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“Sunrise and sunset are similar, but they are not identical.”

In Morning Glow Pippin stands on top of the platform while the players cheer him on and the Leading Player crowns him; he’s just done something terrible but they fill him with hope for a better future, for finding what he is looking for, and he believes them. Then there’s the Finale, where Pippin stands up on the trapeze while the players all egg him on, trying to convince him to jump into the flames below; he almost does.

This parallel is very visually strong, but I didn’t think much past it until I thought about what the phrase “morning glow” actually means: it means dawn, daybreak, sunrise. Morning Glow is Pippin’s sunrise, it’s hope for a better tomorrow. By comparison, the Finale could be seen as Pippin’s sunset; it’s his last great act before the night, before he literally burns himself out after the players convince him to do so. Sunrise and sunset.