cos he's so beautiful


(Everyone is talking about extending a night in New York because GDYB have “something else to do”. Seungri and Top was convinced and Daesung was the only one who was hesitant.)

GD: Hyung, will you stay?

Top: I’ll follow my dongsaengs. *looks at Daesung*


I’ve gotten a lot of stereotypical Latin roles. Whether they be gangsters, or thugs or this and that. I’ve purposefully made the choice, even when it’s a cool project or a great director or a part that will give me some sort of notoriety, to stay away from those kinds of things. One, because for me, as an actor, it’s just not interesting; but two, I don’t want to kind of perpetuate that stereotype.

YOI Gatsby AU

Ah okay a Great Gatsby AU - has this been done?
-Yuuri is Nick, he loves to the small house in NY to become an author in the 1920s
-Victor is Gatsby and he is a mysterious stranger who throws large parties in the hope that his neighbour will come and visit; he doesn’t
-Mila is Daisy and Sara is Jordan and Daisy actually lives with Georgi, but Mila and Sara are actually in love okay shoot me; Yuri P lives with them and interns a Yuuri’s insurance brokerage
-Victor eventually just invites Yuuri after Chris badgers him into it, tries to get him to join his shady bootleg business
-Yellow car, extra AF parties and Chris taking them to the speakeasies in the city
-The shirt scene but it’s just Yuuri and Victor, and Yuuri cries cos he has never seen so many beautiful shirts
-The Hotel wedding again is just the two of them and they confess their love to each other
-No one dies in a pool at the end

bangi1022 IG update with Donghae: The photo was taken at Asan Hospital for children with cancer. The police unit performed magic tricks, beatbox, played instruments. She also said that the police guys who were there are all handsome but the only person who stands out is Donghae “ His silky skin is sparkling. As expected, he’s different “. She’s also quite confused if she will address him as Donghae~nim or Donghae~ssiㅋㅋ 

* The Lady who posted the pic of Donghae today posted another message said that since she posted that pic of Hae, fans from all over the world left a comment asking in korean if Donghae is okay. Also there were fans leaving commnets which pointed out that he looked sad in the pic. But (she think) Donghae’s okay. He’s really brave and his skin was glowing. And after she praised him he said “oh is that so?” his answer was so manly and she thinks he’s healthy [c] [c]