out,” Jared told you as he caught up with your quick strides and walked alongside you. You inwardly groaned as you turned your head to look at him, completely baffled with his outburst.

“What theory?”

“To see if I’m as good as the fans write me to be,” he stopped walking and grabbed your arm before pulling you into a dark room behind you. By the smells of it, you were in the janitor’s closet and the sound of the door locking proved that you were really going to test that damn theory out. His hot minty breath fanning over your face was only making you want to test it out, not giving a damn if it were in a dirty janitor’s closet.

If there were one thing that wasn’t distancing you from reality, it would be Jared Padalecki and his unpredictable actions.

Wanna know what really grinds my gears?

People who reblog your post and then instead of just reblogging it or reblogging it and adding something meaningful or useful to the post they just add their blog name, actual name, catch phrase, etc. to the post. So, instead of there just being comments/posts related to the original post there’s one comment/post that says something like

a-tribe-called-tress: A-TRIBE-CALLED-TRESS


a-tribe-called-tress: Follow A-TRIBE-CALLED-TRESS

Like your post could be an uplifting post about women knowing their worth and someone just comes along like…“ooo this got a lot of notes…how about I add my username on here so people will follow me. It’ll be kinda like I co-wrote the post.” *Evil laugh while evilly rubbing hands together in an evil manner*

Aldnoah.Zero by someone who didn't watch the show

I forced my friend to do this. This is her knowledge from what she heard from my babbling and I guess my tumblr wall. 

1.Briefly describe the plot     

“There’s mars people and earth people and theyhate each other cos FILTHY TERRANSS and I dunno there’s a princess in a jar and a lot of torture and 99.9% of the cast are guys.”

2. Who is this? What do you know about him?

“Slaine Troyard. He seems to be everyone’s fave to bully and torture. He’s also in love with the princess. He has a manservant. He seems to have turned into a badass recently (or… More mature?). But I don’t think he’ll get a happy ending.”

3. What about this guy?

“Is this inaho? Lel I’ll go with that. I don’t know too much about him. He’s like Slaines nemesis I think? Does he also love the braindead princes? She a pimp. Anyway uh, I don’t know that much about him except he doesn’t seem to show a lot of emotion on the outside. Yup.”

4. And 
this pretty lady?

“This is the princess. I’m not sure what her deal is. She seems to just be floating around in her tank all day. Still, everyone wants her so she must be doing something right.”

5. What is Aldnoah? 

“Whelp I thought I was doing pretty good here but I have no idea. Is it the princess? Is it a mecha? It might well be Slaine’s little toe.”

6. Who’s this handsome man?

“This is count sassybaum. He’s full of sass and has a baum up his ass. I think he was all like awww slaine imma be ur uncle now at first but then he was really a douchebag and slaine was like fuck this shit and he shot him and now he dead.”

7. And this?

“This is harklight. He’s Slaines manservant and seems to worship the ground the blonde walks on. When I’ve seen pics of him he always seems really serious and doesn’t say that much or give some advice to Slaine. He seems nice?”

8. Name something you would ship, and give the ship a name.

“I will ship Inaho and Slaine because they can have hate sex. They also complement each other in the looks division. I’d call the ship Inslaine because it sounds like insane badumtshh.”


Ok this cracked me up. I hope someone out there got a laugh out of it too. She did very well though, I’m surprised!

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anonymous asked:

I never thought I'd say this but I hope Jensen decides to leave SPN. He's had to pass on big movie roles and for what? Despite Jensen being the highest ranking of the SPN actors on IMDB starmeter/Google trends/tumblr/polls/etc, the writers still treat him like crap. A lot of fans disrespect him. One of his co-stars even stabs him in the back (*side eyes Misha*.) I know Jensen's loved working on the show & Dean's awesome. But I think he deserves more than the show can give at this point.

I agree. It’s a dog eat dog industry and Jensen needs people around him who have his back and I’m starting to really “side eye” Misha myself. I think he’s in some kind of ‘one upmanship’  with Jensen and not in a friendly way.

