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“Everything’s a wheel, turning and turning, never stopping. The frogs is part of it, and the bugs, and the fish, and the wood thrush, too. And people. But never the same ones. Always coming in new, always growing and changing, and always moving on. That’s the way it’s supposed to be. That’s the way it is.”   ―Natalie Babbitt, Tuck Everlasting

Emma, 25

“I am wearing COS ankle boots, a plaid mini skirt from Gap, and a knit shirt from Zara. My bag was Genuine People but I added a patch to it of a Santa Lucia crown. My style icons are Edie Bouvier Beale, Chloe Sevigny, and Anna Karina. I am inspired by uniforms and simple styles and patterns. Yulia Yefimtchuk is my favorite designer. Gingham is my favorite material. My favorite bag is a black, red, and white striped bowling bag by Betsy Johnson.”

Aug 16, 2017 ∙ East Village

Outfit of the Day

Dress: @ironfistclothing
Belt: Victoria Lovelace the Brand
Bag: @killstar
Jewellery: @rogueandwolf @thecryptofcuriosities and Alchemy England
Shoes: Bat Royalty by @ironfistclothing
More details on my Instagram (ReeRee Phillips)

letslipthehounds  asked:

Imperial Problem Child 'verse. How stupid would someone have to be to try to hold Luke for ransom? Whoever does it better hope the Rogues, the 501st, the remaining clones or Luke's friends get there first, at least then their deaths will be quick. Unless Luke escapes on his own, in which case... well, he might tell certain people and sit back to watch the chaos.

( #imperialproblemchild ) Let me put it this way: remember what happened to Karbin in the comics? How Vader literally brought back a box of pieces of the guy to the emperor and Palpatine was like “yo what the heck”?

This is worse. This is so much worse.

Luke contacts Leia (as she’s actually in the same star system at the time) and Leia – despite her feelings about the man – contacts Vader and just snaps “I need to borrow the 501st!”

(The fact that Luke was in danger was the only thing keeping Vader from saying “Have them back by dark, no scratches”. His sense of humor pops up more when she’s annoyed at him)

They’re down on the planet before anyone even sees them coming, with Rogue Squadron leading three TIE squadrons straight through the gang’s defenses. Frankly, they’re more surprised that someone tried to put Black Sun back together after they blew up Xizor’s skyhook. There won’t be enough to put back together this time.

Luke has sort of managed his way out of the cell he was in by the time Vader and Leia and co have boots on the ground, and the fact that he’s not seriously hurt is the only reason the Executor doesn’t reduce the pirate city to molten slag.

But he did get a few ribs cracked and a wrist fractured. And Luke reveals that the mobsters auctioned off three other prisoners before him to other crime bosses. And so the base is utterly incinerated and the prisoners handed over to Vader. (“Trust me, this is us being merciful,” Han growls as they pass, “They could’ve turned you over to us.”)

Inspired by this photo …

Laugh lines

It took a while, but slowly Arthur lost the frown lines between his brows, the creases put there by years of running, always moving from one job to the next, worried, sad, stressed, in denial.

His face smoothed, he seemed younger. His mouth curved up more, his dimples showed themselves more often.

And then, slowly, slowly, Arthur gained other lines. Lines Eames loved. Laugh lines.

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Just in case anyone thought I was a nice person

Today at work, due to other people being off I was effectively doing my job, somebody elses job and digging other people out of holes of their own digging, all shift.
What follows is a list of things I have said to my co-workers/supervisors today alone….I’m starting to understand why my friends are amazed that I still have a job.

  • Oh is all the work you’re standing around watching the rest of us do tiring you out? Yawn in front of me again dickhead I genuinely dare you.
  • (To my Manager) Are you asking if I’d like to do that or are telling me you need me to? Because honestly I’d rather cut my own eyelids off with a scalpel and then eat sleeping pills…the challenge excites me.
  • You fucking squirrel-fucker!
  • (To one of the admin staff) I give minus twelve fucks, seriously right now you owe me more fucks than you have the stamina to deliver.
  • Do we have any spare work boots handy? ‘cos I’m about to loose one of mine inside someone.
  • And as for chuckles the wonder-cunt over here…..
  • (To my supervisor asking me if I could help someone fix their own mistake) I could; I could also swallow a live Pirahna and have a battle of wills to see which of us consumes the other.
  • I’m not even going to bother making your death look like an accident, no-one will blame me.
  • (While putting on a pair of latex gloves) Ever been cavity searched with a closed fist?
  • (To an order picker who had me chasing up paperwork for half an hour because they got things mixed up) One day I’m going to wrap a bike chain around my knuckles and fist you to the elbow, then use you like the muppet you are.
  • You’re not much use to me alive are you?
  • Some people are dropped on their heads as a baby, you were thrown at a fucking wall.
  • What a waste of skin and organs.
  • Just to be clear I hate you all with the intensity of a thousand dying stars.
  • I swear I will put you through a woodchipper feet first.
  • Random question, are you an organ donor? ‘Cos I’m trying to find a use for you and spare parts is the best I can come up with.