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one thing that i’ve just been learning recently is that you HAVE to make bad art before you can make good art. That’s how it is with any new skill you acquire, and it’s like that with art bc ur constantly learning new things. So you WILL be bad at something, for a long time, before you can be good at it. My health over the past years really took a toll on my inspiration, focus, and hand-eye coordination so i hadn’t drawn a lot. I always told myself it was okay to make bad art, but i didn’t want that, i wanted to make good art and it didn’t happen. I guess now that i’m starting to accept that Bad Art is inevitable and it’s probably going to happen a lot, i’m really enjoying drawing a lot more than i was before, because i know i can only get better the more Bad Art i make

do you guys remember that time when Katie said Melissa was going to kill her for signing Supercorp posters at the King Arthur movie premiere??? and we all thought it was bc Melissa was a private person and didn’t like people who asked for their posters to be signed?? it turns out that Katie knew Melissa was a homophobic b**ch and she was pretending to be the captain of our ship just to keep the ratings up!! 

my brother just stopped me from listening to the lightning thief bc spoilers i’m yelling

how do you silence the voice in your head that tells you you’re a talentless hack and everything you write is garbage asking for a friend


I drew my MU 20 million years after beating the game and then I drew her with Tharja and now my life has spiraled out of control?????? I got that Plegian fever tbh.

Also bonus with Nah because she is cutest tiny dragon imouto.

Remember Supergirl Season 1 where Kara, James and Winn would have hijinks at CatCo every episode and Cat Grant would have some sassy but oddly inspiring line every episode and Alex and J'onn got characterised every episode and there was an overall threat that had an emotional pull to it but also there were smaller plots that didn’t overshadow this overall threat but still kept us hooked?
Like, remember when everyone interacted with each other and didn’t just exist in bubbles where they continued to ignore the rest of the cast?
Yeah. I miss that.

virulentbunny  asked:

i'd love to hear ur analysis of romsemary's flaws tbh, if ur willing

well, my friend @shut-in-princess summed it up pretty well in reply to the original ask:

Of course the VrisKan part is probably just mine and her’s subjective preference.  I’m also gonna have to put this under a read more because it got way wordier than I was expecting.

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I just realised-

Smutfest coincides with my filth week

Mild Monday- Yoosung
Tasteful Tuesday- Zen
Wicked Wednesday- Jaehee
Thirsty Thursday- Jumin
Freaky Friday- Saeyoung
Sadistic Saturday- Saeran
Sinful Sunday- V


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