He campaigned for himself behind Jensen’s back while acting like he was being a good sport over twitter saying “let one of us win”  where Jensen would see it but gaining the advantage for himself again by sending messages out in several different languages across his fansites and facebook and that’s after winning last time with his voting guidelines.

Can you imagine Jared winning PCA then a year later asking fans to vote for himself again before Jensen’s won anything? let alone do it sneakily behind his back. It’s more likely Jared would tweet for fans to vote Jensen if it’s for the same award he’d already got. They even tried a coin toss one year so fans could vote one then the other without splitting votes but the idea got scrapped because fans started bitching. It showed they wanted each other to have a chance of winning though unlike Misha who puts himself before friendship but then again I’m doubting there is a genuine friendship from Misha’s side :(

It’s not just that, he “accidentally” tweets a nude manip of him, he tweets links to dailydot after they trashed Jensen with that awful and unfairly damaging  “was Jensen struck by homophobia” article which was out of context and flat out wrong and perhaps the worse thing shippers have done to Jensen yet Misha supports fans who do that to his “friend”. He riles up shippers making them think something was going to happen to make Destiel canon knowing it won’t but all the time he’s setting Jensen up to be the fall guy who shoots their dreams down when there’s a lot of higher ups making the decision it’s not going to happen and has never been on the cards so Misha saying “what might have been” is unfair and not true, Misha has been the biggest queerbaiter keeping fans guessing with implications of “what could be” and fans lap it up and at the same time getting angrier and more hateful towards Jensen. 

The only time we’ve heard of an outing between these “friends” is Misha inviting Jensen on a boat trip and then they win an award for their ship and he tweets a pic calling Jensen his cabin boy. For Misha that whole trip was about PR not friends hanging out. 

Misha might have done good for others but for Jensen he’s probably the worse friend he could have and I’d feel easier when he’s out of his life and after Supernatural when Misha no longer needs Jensen as part of his own promotion I doubt we’ll see them around each other outside of con reunions.

bnaz  asked:

Hi, this is Bia, the creator of the SQ movement and also co-director of the documentary. If you have anything you would like to talk about please message me I'm always available for polite and respectful discussions.

Oh boy. Well, I think it’s great that you guys have a lot of drive to want to make some kind of change, I’m just really disappointed that you’re not giving that money to organizations who REALLY need it, like GLAAD or The Trevor Project, etc. Not many people outside of tumblr know about Swan Queen, so I’m curious as to what kind of change you think you’re going to make. The writers and actors have already said that Swan Queen is just not a direction they’re going to go in, so what is the game-plan here? Are you hoping to change their minds so they’ll re-write the show and make Swan Queen canon?

And as far as people “hating” your ship because it’s 2 women, I’ve only seen the occasional bigoted idiot on facebook or tumblr being homophobic in that regard. Those people are ridiculous—I think everyone can agree on that. But as far as I can tell, many people on tumblr who dislike Swan Queen dislike it because it glorifies an abusive relationship. Regina has tried to kill Emma and her family multiple times. I think you’ll find many LGBT+ people who don’t want that as a representation of the queer community. There’s a whole blog about it here

Add to the fact that many BA’s in the Swan Queen fandom have given you guys a very bad representation—bi-erasure, sending hate to the writers’s/actors, calling anyone who doesn’t ship it “homophobic,” even if they’re queer. Many people, myself included, don’t dislike Swan Queen because it’s two women. But that seems to be your driving argument for the documentary. And anyone who disagrees with you is just homophobic. That’s not okay.

You’re taking the focus away from actual LGBT+ issues and organizations for a documentary that not many people are going to understand. You guys may have a huge fanbase on tumblr—and that’s awesome, good for you guys—but do you really think, out of all the legitimate issues facing the queer community, spending this kind of money is actually helpful?

THAT’S my problem with it. I have no issue with you guys shipping Swan Queen. I love slash pairings, and I think representation is very important. But there are already many organizations out there that people have ACTUALLY heard of that are trying to get more queer representation in the media. Why not set up a drive as a fandom and donate to them, instead? If you’re going to spend $25,000 on a documentary about how oppressed you feel because a fictional pairing on a television show isn’t canon, it’s not going to reflect well on you or your fandom. Not when there are people being killed in Uganda for being queer, or homeless LGBT+ youth on the street. 

