cos i didnt know what she was saying

holy sh*t guys i really need some help!!!

Short story:
my mother is the queen of impulse purchases. Seriously. Its the worst thing. When we went to pick up my 40 gallon tank last month and I had to spend 45 minutes talking her out of buying a parakeet for my grandma. (yes, mom, grandma DOES like birds but shouldn’t you ask her first? no, mom, it needs a bigger cage. PLEASE MOM dont get her that bird)

In the past she has impulse purchased glofish, dogs, guinea pigs, hamsters, ferrets, and ALMOST sugar gliders (until i told her they will pee on you).

Needless to say I’ve been working her over for YEARS. She is definitely getting better about it. It’s been a couple years since her last purchase (the glofish that i now “rescued” from my fam). She also has this horrible habit of listening to the petsmart/co/land employees and believing what they say is correct (how we ended up with hamsters and ferrets).


well today

she comes home with a familiar plastic cup filled with water. and as soon as i recognized it my heart sunk to depths deeper than i knew were possible.
“look honey!! i knew youve been wanting a betta fish and your coworker never got back to you, so i got you one!! its black because i know you like black and white… they didnt have black and white bettas but they had this black one. he does have a bit of red on himn is that ok? those stupid petsmart people tried to tell me they can live in the cup forever, but i knew better and i told them you had a 20 gallon and they said it was too big…” she went on and on… she is quite proud of herself.

meanwhile im thinking: i knew i shouldve gone with her to petsmart this morning. she cant be trusted by herself.

she means well but jesus my new tank isnt even cycled yet since i restarted it and i dont have food either and she just GOT ME THIS BEAUTIFUL BLACK AND RED BABY THAT I LOVE SO MUCH

i cant ask her to take it back. i love my mommy and it was really nice of her to think about me but i will feel guilty beyond measure if i ask her to take it back. and she will be sad. i knoowww she shouldn’t do this and ive talked to her about it again… for the second time this year… but thats all long term concerns… as for now…

WHAT THE HECK DO I DO?! many water changes daily while my tank is still cycling?! will that be okay? i know all the rest of the care stuff- food, temps, etc. but what do i do about the tank?!


also hes very pretty. ill post pictures when i have a moment.


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i heard ya want angst.. what about an mc who was in college and there was a shooting but she doesn't make it out alive? with rfa and saeran?

Yes angst! Oh yeah….



 He was sitting in class half asleep when his professor dismisses the class it was his last class. He ran to the university where you go to. He saw police cars and ambulances. He sprinted onto campus and ran up to an officer.

   “What happened here” He gasps.

 “We cant tell you sir unless you go here” He says sternly.

 “My fiance goes here” He relplys.

 “I’m sure shes fine”He glares at Yoosung.”Go home”

 “Im not leaving unless I know MC is safe” He yells.

 One of the officers walk over.”Did you say MC”

 “Yes what happened”Yoosung asks.

  “I need you to follow me”She says.

 She leads him to a stretcher your lifeless body lay there he gasps and runs over to you.

 “Please tell me shes ok”He begs.

 “Im sorry Sir but their was a shooting and she didnt make it”They say.

 “T-This cant be happening’He sobs.


He was on break when one of his co-workers ran up to him.

 “Zen…look”He shows him his phone

School shooting 2 dead

  “So” Zen says.

 “Doesn’t your fiance go there?”He asks.

 Zen face falls and he runs out the door without telling anyone hes pretty sure that guy will tell everyone that his girlfriend could be in danger. He gets on his motorcycle and drives to your school. When he arrives he runs to one of the officers.

 “Hello is MC alright I’m her fiance and I heard what happened”He puts on his professional voice but on the inside hes freaking out.

 “MC? They already took her to the hospital we’re pretty sure she didnt make it though”

 He doesn’t even say anything he gets on his motorcycle and drives to the hospital. When he gets to the reception desk he just tell his your name and shows them his ID and how they were supposed to call him immediately. He then runs up to your room and sees your body covered up by a white sheet. It was clear that you were gone.Lifeless. He couldn’t protect you……


 She was proud that even though you worked at the coffee shop you still went to college. Like really proud. As she was waiting tables she glanced at the news.

