Had a great weekend in San Jose, from the fun drive up, to staying in the same hotel as the Green Bay Packers, it was a busy three days. It’s hard to write every little thing that happened, but you can see it play by play on my twitter.

@corykfuller, @chrispianka, and I did pretty good on sales too, though it seems it was a slow convention in years past. Here’s a few sketch commissions I did for @givememountaindew and another on Sunday!

Thanks to everyone that went and hopefully I’ll be tabling at a convention near you soon to those that couldn’t go!

Biographies Comic: issue two, development

Hey everyone I want to say a quick thanks for sticking with Biographies thus far! As you probably saw, the previous post was the last page of issue one.  I’m currently working on issue two right now but it will be a little while before I can start posting regular pages. In the mean time I will try to have a steady flow of development work for characters and ideas.  

This page is our first look at the main character for issue two: Lynne