And another thing!

I know I said I was done talking about Dash Con, but I thought of something else I really wanted to say.  

I’m not okay with people saying my panel was the only good thing to come out of Dash Con.   

While that is certainly flattering, I went to some really great panels by other people who are going completely under-appreciated.  The con had it’s problems, but not everything was terrible and I’m not the shiny special snowflake. 

Here were some other panels that deserve a little respect:

Feminism in Modern Times was a really great look at some contemporary feminist issues.  They also handled this douchey guy who was like “Its not like birth control is really health care” like total pros.

The women on The Women of Westeros blew me away with their knowledge and I learned a ton about the differences between the books and the show.  I bow to their superior knowledge.  

Sexuality and Genre TV (with my Homoerotic Subtext co-panelist markdoesstuff) turned into this excellent group discussion that was one of the best discussions on the topic of any panel I’ve ever been to at any fan-con or comic con ever.  And I’ve been to a LOT of cons.   

Ask An Avenger where people cosplayed the Avengers and answered questions in character was hilarious.  

I am totally shit at remembering people’s names or tumblr names, but if you know anyone who was on these great panels, please let me know so I can promo them.   They were fantastic!   

- Sarah

About the MSR

Okay, so I have no idea specifically what we are supposed to be reacting to here. But if I could offer my .02 cents based on years of following Carter’s B.S. and the overall PR strategy…

Here is what we know or can somewhat accurately presume: 

1.There has been some shift in the relationship

2. Everyone has been sworn to secrecy 

3. The actors know what’s up but are being told not to discuss it 

So, then, 1013 invites a reporter on set and gives him the information that Mulder and Scully are not living together? Okay…

Why would CC allow that? Do you really think he is just trying to “prepare” us? If that is the case, then why not let the actors and others involved in the production come out and say they are not together? It doesn’t make any sense. In other words, we see only what CC wants us to see. 

My personal opinion is that Mulder and Scully are still together. I could see Scully merely being away on sabbatical or some research assignment that took her out of the sticks and “posted” her somewhere for a period of time, thus necessitating a separation. 

BUT you need to brace yourselves for a scenario in which they have broken up. It is possible that they are now living apart for whatever reasons - even if you feel like this makes no sense in the show. Just make peace with it, because it IS possible. And if it is written well, the revival will still be wonderful. 

Because here is the thing: all along, everyone wanted Mulder and Scully together. And you know what? They made out in The Truth and no one fucking cared. TXF went out with a whimper. 

IWTB not only had them living together, but the heart of the story was about their relationship. And you know what? Pretty much everyone hated it.

In my opinion it is not going to matter whether M&S are together from the beginning. It will all fall on how it is written. The Truth and IWTB were just so poorly thought out. They were highly disappointing - despite the RST. Therefore, I worry more about the overall quality of writing (especially with CC penning half the episodes) than the MSR specifically because…

THERE IS NO WAY THEY WILL STAY BROKEN UP. Do you really think that CC, GA, or DD are going to come back and do a revival that leaves Mulder and Scully broken up? After DD saying how he “gets it.” after Gillian has voiced how long they had a “whole lot of nothing”? CC and co. are not blind to the dedicated fans who showed up at Paley, who make fan videos, produce fan fic, participate on Twitter (and Tumblr) and message boards. CC knows what’s important to us. And though I realize there are many people that think he is the devil or whatever, but there is NO WAY he is bringing M&S back to torture us. It would be career suicide. 

Not to mention Fox would never agree to it. CC may have a certain degree of creative control but surely they had to show some outline or treatment to Fox. Do you really think the network would agree to six episodes of no MSR and leaving it that way? Sex (and romance) sells - especially to the die-hard XF fans that have been EXTREMELY vocal about their love for MS lurrveee. At the end of the day, this series is out for ratings and dollars. Expectations are crushingly high. Would Fox actually agree that killing the very thing fans are demanding would be a ratings win? I’m thinking no.

I honestly feel like we are playing precisely into the PR game that CC wants. He has established just enough mystery around the MSR to keep us guessing. Our curiosity and anxiety is off the charts. It’s really quite brilliant.