 “College shooting 2 dead”

 Thats the same college MC goes to! Then her phone rings and she dashes toward it.

 “H-Hello”She says shakily.

 “Is this Jaehee Kang”They ask.

 “Yes who is this”She demands.

 He then proceeds to tell her that MC got shot and is probably not going to make it. And she tells everyone in the shop that shes closing immediately. She calls a cab and rushes to the hospital. When she gets to your room your already gone. She holds your hand until they tell her that she should go home and get some rest.  She goes home and just cries. Shes surprised when everyone comes to her house.

 “How did you know” She asks.

 “Well we go to the same college and I was trying to find her but it was to late when I did”Yoosung confesses.

 “We’re all really sorry Jaehee”Zen says softly.

 “Thank you guys but I just want to be alone”She sobs.

 “Ok lets go we have to respect her privacy” Jumin says.

 And she cried all night……….


 He was at a business meeting when an employee runs in. “Mr. Han it’s your wife”

 He stands up.”What happened concerning my wife”

 “There was a shooting at her college…she got shot”The assistant says quietly.

 “Call Driver Kim immediately”He says and turns to the table.”I’m so sorry but as you heard my wife is hurt I need to go now”

 Everyone nods and excuses him and he runs out the door. When he gets in the car he prays a lot like 5 times for you to be alright. When he gets there he immediately starts barking orders.

 “If she dies I’ll shut down your hospital” He shouts.

 He will do it dont mess with Jumin Han. Of course when they explain that honestly there was nothing they could do he didnt shut down the hospital…..hes not that cold.


 He always half watches you through your school camera and half works. So when a shady guy entered your school he panics. Like he cant freak out just yet don’t judge a book by it’s cover he of all people should know that. Now when the guy pulls out a gun it’s a different story. He half wants to run to the school and protect you but half wants to watch through the cameras to make sure your not in any danger. When the guy gets closer and closer to your class he freaks out. Is screaming at the screen like.

 “HOLY SH*T MC GET OUT OF THERE NOW” He screams but it’s no use you cant here him.

 Vanderwood just kinda gives him the sympathetic “yeah shes dead look” and  walks out. Shes almost out the door when he hears the gunshot and Seven just falls to the ground crying. and then she runs because ‘AHH human emotion’  But on the inside he is really sad.

 Seven is literally on the floor just crying his eyes out not caring about who hears him. He cant live without his MC.


 “SAERAN COME HERE NOW” His brother yells.

 “WHAT IS IT THIS TIME SEVEN” He yells back.

 “IT”S MC”

 That’s all it takes to get Saeran up like the only things that get him up is ice cream and you…..maybe if Saeyoung is dying,maybe. When he walks into Saeyoung’s room he sees a dead MC on the screen. He clenches his fist.

 “Who did this”He says his voice cold and empty.

 “Currently working on that” He says back.

 “We’re gonna ruin his life right Saeyoung?”

 “Oh totally nobody touches my sister and your wife”

Ok I’m assuming that when you play Saeyoung’s route Saeran is kinda close to you because your his sister same goes for Saeran’s route.

okay i think its really interesting how in the day trip ep how in clarkes hallucination her dad says the line “forgiveness isnt about what people deserve” talking about her mom and then later on she gives bellamy the whole speech about giving him forgiveness. she didnt really know bell, all she knew about him was he sometimes did bad things in the interest of saving his sister and how he was her co-leader whether she really wanted him to be or not. i think its really important that she forgives him like 10 mins after she realizes: forgiveness isnt about what people deserve, but rather if you can find it in yourself to see past their bad qualities and trust that their more than just their worst choices and lowest points. it makes me think of this quote about how “there is no forgiveness without love”. ofc clarke doesnt love bellamy in this episode but i think she sees his love for octavia. she sees how he wants to be better than he is. she sees how if he could go back and never steal that radio killing over 300 people he would. i think she can see his heart, his love for his family, and i think she realized forgiving bellamy isnt about what he deserves, its about what she sees in him and if she can see he has room to grow, to be a better person and a better leader, then she can forgive him. and she does. idk it just fills my heart with joy and warmth that clarke was one of the first people (even before octavia who in my opinion has never truly seen and appreciated the depth of bellamy’s love) to see past bellamys facade and really see his heart and forgive him