harry potter books rated by ron

sorcerer’s/philosopher’s stone: i’ll be a knight, literally sacrifices himself for harry and hermione 10/10
chamber of secrets: in like chapter two he FLIES a car to save harry from his abusive relatives already 10/10
prisoner of azkaban: stood on his broken leg to try and defend harry from a supposed mass murderer he’d been scared of most of his freaking life 10/10
goblet of fire: ron’s indignation on his behalf was worth about a hundred points to him - also the thing harry missed most 10/10 
order of the phoenix: weasley is our king 10/10
half-blood prince: In spite of the feeling of dread that had just swept through him his spirits could not help but lift at the sight of it. Ron was in there 10/10
deathly hallows: ron breaking the silencing charm to shout at voldermort that harry beat him 10/10

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……he lowkey does look a lot better that way

bonus cameo masterpiece by @powerdragonmoon

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wait this too cos it’s cute:

This makes me sick to my stomach. I hope those sorry sacks of shit who killed her rot in prison, but what’s more I think all the people who heard multiple reports of this child’s abuse and did NOTHING should be brought up on charges. Their gross negligence led to her death. I understand sometimes things tragically fly under the radar but this was *not* under the radar. The father reported the abuse. Other family members reported the abuse. The daycare workers reported the abuse. THE CHILD REPEATEDLY TOLD ANYONE WHO WOULD LISTEN THAT SHE WAS BEING ABUSED. She had multiple physical injuries evident of abuse. What the hell else was supposed to happen? Literally everyone involved here did exactly what they were supposed to do except the people whose very job was to protect this child.

Their failure here is despicable.