I am not trying to be insensitive to those people who are worried. I totally get it. I love the MSR too and I have for a long time. We care, we are invested. I was one of those people that never wanted more XFs because I felt CC lost his creative mojo. But now that it is happening, hurray!! There is no way I would not watch it, so I am prepared to celebrate it and embrace it fully.

It’s going to be okay, you guys. Have just a little faith. 

anonymous asked:

I love Harry and Louis and I love your blog, really, but I'm sadly positive they're not gonna come out this year or any time soon. Maybe in their 30s if they are able to make it together. If 2 boybanders came out as a couple while still successful, it would be a HUGE thing and it would be beautiful for so many people and I even think the times are ready for it! Yet, I highly doubt they'll make this step in the near future, no matter how up we put our hopes, this is not how you act before a CO.

Hi love, this is gonna be solely my opinion. (and it’s looking to be long, so I apologize in advance)

I have to disagree with them not coming out this year. Either we’re watching a different story or we don’t translate their actions in the same way but to me any and every move Harry and Louis had ever made leads me to believe that they want to come out, they have shaded the bearding and the closeting any chance they got and honestly I don’t think they want to stay in the closet a second longer than the MM contract let alone 6-7 more years. 

I think people underestimate the power the boys hold when signing with a new team (which I still firmly believe is on the horizon) and would never chose to go from hell back to hell. Their success, their experience with the worst side of the music industry gave them enough to know how to negotiate a good contract.

I think people underestimate the PR side, the business opportunities, and the chances of rebranding with a potential CO. Huff Post made a very amazing article about the success of a coming out in 2014

M!M was too damn stupid to act on it, to have them BE A COUPLE PUBLICLY, but any sane team IN 2015 would be happy to have this and have their names tied to the CO. What I’ve seen: Simon Cowell and Irving Azoff are exactly the people who want to make history.

Your opinion is based on risking the band’s success, so let’s ask this question:

What’s the biggest obstacle of the CO?

The possibility of losing fans, right? (I mean I think this IS the biggest factor in the negative side of the story.)

So that’s why it’s a pretty big deal that Larry trends on twitter and that update accounts to report on HL. I have heard a lot of stories how these trends make people to just click there, be curious and we all know what happens if someone REALLY checks it out. Either ends up as a Larry with a tumblr, a Larry without a tumblr, someone who sees through the shenanigans or someone whose HET beliefs are at least a tiny bit shaken. They will read the articles about AIMH and then ask themselves, hey, what is AIMH? And again, rabbit hole syndrome.

This in my opinion is interfandom seeding. 

  • If you look at only the fact that in Feb the UA’s started reporting about 2 boy banders are maybe maybe maybe spending time together (hotel, toilet breaks, dinner w H’s dad), then that’s not a big deal, right? It’s really normal. Why wouldn’t they? They are in the same band.

But in reality it’s not, because of course it’s normal that Harry and Louis spend time together, but IT WAS SO NOT NORMAL to get actual report about it from Update Accounts. It’s unprecedented.

  • If you look into the media creating articles about Harry and Louis alone or separate, that’s pretty normal, right? They are members of the biggest boyband of the world, of course their names sell like gold

