Cory Month:

 Week One:
Why I Love Cory:

I love Cory Allan Michael Monteith for many reasons. Even though he’s an attractive, sweet & adorable canadian. Many reasons would be he’s not afraid to be himself. Not to take life seriously, but most of all he is one of my idols who inspires me everyday. His love for everyone of his fans, his sense of humour or just being such a down to earth guy. I also love his love for the Canucks & hockey. He has also inspired me I can achieve any dream of mine & not care as to what anybody else thought of me. Just be who I am & live my life to the fullest. Don’t change for anybody :). I love you Mr Cory Allan Michael Monteith. 

Cory Monteith Appreciation Post

While I’m sure we all agree Cory Monteith is a very Nice (UNDERSTATEMENT) looking man, I hope you know that’s not why I love him so much.

What really stands out is the way he carries himself through the Hollywood madness!

He’s intelligent, articulate and knows how to speak to reporters! His interviews are pure GOLD. He is always super nice to the fans, he really takes time to talk to them and takes pictures. He’s not afraid to state his opinion. He doesn’t hide who he is. He’s not ashamed of his past and he doesn’t pretend he is perfect. He is grounded and lives his life as ‘normal’ as possible all things considered. He doesn’t have his name involved in Hollywood hearsay although I’m sure he knows how to have a great time out and about. He is close to his family and seems to be very loyal to his friends. He didn’t forget his roots. He takes his job very seriously and works really hard to keep improving and growing. He is talented but doesn’t take that for granted. He is humble. He is fun and laid back! He knows how to use sarcasm in his favor.

Anyway, I guess the outside is just a PLUS, a nice wrapping paper. Cory Monteith really is a role model and totally worth our utter respect and admiration! 

One of the things I love most about Cory Monteith  - besides his goofiness and sweet manners and how sexy he is oh lord can we not talk about HOW HOT HE IS okay - is his generous and forgiving nature. I think that is the reason why he is wise, because he sees things and people more than just what they did. He tries to understand why they did what they did - and he won’t hold a grudge - he moves on. He does not forget the past - he simply does not let it control who he is and how he feels towards life, towards people. He believes in the goodness in each person, and he also understands, that people are… people. They make mistakes - so he forgives. And forgiveness, as Gandhi said, “is the attribute of the strong”.