cos i didnt know what she was saying

okay i think its really interesting how in the day trip ep how in clarkes hallucination her dad says the line “forgiveness isnt about what people deserve” talking about her mom and then later on she gives bellamy the whole speech about giving him forgiveness. she didnt really know bell, all she knew about him was he sometimes did bad things in the interest of saving his sister and how he was her co-leader whether she really wanted him to be or not. i think its really important that she forgives him like 10 mins after she realizes: forgiveness isnt about what people deserve, but rather if you can find it in yourself to see past their bad qualities and trust that their more than just their worst choices and lowest points. it makes me think of this quote about how “there is no forgiveness without love”. ofc clarke doesnt love bellamy in this episode but i think she sees his love for octavia. she sees how he wants to be better than he is. she sees how if he could go back and never steal that radio killing over 300 people he would. i think she can see his heart, his love for his family, and i think she realized forgiving bellamy isnt about what he deserves, its about what she sees in him and if she can see he has room to grow, to be a better person and a better leader, then she can forgive him. and she does. idk it just fills my heart with joy and warmth that clarke was one of the first people (even before octavia who in my opinion has never truly seen and appreciated the depth of bellamy’s love) to see past bellamys facade and really see his heart and forgive him

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Is it true that East Europeans are not considered White by most, or at least many, Brits? I mean after brexit there were a mass of viral popular posts basically saying so-with both white Brits and East European migrants living in the UK, weighing in & agreeing (kinda weird cus East Europeans are seen as white in the USA). I follow a yank from new york who's in England rn and she said her English co-workers don't even consider East Europe as 'proper Europe', apparently that's a common held view

uh well no, eastern europeans are definitely white, i didnt know it was such a big thing to consider them not white??

if they aren’t white what are they then u kno