But in reality it’s not normal to see or read articles questioning Harry’s sexuality, and that was not the first time he said something big, but for some reason press picked up Not That Important and made SYNDICATED articles. Those are not by accident. All of them showed support and none of them mentioned him risking his or his bandmate’s careers. Then came the DON’T KNOCK IT TILL YOU’VE TRIED IT and another round of SYNDICATED articles. Again, that’s deliberate. And the more and more reckless it became, the more articles surfaced. And yes, we still had Harry and model articles, BUT WE HAVEN’T HAD EVER articles questioning Harry’s sexuality. Same with Louis, he wore the gay beach t-shirt twice. Was there a single article? Nope. Why? You have to ask yourself why. But in December right in the midst of NTI he decided to WEAR the rainbow Apple logo shirt and ACCIDENTALLY GET PAPPED then the next day Independent (which is not a gossip mag) writes an article, and even more outlets. Why? Why was it this important to 1) pap him and 2) report about him? How is it that a vine where we admitted we didn’t hear Eleanor gets so widespread that Italian and Spanish media doesn’t even bother to make a denial article, they still say he came out. WHY? And when was the last time anything from Louis made it to the press apart from Donny news? It’s accidental seeding, I don’t believe they could’ve planned it, and we had a Larrie here whose friend made the video, so it’s absolutely unplanned in my eyes. But it made the press. And BS 2.0 was mentioned, then there was another round where they created a second article for denying it. (to me that’s stiill seeding, but people can disagree with it.) In my opinion the more we talk about the pink elephant in the room the more natural and normal would be for the people to react with an “I knew it!!” when said elephant is not ignored anymore. (and the press reporting about all this in the paragraph is seeding for the fandom and outsiders) And I know it has been clarified many times, but media doesn’t risk access to bands by acting reckless, there are repercussions, they can be blacklisted so easily, and they just cannot afford being blacklisted. Yes, I think about ODE and Yahoo. Both getting 2 OT5 interviews during the Four promo.

  • If you look into 2 boybanders catching the same flight to go to their tour that sounds pretty normal, right? Fifth H travels together, McBusted does as well, so why wouldn’t Harry and Louis?

But in reality we haven’t seen them travel together in 3 years (and that doesn’t mean they didn’t travel together), because for some reason we were never allowed to. Now we are. And there were articles, reports about it. Why? Why is it so damn important to report about 2 guys landing? Who cares, right? But there were articles, and some went as far as calling them a PAIR, and HAPPILY ARRIVING TOGETHER etc etc. Do you think this is needed for a glass closet? To report about them? Hell, if it is a glass closet, then the shift wouldn’t be this gradual, months of work and effort was put into this and is still being put into this. WHY is the whole world involved in a glass closet? It’s not normal, it’s a big red flag to me, alarms go off in my head, because it just doesn’t make sense, it simply doesn’t make sense to me.

If this is not a CO plan then what’s the explanation for everything that started in 2014? I cannot say an exact start date, because to me South America was the start, but in Jan there were already suggestive SYNDICATED headlines, so it could be 2014 Jan. I’m not sure, and in reality it doesn’t matter.

What’s the explanation for the shift in everything?

i have a lot of gross/triggering/racist asks in my inbox all hitting at “how can you say that all white people are racist! you’re half white!” “why do you have white friends then” “do you let your co-workers know you think they’re all racist? or is it just an act for tumblr”

and literally for my own mental health + distaste for ignorance in general + the sake of salvaging my favorite hobby of blogging i can’t / won’t respond to you all individually so i am going to say this and leave all the bad vibes + ignorance here. 

1. i’m sorry you can’t read (or you just enjoy twisting what i say to argue with me-probably the latter) but i said that white people are inherently racist because of the society that we live in, the system that was built to grant them privilege and be oblivious to the fact that they’re the only ones that have it. do i think that means that every white person has to be racist forever just because they are white? absolutely not. white people need to be proactive about unlearning the racism they carry, their privilege and need to work everyday to curb those biases + speak up and out about it. no, this does not exclude my family/friends. i have spent hours talking to my family about this. i have lost friends over this.

you are talking to someone whose best friends growing up would literally call her “black” or “slave” when joking around. we have all grown up since then, and those friends are my biggest allies now + are aware of the awful shit they said/thought even though they were “harmless kids” who wouldn’t say they were racist if asked- because we grow up in a society that makes that OKAY and FUNNY.

2. you do not know me. i am vocal as hell in my everyday life as i am on here. i have to pick my battles, yes, and i do everyday. but when i can i do. and when people choose not to, that doesn’t make them any less qualified to talk about their oppression where they feel safe. i gave the whole office at paper mag (who have featured the great white lineup of iggy, lily allen + b. candy) a short guide as to why they are problematic as hell during lunch. i had the role of “angry black girl” put on me in my college senior speech class by giving the cultural app. speech, the white privilege speech, the gentrification speech, the list goes on. i make noise on and off the internet- and never anonymously so hear that.